Thursday, 24 April 2014

Part 6: Birthday:)

I was thinking all over my way how to express my love to her...It should be so real and she should believe that I truly love her and it is not flirting or other things...

Then my phone vibrated and it was Nithya's message...

This is the wonderful day in my Life after I lost my parents Ram!!Thank you for everything you did today!!

I was happy because she was happy...I wonder how I changed after falling in love with Nithya...I became exact replica of her...her moods and feelings started reflecting in mine...I think it is power of LOVE!!

I replied back to her saying "It is my pleasure"

Soon the days in park became our daily habits...we both joined badminton classes in the evenings near to office...I was enjoying every moment with her...My mornings started with Nithya's Good Morning messages...Running in the park...having lemon honey in her home...lunch with Nithya and Sam...classes in the evening...she became inseparable in my life...When our feelings are true to heart..time plays a short role...i knew her from only 60 days but she became my Life...

I did not leave even a second of time to spend with her...I wanted to let her know she is special in my life then I realized Nithya likes big messages...I  chose a beautiful card with no wordings but with big hearts in the front page. I started wording it

To The LOVE of My life,

Whenever I see a good movie I imagine you and me...Whenever I feel low, I feel good again because you are there with  me...Whenever I read a quote your image enters in to my thoughts...whenever i see something bad..I pray it never happens with us...

your existence  rises my heartbeat...Your absence causes pain...
Your presence in my life made me responsible and healthy....

If this amazing feel is called LOVE...I am deeply in LOVE with you....

I never knew I would Love someone so much in my life until I met you.
 I promise you that you will be treated as a princess for rest of my life...
Will you marry me?

Lots of Love

Folding the card safely back in to the cover my hands were trembling...I did not know how she will react after knowing my feelings towards her...but i always see LOVE in her eyes for me...her eyes searches for me even in a big crowd...

That special day to disclose my card to her was her Birthday...probably when I was a kid I was excited for birthdays...I never waited even for my birthday like this...I arranged a surprise party to Nithya in my terrace..I invited all her friends. Me and Sam were busy doing arrangements...

I called and  wished her at 12 in the night ....she was so happy with my wishes...I called her up in the morning saying I will pick her to office that day...I went inside her home and waited for her..she was getting ready and asked me to sit for few minutes...I was imagining her in beautiful salwar...but she surprised me wearing a saree...God!!she was adorable and gorgeous...It was very tough time for me to control the urge to kiss her....I was staring at her...She asked "How am I Ram?" I smiled broadly and said "You look amazing". She smiled and gave me sweets...I wished her whole heartedly with small hug  and we started to office.

Nithya was in saree and in my bike..I was calculating number of guys that would be jealous of me:)

I kept on messaging her till evening...I think she might have got the clue that  I like her a lot...

Finally the most awaited evening arrived...I took her to my terrace...lights were all soon as we got in Sam and our gang executed my plan..I had lightend the night with lamps rather than electricity and moon was so perfect at that moment...Nithya cut the cake...we all had our food...They all compelled us to show the dance move we first did in the park(Yes it has become a signature move for me and Nithya). They all wished her and left after full on enjoyment and party...

It was only me and Nithya left over...She was getting tensed as it was getting late night..I assured her I will drop her back home safely and asked her to sit...we both were in the terrace..counting stars and making fun....then she asked me "Where is my birthday gift said you have planned something special other than party?" I was waiting for that minute...

I picked up the card and handed it to her looking straight in to her eyes...She was confused and was about to open...Then I held her hand and said "Not now....go home and open it peacefully when I am not around" and I smiled.

She was disappointed for I not letting her open it immediately...but I did not have courage to take in, if she says NO.

Now she was in hurry to leave to read that...she asked me to drop her home immediately..I was excited, tensed, happy and mixed feelings. I dropped her home...wished her Good Night and came back. But I know it wont be a night for me and I will be awake all over the night  for her reply!!

