Saturday, 19 December 2015

Special 'you'

To you,

Those endless nights we make our eyes wide open forcefully so that we can be awake for some more time so that we can talk more, those minutes which were pure bliss, I will never ever forget any moment I had with you. You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

When I make a mistake you made me realize, with out me getting hurt. When I did something great, you would feel proud.

When whole world told me I am useless, you stood by me, you gave me courage, you gave me strength, you made me believe in myself, You completely made me EVOLVE in to a different person.

You changed the way I look at things, you gave me broader perspective towards life.

I am thankful to you for everything you did.

From me.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. She still cannot believe what she did few hours ago. It is pouring rain outside, just like her thoughts. She is still wondering how she got the guts to do whatever she did. For a minute her face is filled with rage, next minute she is happy, very next minute, she is convincing herself, no, I did right thing, any girl in my place would have done same thing. She is turning out impatient minute by minute and at the same time she wants to celebrate.  She finally calmed herself and took her phone and made a call to her best friend.
Nithya!! Come fast, I will be waiting,  you have to be here in 5 minutes, yes Start bucks cafe, the one near the hospital, without giving  chance for Nithya to speak, she hung the phone.
Nithya arrived within 5 minutes and was puzzled to see her best friend Akanksha in tensed state. She said “I was expecting you to be happy and eager to explain me the reason you messaged saying I am in happiest moment, but you look as if you are lost”
Akanksha took her knife out of the silk scarf and showed it to Nithya, Nithya got panicked at the sight of blood on the surgical knife.
 Why is it stained with blood Akanksha and why the hell are you carrying it with you? Nithya was ocean of questions!
Akanksha slowly broke the silence. Yes, I was in cloud nine when I messaged you I am in the happiest moment. Among all God’s creations, bringing a baby in to this beautiful world alive and healthy is the best thing ever and I am blessed in succeeding it. I just performed first C-section surgery under my senior doctor’s supervision. I so wanted that moment to be cherished, I requested chief doctor to allow me to take the surgical knife which I used in the first surgery, he smiled gently and said “well, young lady, if you wish so”.
I took the clean knife and put it in my handbag safely. While I was about to start to Starbucks, that’s when I messaged you.
My scooty took 3 long kicks to start and I was thinking it would soon trouble me. The drive from hospital to main road is like heaven, completely surrounded by greenery, in general, after a long day, I would be waiting for this drive every day, today this drive was more special because I have achieved something which I was striving for long, which gave meaning to my education, and my effort did not go waste. I was happier when the women’s family came over and thanked me much for successful surgery. It was a baby girl and she was so pretty. I wondered this baby would soon grow up and lead her own life, just like how we are now, independent, self-earning, caring and educated.
I reached the main road and was heading left, my scooty gave a small jerk and completely stopped. Agh! Should it give trouble at this time? I cursed myself for a while and called up Sanchit to pick me up or send someone to take my bike. He said he will send a mechanic in a while. I just parked the scooty in corner and was looking around and thinking when this mechanic will come. That’s when I heard someone groaning, initially, I assumed it might be because of some random birds since it was completely surrounded by the trees. The sounds became louder by the passing time. I dared to move forward.
I was dumb struck when I saw what was happening there! Soon, I recovered and understood that the next 20 seconds what I do will be crucial phase. I acted fast. I took the surgical knife out of my hand bag and slowly dropped the bag on the floor.
I moved forward and pointed the knife at back of the old man who stood there completely unaware of my presence and said “Do not dare to proceed further, or you will end up losing your life now, it would not take much time for me to kill old dumb ass like you, put the baby down safely, yes, right now”
 He put the baby down and in the process he tried to threaten me with the knife he was carrying to kill the baby, I accidentally, let the knife inside his stomach and he started bleeding.
Nithya, you know what? It was the same baby girl whom I was proudly telling you about, he was trying to kill the baby because it is a 3rd baby girl in his family and he does not want girls anymore.
All my happiness vanished when I saw that baby girl in pathetic situation, the baby whom I dreamed would grow up was lying there helplessly, I took her safely in to my arms and consoled her. I called up ambulance for that idiot old man and along with him we all reached the hospital.
God only knows, how he got the baby out and escaped the security. When I reached the ward they were all sad, searching for the baby, that poor mother did not that his own father in law tried to kill the baby and was sleeping peacefully. I could not with stand my anger and questioned whole of their family on how this old man was behaving and what everyone were doing. I made sure that this man does not stay with their family anymore and advised them to take him for some counselling.
After checking on the baby and security nth time, I came here. I still have that chill on my spine Nithya, I really cannot understand why some people go mad when it is a baby girl! They are angels created by god to bring happiness to everyone’s life.
I have used the same knife which he have used, but I used it to save a life, he used it to take a life away. I used it as a savior, he used it as a weapon. It is all perception that matters.
I really cannot imagine what would have happened, if I was few seconds late! The prettiest baby because of whom I felt proud would never have been on this earth!
We both were looking at each other teary eyed. Nithya suggested we go to police station and file return complaint that this baby would be treated well and brought up like a princess. We both took that immediate step and that is when I was finally felt little cool.
One good thing in this whole incident is baby’s father, he was really worried and sounded genuine. He promised me that he would take good care of her and I can check with his other daughters or anyone else on how he treats them. He was so true, they said they love their pappa and he plays games with them, he sends them to school, he picks them up and he says we should study well and work as engineers or doctors or whatever we wish. Those girls were answering my questions innocently.
When all my enquiries finished, I understood that he really love his kids and I got complete confidence that he would take care this little girl too. Not all men are bad! I apologized him for being rude and said it was pure frustration and worry for the baby that made me doubt everyone.

