Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Chapter1:Hidden Beauty - A dream?

Oh is it very far? I guess it would be difficult, I cant move anymore Ram! Just hold my hand, I will make the journey easier. As he said, he held my hand tight with so much care that I could just feel his love!

I promise I will show you best beauty in few minutes. I was wondering what that beauty was.

We walked through many hurdles and there were places where I almost gave up and stood there still, Ram tapped my back and with small breaks, we continued our journey. I could hear something, there he closed my eyes and asked me to follow his instructions, I did how I was told,  I could feel few droplets on my face, the sounds gradually became bigger though it was pleasant. He asked me to open my eyes slowly and in front of me, I could see water flowing on top of a huge rock and added to it there were two such falls. I stood there still with my eyes wide open, completely lost in the beauty!
Ram brought me back to this world, he asked me if I liked the surprise?

Sometimes actions speaks more than words, I kissed him on the forehead and we lay there hugging for a long time. Ram started speaking, it was always my dream to get you here when I first visited this place. I hugged him even more tight.

Strangely there were no people around. I asked him how he got to know about this beautiful place and how there were no people around. He smiled and said, it is completely remote place and noticed it when he came along with his adventurous friends. People started recognizing this falls lately and it is slowly growing as tourism spot, generally at this late hour it will be free. So, its kind of hidden beauty which gave me my First kiss, saying this he winked at me. I buried my head in his chest feeling shy.

who is this "I"  narrating story to us?

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Guys! I am back with new story. Get ready for the series!

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