 How did Nithya react??Follow me next Friday:)

Harika Bojanala

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Part 5: Fun + Fitness = Happiness to the power of infinity

Wake Up Wake Up...I snoozed the alarm and slept off...Snooze worked again...God! it is very hard to get up early...I stepped out of bed with lots of difficulty..I felt so good after brushing and went to terrace...we  have a big tree extended to our terrace and initial Sun rays fell on me and little breeze because of which leaves started moving...what a beautiful morning it was..It has been so long I have seen sun early morning...Because of traveling at 12 in the afternoons I always felt sun was irritating. After my college days I stopped waking up early and now I felt so good witnessing this fresh air.

Good Morning Ram:)

My phone vibrated with Nithya's message. I smiled and messaged her back saying I will reach her home in 5 minutes.

Nithya's home was 5 minutes from my room on foot. I stay with Sam in a apartment.I still didnot have any clue why she called me up so early...when I was about to leave I got a message again from her...Ram put on your tracks and running shoes...

Ohh!! I got the point she called me for a morning walk. whatever it is I should Thank Nithya for makig me see the best morning after such a long time.

I did not have a track and so got in to my shorts which I wear when I go on trekking and put on running shoes and I wore big headphones and started to her home with music in.

I reached her home and wished her Good Morning...she smiled at me like an angel...She was wearing Adidas track suit and pink puma shoes and her hair tied up with a high pony...She was carrying a big water bottle...She called me in...This was the first time I am entering in to her home...I wanted it to be memorable...I have to make her so happy...All this were running in my mind and she brought me back with her words...Ram are you here?? Please get inside home...Then I asked her where we are going..."I always have this habit of running in the parks mornings and now here I don't know any one  and in my old room Neha used to accompany me! Will you take me to the park Ram?" she was asking like a kid...any guy in the world will fall for the child like faces girls make when they want something and I was no exception and I smiled at her and said I would be more than happy to take you anywhere.

We headed to the park near good thing about Banglore is we find in numerous parks almost in meters distance and they give much importance to greenery...We entered in to the park and people of almost all ages, teenagers, middle agers and especially old people ...we can get to know the age transformations and so many other things seeing all the people at one place. I was wondering how I missed this beautiful place staying here from almost three years near by.

We got inside and started with a brisk walk..."I am sorry for waking you up so early I think you still feel sleepy isnt it Ram?" she asked me . I was completely enjoying the ambiance there and I looked in to her eyes and said "you actually made me see the best place in the world which I ignored from so long" this was the first time I looked straight in to her eyes..her eyes were big and said so many things which words can not say and she seemed to be happy with my answer, she just smiled and that was enough for me.

Then it was time for a jog(enough of brisk walk ) and we started with jog...after one big round of jog I was tiered and started walking again..Nithya "I am running after a long time...this odd shift timings completely made me forget that I was a badminton player in college days and I miss those days very badly"...she was listening to me with much concentration...I love this part of Nithya...whoever it is she listens to them with patience and responds back so well that it makes others to keep continuing the chat with her. Her eyes became big with surprise when I said I was a badminton player during college time...

ohh!!thats great Ram!!! then you can continue it even now...It is never too late to do anything and you can join classes too...she advised me...I smiled at her and said I will think about it.

I asked her what are her interests...she said she likes music and tries to dance every time but she is a bad dancer...then I remembered the day she was waving her hand for the songs when I first saw her and I wanted to tell her about this moment but I preserved this, as it was a secret and I wanted to tell her when I express my LOVE to her.

She likes to spend her maximum time with friends and she lost her parents in an accident when she was in her BE ..I said sorry to her for reminding them...She said she miss them but since it was destiny she is going on with her life.

Now I scolded myself for making her sad and  I wanted to cheer her... I said I will teach her dance!!she was so excited when I said that and I will be very happy if you do that Ram.

I made her enthusiastic saying I will teach her right now and make her realize that she is a good dancer with out her knowing that she is dancing...She could not believe that and thought I was making fun of her..Now her eyes turned out little wide but with anger...I said I was serious

I did put on music out speaker with low tone...The park we were in had maroon and yellow tiles flooring separated like in a chess board. I told her step on yellow tile first and then on maroon alternately initially and I joined her doing it...Then we held arm in arm and repeated the pattern but with a rhythm..our other arms were free in air and we both waved it in the air following the music soon it became an catchy and easy dance move and  half of the people there formed in to pairs and they started doing the sane move we were doing...The music became loud now and I loose my control for good music and Now Nithya is with me it felt to me at that moment that "This is Life".