He smiled and said, No problem, I am glad that you are so responsible as a person and as a doctor, and he did thank me too.  The baby is in SAFE HANDS, I said to myself and smiled.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Chapter 11: The short Filim...Long lived

After talking, talking and talking we just dozed off. I had put my phone in silent from evening. I did not wanted this precious time with my friend to go in vain. This is the incident which rebuilt our friendship in to whole new bond and it emerged out even more stronger. Now nothing in the world can divide us after all even love bent down before our friendship. There is always a bad phrase on friendship between girls. People say girls forget friends as soon as they get a guy in their life or as soon as they get married. Its not true! At-least in our case. They will sooth you in your bad times. They act as a guide when you need help, they enjoy with you during your happiness.  They take offenses from you for your betterment. Friends actually make your life lot more pleasure. When you are down and can't find a way, they say, idiot I am there for you! That assurance, can never be paid off, it adds infinite energy and we bounce book stronger than ever.

I guess it was around 12 in the noon, I half opened my eyes and peeked out from my blanket. I see peaceful Neha sleeping in her bed. I got up from the bed, rubbed my eyes and picked up mobile to dial mom. My gaze was fixed on the message which I received from Ram and Akash.

Ram: Party! Party! Party! I have signed a contract for a new movie as a hero:)
Akash: Its Party time! I have signed a contract as director for a new movie and guess what, our beloved Ram will be starring in it:)

As soon as I read those messages, I was like Woooooow!!! its such a good news!

Neha! Neha! I screamed and scared hell out of her:D

She got up with a thud and asked me what happened

I was sorry that I scared her, but the news made me so damn happy, that made me forget  I was shouting. I told her about Ram and Akash's message. Neha seemed to be happy too and was eager about seeing our friends on big screen.

I called up Ram and we both congratulated him and it was turn to call up Mr. Akash!

I did wanted to surprise him, he has still not revealed me with which name he stored our contacts in his phone. I have been asking him for it from the time I saw him saving our names differently.

I never asked Ram about Akash. He was different from others, he does not sound similar. He always wants to stand alone and different. He seems to be peculiar, at the same time he never hurts anyone! He knows how to behave.

So it was big time I get my doubts clarified, I called up Ram and asked him, have you ever seen Akash's phone? Ram was grinning at the other end, I knew. Ram said oh!yes! many times. So it came to your notice too. I took a deep breath, thank god at least Ram knows what it was.

I asked Ram eagerly, how does he save a contact? and what does they all mean to him.

