Friday, 28 March 2014

Part2: That's how I met her!!!

I am currently in most unpleasant phase of my life and it will go off soon...I told myself and my thoughts travelled back to past....what ever I do, where ever I am, how much ever I was occupied by work, my brain will be occupied parallely with her thoughts, if this amazing feel is called LOVE...then that  magical moment happened to me too and here is how I met her.
Like every other day headphones stuck to my ears and I was heading to office...there I saw most beautiful women in the is not the beauty that attracted me...that brown and black mixed hair left open and it was dressed with a big head phones extended to ears....she was waving her hands to the beat with "I don't care what world thinks of me attitude"...she was very much involved in the song...and I...was staring at her fascinatingly. That heart said she is mine.

My first look of Nithya got imprinted in my heart forever...My angry time become coolest just getting thinking of my first encounter with her and my lips get widened with big smile....yes I love her and it is ever lasting and unconditional!!!

Having loved Nithya so much why RAM said it was  his last letter to her?
This is a fiction story guys, originated out of my acquaintance with different types of people !! 
Check it out in next 8 weeks!!!
I will be posting in every friday:)

Harika Bojanala

Friday, 21 March 2014

Part 1: I wish I could

 I wish I could stop my mind from your thoughts...                                      
I wish I could stop my heart worrying about you....
I wish I could undo the time we spent together...
I wish I could wash away all your memories and start my life again...
I wish I could ignore you the same way you do...
I wish I could peep in to your brain and see what you think of me...
I wish I could never care for you so that i would have never met a strange new feel in my life called "HURT"
I wish I could reach out God and make him answer to my question why is it me always!!!

Nithya...I will never be part of your life from now...Its a promise

Lots of Love

What happend next???who are Ram and Nithya???

Will get back to you next week same time...;)

Harika Bojanala

Monday, 10 March 2014

Words unlimited;)

Just think of time when there are no words and people communicate through code language!!
Probably it is unimaginable in the fast forward, technologically advanced version of us now:)
If language was not invented lots of feelings might have been left unsaid!!
I thank all the people who are responsible for the creation of awesome thing called language and words because of which I am here with my blog;)

Sometimes a big talk with many people might be irking...but just a Hi can bring a smile on your face and a simple Good morning can make your day :)

Some conversations are meant to be cherished.If you keep going through your conversations many times...if you can not delete that words from your heart...Never miss that person... Go for them...they are yours:) 
Express yourself:)

Harika Bojanala



Saturday, 1 March 2014

Discovering the wonderful me!!

I can reach the sky...I can achieve what ever I wish..Thats how my thoughts go...But just in few days situations make me think i am fit for nothing...But I started feeling better because I am responsible for whatever life does to me and now that I realised it is under my control I started making it a bliss:)

How to balance our thoughts and get the best out of us...Here are the few ways I follow whenever I feel low..Hope it helps you too:)

1. Music...Music...Music...

Whenever I feel low I get in to my own world...My happiest world...Music world...head phones in..Tapping to the ryhtms....Ignoring whole world:)

Music has a special sense of doubling our happiness and lowering our stress to zero levels at times...

It is like a good friend who spreads positive vibes and heals of negativity from us:)

2. A friend in need is a friend indeed:)

Good Friends as I said make our world beautiful...Meet them have fun..Hang out..till you get the wonderful you back

3.Working out/Jog/Gym

These are the wonderful ways to be emotionally and physically fit:)

Infact exercises help us to know how to get control of ourselves..

Once we start shaping our body as we wish...A small hope start rising with us..if we can achieve what we wished for.... why cant we control our  thoughts ?


Reading of the best practices I have ever made in my life:)

You will go through some story so closely that we feel they resemble us...Books give us whole we can learn from them and avoid negative things to maximum extent.

There are lots of other girly things I do!!

I download wallpapers, read lots of quotes and of course sleep  and let tears go out of my eyes and feel happy again:)

Start a new day with new aims,new thoughts and lots of Confidence:)