Saturday, 1 March 2014

Discovering the wonderful me!!

I can reach the sky...I can achieve what ever I wish..Thats how my thoughts go...But just in few days situations make me think i am fit for nothing...But I started feeling better because I am responsible for whatever life does to me and now that I realised it is under my control I started making it a bliss:)

How to balance our thoughts and get the best out of us...Here are the few ways I follow whenever I feel low..Hope it helps you too:)

1. Music...Music...Music...

Whenever I feel low I get in to my own world...My happiest world...Music world...head phones in..Tapping to the ryhtms....Ignoring whole world:)

Music has a special sense of doubling our happiness and lowering our stress to zero levels at times...

It is like a good friend who spreads positive vibes and heals of negativity from us:)

2. A friend in need is a friend indeed:)

Good Friends as I said make our world beautiful...Meet them have fun..Hang out..till you get the wonderful you back

3.Working out/Jog/Gym

These are the wonderful ways to be emotionally and physically fit:)

Infact exercises help us to know how to get control of ourselves..

Once we start shaping our body as we wish...A small hope start rising with us..if we can achieve what we wished for.... why cant we control our  thoughts ?


Reading of the best practices I have ever made in my life:)

You will go through some story so closely that we feel they resemble us...Books give us whole we can learn from them and avoid negative things to maximum extent.

There are lots of other girly things I do!!

I download wallpapers, read lots of quotes and of course sleep  and let tears go out of my eyes and feel happy again:)

Start a new day with new aims,new thoughts and lots of Confidence:)