Ram told, Akash always dies for creativity, he strives hard for whatever he wishes. Ram explained that Akash have created his own language  which he created using signs and symbols. He also used combination of English letters for this. It is kind of encryption but in his own way. That's how he saved your contacts and it looked odd for you.

I went awweee when I heard this. I asked Ram if he knows his language. Ram said he can understand it partially. So I took his help composed this message in his language and sent it

Me: Congratulations Mr. Talented, you deserve this:)
Akash: Aha! How come, my language??
Me: Talent is ours too;) stolen talent:-D
Akash: Haha cool, whatever. I am glad you took effort:) Thank you:)
Me: :):)

As things take time, the movie shooting got delayed by 4 months. Finally it was on sets.

I was so excited, I used to go to their shooting spot once in a while and they all were kind and patient enough to explain things to me. I asked them about story line, and they said it was a sensitive love story. 

Neha was as usual not much interested in movies and stuff, i didn't wanted to push her in to this. We all were busy with our own schedules. Work was hectic for me and Ram, Akash were busy with their own world, mean while the time finally came for us to part.
Time ran faster than we imagined and it was end of the 6th month. That meant quitting her job and going on with her business plan for Neha, That meant half of their shooting completed for Ram and Akash. That meant my project goes in to production with a major release for me. 

Neha didn't quit her job as we planned but she went on sabbatical for 6 months. We all gathered at railway station to give send off to Neha. Tears rolled down in our eyes. I will miss her! I thought to myself. I will miss you, she spoke the words which I was thinking. I looked at her, wished her good luck! Ram and Akash teased us for crying, such cry babies. 

Men never understand why women cry? It is a God blessing to vent out our sadness, anger, guilt or whatever! It's an emotional sign saying we CARE.

The train arrived on time and Neha got in and bid us Bye!

I prayed God she would succeed in her business and soon be an inspiring entrepreneur for aspiring women. 

My dreams came true, Major release of our project became huge success and my manager was more than happy. I was happy too.

Life is full of unexpected surprises and shocks, Almost after 4 months of shooting, Ram and Akash's movie stopped permanently due to production issues. They both were close to depression and I will be alright soon kind of state. They want fight stronger, at the same time they lost faith. They strongly believed that this movie will give the break they were expecting and it would bring them publicity and craze they were longing for.

On the other hand, Neha was doing extremely well in her business. They are sure they would pick it up faster than they expected. Neha was content. 

Me, Ram and Akash met in the cafe near our home, I could not see them, I really felt bad seeing them in pathetic state. I said, come on guys, this is not end of your career. You deserve even more better, don't give up. They gave a plain smile as if it was end of the world.

Finally Akash spoke up. I don't know when our infinite troubles will come to end, when our dreams will come true, when we see our names on big screen, when our parents will feel proud of us. Unlike other parents, we are blessed to have them support us but fate is playing with us. 

I heard what ever he said patiently, I asked them how much it costs for continuing the film, when they gave a rough idea of price, it was impossible for me to even think of, I have saved little amount of money until now. I thought I could spend it for them.

The discussion shifted to production of movies and it prolonged so long that, from what ever I have understood from them, I got an idea that they can do a short film and release in you tube which gives them publicity and if it becomes big hit they will get noted with other capable producers too.

They seemed to like my idea. But they strongly started  believing in "luck". I cheered them up and asked them if they could proceed with same story they were shooting for. They said it can cause legal issues in the future if they use same story. 

Why can't we make your incidents as story for the short film? I bet there would be n number of people inspiring to become heros/heroines/character artists/directors and other roles related to movies.  If you project your life experiences perfectly on screen, they think arey! its me! I too have faced this situation many times! I strongly believe any movie which people can relate to their own life becomes huge hit and gets lots of applauds all around. I finished saying this and looked at them for the response.

They both stood, clapped and hugged me. Akanksha! you just spoke every word which were hidden in our hearts from long time. We really were touched, Thank you, thank you so much, they both said in unison,

I was happy that they liked it, Akash said he would need some time to put it as a story. to make this thought come in to proper action. As he said, he took around 20 days time to prepare script and other pre production stuff.