Soon I did very good moves and Nithya joined me for few steps and I was considered  as a rock start among the crew there. Everyone clapped whistled for our dance.  After dancing for almost 10 minutes I stopped and thanked everyone over there and looked at Nithya feeling so happy.

We sat on a bench there and were having water, a old man approached  us and said "you both danced so well today..keep coming to this place" and introduced himself as Srinivasan.  We thanked him and introduced ourselves to him.

That was awsome Ram!!Thank you so much for making me believe that I can dance!!It really means a lot to me!!Nithya was saying so many words to me...I wanted to hug her and say I can do anything for you Darling!!

"I know you have that zeal in you Nithya that is how I was so confident on you" I was making her feel best. She was so happy so I was and now we reached her home. She asked me to sit and went in to kitchen. I was looking at her house. She had arranged everything so well. I think girls get this in blood,  making things clean and arranging them properly. Nithya was more forward in them.She had put her family pic in the hall and she was adorable in that.

She came out smiling with lemon juice with honey...ah!!that tasted heaven after running and dancing.

I imagined my future with Nithya and she showed me sample of how We would live our lives if we get married. What you will be thinking Ram... suddenly you will get in to day dreaming is it? she said and smiled at me and I smiled back.

We did speak for same time and I started to move. I was seriously thinking of proposing her and was scratching my head on ways and means to do that.

Did Ram made her feel his LOVE? Did she accept? Follow me next week:)

Harika Bojanala

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Part 4: Surprise??

I bugged Sam so many times that he got all the details of Nithya almost with in evening. After 5th call to him he asked me "I do not even know how she looks, how can I find her man?" .It seemed apt because not knowing her, he can not find her details. So as we did not have any choice  but to go to cafeteria and wait for her since it was our rough guess that she will have lunch over there.

Yes,our guess was true and she came to cafeteria not alone but with a bunch of friends and I showed Nithya to Sam. He started seeing other girls too. I punched him in the stomach and scolded him for not concentrating. "You are a lucky fellow, the other girl in yellow salwar is my colleague and seems like she is friend of Nithya...I will get all the details  by evening...and he was uttering something but other words did not reach me "I will get all the details by evening" were playing in  repeat , rewind mode in my ears. "My happiness knew no bounds" I was jumping around!!!

 She joined  here two days ago and was from some other company. She stays alone, independent and very practical girl this is what Neha told me about Nithya. Nithya is friend of Neha from 6 years and they both did BE in same college but got placed in different companies after working there for 2 years she shifted here now. She loves to spend time hanging out with friends and you two are same in adventure drives:)

wowwww!!!I said to myself  I  found an awesome girl in my life(yes I was dreaming about our future imagining we both are going on a drive!!!)

This time Sam demanded for a treat after helping me so much.We celebrated our effort with a beer and loud music dancing in my terrace tonight. My terrace is very special place for all of us.

First impression is the best , I have to impress her!! thoughts poured in and I started becoming nervous. Sam will come with Neha, Nithya and other group of friends to have lunch and I will join them and he will introduce me to all of his friends and so Nithya(that was our plan).

White shirt and a blue jeans,when I wear them I look "Aww!!he is so handsome  for girls" . I took all efforts to look my best. I gelled my hair,  put in a decent perfume  and started riding in my avenger..." you will be jealous baby, a beautiful girl will board you soon I smiled saying it to my avenger(Yeah I call it Baby)"

The time has finally come...We all met during lunch Sam started introducing me one after the other, when he was about to introduce me to Nithya, she  got a call and excused us and left she didnot come back for long time and we finished our lunch...It was the worst moment in my life...All my dreams shattered and I was so disappointed that it showed on my face inspite of trying hard to manage.

I was worried that what all I had planned went in vain. Then it happened,I got a call from new number and I picked up with a dead tone and said Hello....the same sweet voice in phone and I could not believe that Nithya called me!!
Sorry Ram I could not talk to you in the afternoon I got an important call and had to attend it...Her words wiped away my disappointment and I asked her how about a coffee...She gladly accepted and I met her in same cafeteria. 

