Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Chapter3: Destiny

There was no way I could find any means to meet Ram, neither I know any person from modelling nor I have a friend from media, it was completely locked up. I felt depressed, something irked me deep down when i think that i can not meet him for the second time.

Neha insisted that we go out, to divert me. I can never say NO to one word in my whole life and Neha knew it very well, so we went on SHOPPING. I was very happy that I found a nice skirt and it perfectly fitted me. On the way back, Purple was giving small problems, it needed service. So, I  was riding little slow.

There came a bike out of control and hit purple hard and zoomed off. I lost balance, Neha and me fell down. Luckily we both were wearing helmets which saved us from major injuries. Immediately a guy from the crowd came and lifted the purple back and asked us if we were fine. Oh my God it was Ram,  I completely started believing in destiny.I was so happy that i almost laughed and said we are fine, he was wondering why i was laughing. Neha calmed me down and said Thanks. When he was about to leave, I said "Ram, can I have your autograph? I am very big fan of you" he smiled and signed in the paper I gave him. 

With Luv


No wonder, I put that paper in a photo frame and started seeing it everyday. Neha gets pissed of with my stupidity. I told her if God does not want us to meet, why on earth would Ram come from nowhere and helps us. She nodded her head slightly and in fraction of seconds she was back to her original, i don't believe in all this destiny shit, it is just a coincidence.I pulled her legs some more and we finally ended up laughing and enjoying.

I was so mad about that autograph I took a picture of it and posted in Ram's page in FB thanking him for his help and of course autograph.
He responded to the post that next day in the night. I do not have habit of stalking my phone before sleep, so it was the next day morning I noticed his reply, he commented Pleasure is mine:)

It might be same words he says to every fan of him, but for me those 3 words were heaven. I realized the impact an actor creates on individual is huge. 

Ram got lots of applauds for helping me, still he was as usual, cool guy and replied "it was my duty as a person" God, he is so great I thought to my self.

Later that very next day, I had a message in my face book inbox and it was from Ram. Hey, because of you, people are treating me like a God, though I don't think it as a help, I thank you for the picture.

I replied back with a smiley and he sent me back this


Later I got dumped up with lots of work in the office and couldn't find time for anything except for work. That 5 days were very hectic, I literally had turned on phone internet connection and was saying Hi only to my parents through phone. After a sound sleep of 12 hours, I got up late in the afternoon that Saturday and turned on internet connection, as usual my whatsapp groups were flooded with 500 messages most of which will have 'how are you guys?" had food ? kind of messages.

I opened face book and there were few messages in my inbox, Surprisingly Ram had messaged and I cursed myself for not checking the messages for a week. He had sent an Hi, we have a shooting tomorrow morning, u wanna catch up?

Gosh, I missed an opportunity to meet him. I replied him back

Sorry, didn't login to FB, saw your message now.

In the evening I got his reply. Not a problem...will catch up with you again, can I call you when there is a shoot next time?

Oh he is asking me for a number, I didn't wanted to sound so desperate. So I held my excitement and replied to him in the night. I sent an Yes:)

He was online and he messaged me HOW?

I thought this guy is  smart and sent him my mobile number.

He sent Thank you...Good night:)

I wished he would chat a little longer, but held on there, sending him a Good night.

I put my phone aside and started imagining my date with Ram. How he would treat me, why did he ask my number,why did I give it just like that, will I have a good time with Ram and so many other thoughts didn't let me sleep.

Woah! Akanksha finally met Ram and I am happy about it too:)

What excatly did they do in the next meet? is it really a date as Akanksha thought?

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chapter 2: Dream came true:)

Akanksha, for God's sake please stop day dreaming, do not start imagining what ever you see in the TV with Ram, he is getting popular and will not even give a heck about you. This is the n th time Neha is warning me about Ram. She has got very bad impression about actors. Somehow I trust this guy a lot.

It really puts me in ease, even now,to think of our first meeting.

I have very few best friends and one among them is the one who will be ever ready to take me wherever I go, who would never say NO to whatever I do and who always supports my friends, family and ofcourse sometimes strangers too, that friend is called "THE PURPLE"  and yes it is my activa and I call it Purple;)

I have strange affection with  purple and was always eager to know the next serial number to my purple. I always wanted to meet the owner of it and tell that the before number vehicle is mine,  One day, when me and Neha were going to movie, we stopped at a red signal and I just looked casually at the person and bike next to me, slowly he moved little further and |I could see the number plate clearly, Sooner I noticed that its number was next to purple. After knowing this, I was more interested in the person, I held my head little high and tried to move little further to get clear picture of him.

He looked as if, he had come out directly from the fashion magazine. He was around 5'8 and smart, he was smiling and saying something to his friend sitting at the back I was so excited that i finally found the series and that too it was an awesome guy. I felt like I have seen him some where.

I felt like jumping around then and there, instead I irritated Neha saying same thing again and again that whole day.Finally it struck to us that we have seen Ram in an soap add in Television. I googled the soap add and found his name and other details. I instantly liked his name "Ram". Then I gathered every possible information about him.

Fortunately I found his page on face book. I liked his page. Thanks to social media, it made me feel like I was his friend since he was posting his updates there and I got to know more about his hobbies, interests and all other information.

Neha was not liking any of my activities, she says it really hurts if our expectations does not meet and it may lead to depression. I ignored all her words and instead asked her for ideas if she can suggest to meet Ram. She got pissed off and asked me to get lost.

Neha, she is with me from my childhood, we both did schooling, graduation. post graduation together and now work in same company. How much ever we fight, the next day she comes and says sorry herself inspite of my mistakes. She is a such a sweet heart. She does not want me to get upset with my stupid fantasies which can lead to anywhere.

Mean while I was checking ways and means to see him and meet him.

How did Akanksha meet Ram? Did they really meet and talk to each other?

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Chapter1:Hidden Beauty - A dream?

Oh is it very far? I guess it would be difficult, I cant move anymore Ram! Just hold my hand, I will make the journey easier. As he said, he held my hand tight with so much care that I could just feel his love!

I promise I will show you best beauty in few minutes. I was wondering what that beauty was.

We walked through many hurdles and there were places where I almost gave up and stood there still, Ram tapped my back and with small breaks, we continued our journey. I could hear something, there he closed my eyes and asked me to follow his instructions, I did how I was told,  I could feel few droplets on my face, the sounds gradually became bigger though it was pleasant. He asked me to open my eyes slowly and in front of me, I could see water flowing on top of a huge rock and added to it there were two such falls. I stood there still with my eyes wide open, completely lost in the beauty!
Ram brought me back to this world, he asked me if I liked the surprise?

Sometimes actions speaks more than words, I kissed him on the forehead and we lay there hugging for a long time. Ram started speaking, it was always my dream to get you here when I first visited this place. I hugged him even more tight.

Strangely there were no people around. I asked him how he got to know about this beautiful place and how there were no people around. He smiled and said, it is completely remote place and noticed it when he came along with his adventurous friends. People started recognizing this falls lately and it is slowly growing as tourism spot, generally at this late hour it will be free. So, its kind of hidden beauty which gave me my First kiss, saying this he winked at me. I buried my head in his chest feeling shy.

who is this "I"  narrating story to us?

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