With what ever money we have, we can afford half amount for the movie. Ram and Akash were planning to sell their car and bike for other half amount. I warned them not to do that as they would definitely need to travel for shoot.

We created a group in whatsapp which has Neha, me. Ram and Akash. We used to discuss about the movie every day in the group. Since Neha was not much interested, she used appreciate our work and nothing much. We were putting everything in the group so that we all aware of updates.

Then came this fantastic message from Neha in the group! 

Guys, If you don't mind. can I take part in the production of future super hit film?

We were astonished! We thought Neha was not following us, we thought she was busy with her own world.

I was like awww! so sweet of you Neha!
Ram and Akash were like we can't thank you enough Neha! That would really help us shape our career.

I called up Neha and Thanked her. she said idiot you don't need to thank your friend.

Things were all set. Finally with few other people in place we were on sets. 

I was always part of the movie, though indirectly, I was felling excited, happy and content. I even helped Akash in few dialogues and put my own words. 

It was end of the day of shoot, we all were emotional. We put our maximum effort and finally left results to destiny. 

We did our publicity part of work too. We posted in our FB, I reached out to most of my friends asking to watch this.

Ram on the other hand was posting regular updates of the film. 

Akash chose different marketing options and tried to boost up the movie views as much as possible.

Neha, has directly put the movie poster and link on the wall of her office so that every traveler who comes there will at least see what it is.

Though it was a short film, it longs for 45 minutes and we have pretty much covered every aspect of Ram and Akash's life.

We finally ended it with their own short film going viral in internet.

Now its our turn to see the truth or fate in words of Akash.

Upload 80%...90%...100%... Uploaded successfully.

Finally the film was put on for people to watch and the title and the tag goes here

   Its your story!

It is fascinating to see your names on the screen, 

Ram as Ram
Vihan as Akash
Swathi as Neha
Samyuktha as Akanksha

Stroy: Akanksha 
Dialogues : Akash and Akanksha
Producer : Neha

It did not reach so much hype as we expected initially, but it picked up slowly, day after day view started going high and people started sharing it on their wall. Thousands of comments started pouring in. 

Slowly it has become a global village with face book in hand...anyone could reach everyone. 

Slowly people started recognizing Akash too,  he improved his connections and his network grew bigger. It so happened, Akash got a call from a production company congratulating him for the movie. They said it really took them back to their past. They asked, if Akash could meet them. 

Akash have one romantic thriller story with him. He is going to meet the producer to discuss story along with Ram.

If the producer gets convinced, this would go on sets, but this time it won't go back since it was established productions company and this small budget movie does not matter much to them.

Me and Neha were eagerly waiting outside, expecting "we did it" from Ram and Akash. They finally came out.

They didn't say anything, they looked sad, I asked "guys. tell me what is it?" 


they shouted and hugged us. They were in cloud9. 

After few years...

Jouranlist: What was your strongest come back sir?
Ram: It obviously was the short film "Passion" . Though it was short film it made my career live long:)
 if it was not there in the first place, I would not sit here:) 

Akash: We would always be thankful to Neha and Akanksha through out our life. If it was not for them, we would have definitely given up long back. 

Me and Neha were watching their interview in T.V.

Neha settled down in peaceful, close to nature place. She met a traveler, in her firm, they both shared common vision, they liked each other, took sometime , understood each other and finally got married happily. Neha still continues her business with her friend and they are more innovative in their career, I indeed read an article about her in Newspaper.

Me....I settled down as a writer, I write for movies and update columns in newspaper regularly. I am seeing a guy and soon let you know the good news;)

We both met up  in my home. We were happy seeing Ram and Akash on TV. what else a friend wants??

And the friendship CONTINUES...

Harika Bojanala:)

Go Green...Save Trees

I truly dedicate this story to my husband Santhosh...infact it was you, who made understand that things won't change for a girl after wedding...Thanks for always encouraging me to write:)

To Shwetha Rangaswamy -   you would always be inspiration to one of the characters in my story.