It was same old cafeteria I was going from 2 years...but today it looked so special and beautiful just because of her. I said Hi to her and introduced myself...This is Nithya can call me Nithya she said and we both ordered our coffees and sandwiches.

This was my first chance to speak to her alone...All the words I had planned to say her passed through my brain but strangely I could not utter a word before her....Breaking my silence she said I think you are very calm Ram.I just smiled and said I was never like this before.

The best part is she did not take it wrong and made me feel comfortable in few minutes. Then I started with casual questions like where she live and what platform she is working on and so on...Finally after 15 minutes she said it was nice meeting you Ram, see you soon and we both left.

I still wanted to talk to to her so many things and never wanted it to end...But I did not want to annoy her....I was waiting for the time to pass just to message her in the night...

I sent her 'Good Night :-)" at 10 P.M. She replied almost immediately "you sleep so soon Ram;-)"

It made me smile and then it continued like this.

Me: Not actually..Just wanted to have chat with you...did not know how to start;-)

Nithya: :-)

After that I did not get any reply apart from smiley so I was confused whether to continue my chat or stop it there. Then I got this message

Nithya: What time you get up?

Me: Generally around 10 A.M

Nithya: Can you meet me tomorrow at 6.30 A.M?

Me: Yes Sure..Where can we meet? 

Nithya: And You dont ask me Why I asked you to meet?

Me: Anytime for a pretty Girl like you;)

Nithya: What if I was not pretty;)

Me: Even then I would have met you...

Nithya: Great:) will see you tomorrow then, 6.30 A.M sharp at my home...Good Night for now:)

Me: Good Night..Sweet dreams:)

I was totally filled with thoughts..why she asked me to meet at 6.30 A.M. Girls...even God will take time to understand them I guess...Thinking I dozed off...

Why did Nithya call him?? was it a surprise??  know more in next week:)

Harika Bojanala:)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Part 3: It So Happened!!

It felt to me at that moment, only me and she exists in this whole world. It did not even occur to me that atleast I should know her name and where she works but my stars are good and by God's grace this incident happend.

I just followed her in fascination, not in the senses where I was and what I was doing!!! Then she got in to the lift first, then it was me.She stopped her music...May be her coleague was in same lift and said "Hi Nithya"  Then I knew she was Nithya.

I got a chance to observe her more closely now...She was like perfect meaning of beauty...She was wearing a blue jeans and a pink top with a heavy hand bag...those accessories enriched her beauty.   

She was busy speaking to her colleague and her words were like sweet music to me...The music which gives me happiness, which relieves me from stress kind of music. She reached her floor and moved out...but I was not lucky this time...I realized it when I tried following her this time too and got to know that it was not my office...patting my head my self I was back in lift again.

Now I have only her name with me and her office name and nothing apart from that...My mind started ways to reach her as soon as possible. It brought me back to senses and I called up Sameer...he is my best friend and working in Nithya's office(If at all she really works there or just came in to attend an interview or other purpose)...Sameer picked up the call in the 2nd ring itself...Where are you macha I asked him...Am in office man where else will I be at this time..he shooted me with words in phone..Okay, we have to meet immediately I said and he accepted.

We both work in different offices in the same building but share a common cafeteria...he is best buddy to me and I share  every goddamn thing happening in my Life with him. I was so curious and excited and explained everything to Sam. I even told him I was in LOVE with Nithya.

He was shocked to know that I have fallen in LOVE at first sight....and he like any other good friend advised me to think twice and make myself clear first. I did not wanted to disappoint him and said I will give  a thought about it.

 We are what we are, mostly because of the friends we make and with people we are surrounded is 100 percent true in my life...People in my life till now are my best...My Dad, Mom and sweet little sister and friends. Parties, pubs, adventure drives, movies,music were my world(of course work too;)).

 Soon after discussion,Me and Sam had our tea and left for work. I tried my best to focus on work but thoughts of her did not leave me and it made me restless and more curious to know more about her...

I again called up Sam in the afternoon and asked him if he can find details of Nithya. I know he needs time to find out but I was out of my nerves and was waiting very badly expecting a call from him till evening.

 Ram finally had words with Nithya??... Get to Know more in next week;)

Harika Bojanala