As all the people who constantly followed this story inspite of long breaks.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Chapter 10: Idea

I was so happy after reading the letter , I jumped around and finally re read it 10 times. My best friend is back!! I so wanted to reply to that letter and wanted to ask her to be back immediately. I was not sure of this letter gets delivered if I send a reply since Neha was travelling.

I checked the cover of the box and found the phone number of Neha. probably she bought a new sim, I called as soon as i found the number.

Neha picked it and said Akanksha!,

Aww I missed her all these days, I thought to myself and did not respond for a while,

She kept on speaking, how are you doing? did I hurt you? I am really sorry, Please talk...

I came back to this world and said

Idiot! you are my best friend and you can never be gone from my life, now cut the phone and start immediately back, it's an order and no more words, you should be here by evening.

She said " As you order Madam" and we both laughed.

Strangely, I didn't feel like digging the past. I didn't feel like talking even a single word about Ram or anything which affected our friendship.  It's past and it is done. I wanted to continue how we were and I want Neha to forget it completely and I am sure I will make her feel like it never happened in our life and it was just a bad dream for her.

As promised, my BFF is back! the bell did ring little louder, may be she is more excited to meet me after long gap. I opened the door and hugged her and asked how was the journey, she hesitated for a while. I could see that she is eager to talk to me but some thing is pulling her back, she gave a week smile and said it was good!

Hey, Neha guess what? we are going out now and having our favorite golgappa! I missed it all these days just because of your absence. Get ready, go get fresh up.  Neha was in tears!

Awwe babe, enough is enough, leave whatever happened in past few months, I tried to console her. She said, I really need to speak now Akanksha and apologize you and Ram in proper way, that is when I will achieve peace.

You didn't commit any sin to apologize us. Past is past Neha, lets forget it completely. I promise you that in any manner we are not going to get this topic out or discuss about it.

I know you darling, she said and hugged me. But she added more I just need to meet Ram and at least say sorry once.

I thought she would be happy when she gets over it completely. So I called up Ram and arranged  a meeting.

It was all set. In another few minutes Ram would meet us in a cafe near our home.

I know how difficult it would be to encounter a person who rejected you, it needs a strong heart to meet him again and apologies for something which is not so wrong. Neha truly have kind heart and great personality. My respect for her reached sky with this incident.

Ram waved at us and we all smiled seeing each other.

So tell me girls, what shall I order, asked Ram in excitement. Neha looked at him and said a plate full of sorry already ordered for you and is reaching you now.  Ram laughed loudly and said "Neha your sorry is accepted and successfully processed, you will be getting loads of happiness and good friends in return, good deal right" he extended his hands for a hifi. Neha too joined him, we all laughed and laughed and had so much fun. After long gap, our smiles look complete, our heart feels light and we grew up more as persons.

Ram left us after he got an urgent call. I decided that me and Neha will party big time tonight, after all its a comeback of my best buddy. We had gol gappa on the way back and bought few vegetables for dinner tonight.

We sat in the balcony looking at the stars and speaking all random things. We remembered all fun we had and how we used to roam around and enjoy life. All those incidents happened in the past are now best memories for us to cherish.

May be after 10 years we might think about this night too and feel blessed for having good friends in life. It was almost 4 A.M and we didn't realize it was morning. Neha told me how she missed me in her whole trip and how nice it would be if I was with her, that is when we decided, we would go on a long road trip soon.

Neha said something which did really surprise me. She discussed about her future. She wants to quit her job. I opened my mouth wide and asked her why was it?. She said she wanted to figure things out and there is lot more in life than what she thought and new.

But she had a proper plan in place. She wants to join her travelling friend in a business,  She is planning to set up an initial start up which is more kind of nature friendly. It belongs to cadre of travel agency but it is completely different from others. She want people who travel thru her agency should get refreshed and energized after a travel with her. She wants to encourage people and change their way towards life.

I don't have any answers if you ask me why I have made very quick decision or I have trusted her so much in initial meeting itself.  But I do want to try Akanksha, something which leads me to the purpose I was born for, something which helps me achieve inner peace.

I will work here for another 6 months and save more money so that even if we don't earn much in the initial days I should be able to manage my expenses. I will take up 50% of my savings and invest in this. I  would rather call it as an spend 50 % of my money for my own happiness and others rather than investment. We will try our luck for maximum of 2 years, We will put all our efforts and creativity to make the trips as lively as possible. If it doesn't go good we will at least feel we have tried. But I am sure that our start up will be successful and it will inspire more women in to business.
So wish me success my dear friend.

I looked at her with complete confidence and wished her Good luck for her future plans. I know one day, she would definitely make us feel proud and I would proudly say Neha is my best friend.

Her parents were completely opposing her when she came up with this idea, but she convinced them and now her dad gives her new ideas and suggestions. Neha has got some magic.

Where would Neha's career lead her to?

Follow me next week,
Harika Bojanala:)

GO Green...Save Trees

Sorry guys for making a huge delay in my posts. I will be regular now on. Was busy with couple of things all these days.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Chapter 9: Some people can never be gone!

I could not stop myself from crying, I slept on the bed, whole pillow got wet in 5 minutes. I felt little better after letting go of my fears through tears! This phase of my life is going to be hard. God! Give me strength to get this crazy friend of mine to get in to right path again. I called up Ram and we have a proper plan now!

I peeped in to her room and saw Neha sleeping deeply. I was worried that she did not have food. I know, in this situation if i give her food she will through it on my face, no wonder! I was always thinking I still behave like a kid and that's how God gave me Neha to correct my faults, pat me when I did something best, cheer me up when I am low, yes! she did all this to me until Ram entered! Now, it is turning out to be other way round. I gathered all strength and energy, I was ready to face worst from Neha. I slowly went inside placed the food on table and came out.

I lay on bed wondering, how love changed Neha! she is so strong in this, but in negative way. If love can make a person so stubborn, can it not drive her in positive way? Exactly, this was what I discussed with Ram, but there is a long way to go for it and achieve what we planned!

Its time to implement our plan.

POINT 1: I will not disturb her for at least another 15 days!
POINT2: Ram will not avoid Neha, he will be in touch with her over phone and try to convince her on how he feels about her!
POINT 3: I will start making small chat with Neha and try to make things better
POINT4: The more she reads, the more happy she will be. Gift her all the favorite books she wanted to read
POINT5: Slowly start bringing her out and try as much as possible to regain her normal life.

POINT 1 was perfectly going, we stay in same place like strangers, we wake up, we will have food, we will not even look at each other, get ready, come back and stay locked up in different rooms. I really did not know it would be this tough to loose a friend in life because I never experienced it earlier and this feels so painful.

It's 16th day today I feel so happy! I can speak with Neha again and I can bring my best friend back to my life. I brushed and ran fast to Neha's room, How will Neha respond, did she miss like how I missed my dearest friend? will she even talk to me in the first place? so many questions surrounded me from morning, I am going to get answer for all questions in few seconds.

I opened the room shouting Neha with utter happiness, empty room shattered all my dreams and Neha was no where! I called her and it said switched off. I laid on her bed feeling sad, I could see a letter under the pillow, I opened it and started reading,

Dear Akanksha,

I know I am hurting you real bad, but I can not help it! I need some time for myself, I really need to figure what I am up to and how I can handle a guy rejecting me for no good reason. I need time to learn how to get back to normal. I am sad that I will miss you in this rough phase of my life and I am even more sad that we can not solve it together like how we used to wipe away any problem staying together and working on it. If you feel I am rude, all I can say now is just a sorry. You would always remain my best friend and I will cherish all the good time we had.

I have changed my number and for few days I will be staying far away from this world. I have informed my parents about my whereabouts. Don't get panicked, I really am safe. I hope soon, I will get in touch with you and we can have lots of fun!


I can not believe that I am really smiling reading this letter, it actually is a big relief! Neha is already back, this is how she thinks, she does not hate me now! hurray! I prayed god she would be safe where ever she is and she would be back soon.

I picked my phone out to discuss with Ram about the letter, Ram was too surprised, Neha stopped picking his calls from past 2 days and he was planning to inform me if she does not pick up call today. Ram too felt happy on Neha's decision and he was little scared if she would be safe somewhere.

I said Neha's promise is always a promise and she would be back soon with double energy and Ram there is no point now, in discussing about the points we prepared  and we laughed happily.
I happily went back to work after a long time.

It was after another 15 days, I received a sweet surprise from Neha, It was a postal cover, I opened  it hurriedly, it has a thread, probably looks like holy thread and a key chain and a letter. I took out the letter and started reading. Here it goes.

Dear Akanksha,

I hope you are doing good, If you ask about myself, I am fantastic! Guess? what I am doing? where I am?

One day, While I was checking Ram's photos in the face book, I accidentally looked at travelling page, the pain I was having was so bad that I wanted to do something, something which I had never done before, and which probably opens new routes to my life, it was women only travel trip and they were conducting a trekking trip in another 5 days. It was all sudden, I did not hesitate for a second, I registered for it and I was part of a trek team for Mullayanagiri Trek.

I met lots of people. Among them, Swasthi was very kind to me and we became friends after a while. I was surprised that she was married and have kids, but still she keeps comming to this trips only with her friends to take a break from her family life. She is a complete human being, her world is so different! I am lucky I found another good friend in this journey.

It was Swasthi who suggested me that there was another trip in just other few days after our trip. She encouraged me to register for it to and advised me to travel for some more days and get peace. I am doing what she said.

In all this journey, I missed you every single day. If you would have been here, it would have been more fun! that innocent Akanksha I can not find anywhere else. I kept on telling Swasthi too about you. She asked me why you girls did not travel together?

What could I say, it was all because of me? who behaved like a dumb ass and troubled my best friend? because of me, who did hurt her so bad? because of me who created all problems in our lives?
Right now, I cant help anything wrong I did in the past, but If you permit me to be friends again I will be back soon.

And the thread is holy thread of lord Ganesh, your favorite God and key chain, you just turn it open it says what I wanted.


I turned the key chain open with heavy heart and tears in my eyes, it said


What did Neha do?

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Harika Bojanala:)


Friday, 17 July 2015

Chapter8: Friendship forever!

When someone expresses love, it should give immense happiness, but here, it left all of us startled. It was Ram who responded first. Neha, I want you to be clear on these things " I never expected you would propose me and I am sorry to say this, I don't think I love you!"
Though Ram was saying No to Neha I could not hear it, I don't like any one saying "you are rejected". Tears rolled down my eyes and Neha too was crying. Ram really felt bad. He tried convincing us in all possible ways. 

Neha finally said, why she didn't speak with me. She witnessed me dreaming about Ram, now she herself loves him and she started feeling jealous if Ram is close with other girl. Here she goes, she already started addressing me as someone else. It was too much for her to even think that she is loving someone, her best friend dreamt about and she felt GUILTY!

I really could not hear any of her nonsense talk and said this "so, you could not with hold your guilt and made me feel more sad, is it?". 

I am so sorry Akanksha, I lost my senses and I was not under my control. You always remain my best friend and I can't take back my feelings for Ram, if you are fine with it, we will remain friends forever!

Meanwhile Ram opened his mouth wide open, not understanding a bit of what was happening!

He broke the silence of  jaw dropping things there, "So girls! if i am not wrong, both of you loves me, and I have became a candy for you is it!" It was first time I saw anger in Ram's eyes.

Of,course, it is human, any genuine guy would get anger here and Ram is not divine. I wanted to say so many things there, it was damn true that I really developed some kind of closeness with Ram when I first saw him on the bike. When we started moving around and talking to each other, I knew it was surely not Love. 

I liked him as a person, and most of all, I loved his profession. We never felt like extending conversations for longer time, we never spoke about love!, we never went hand in hand, we almost treated each other like friends and I am happy with what we have now!

I missed him, but not like a lover, when we meet over weekends I was happy and I never wanted to meet him alone, I was always happy when he got a gang of friends along. I was clear of what my relationship with Ram is, gathering all guts, I explained everything to Ram and people over there.

Ram gave a "thank-god-atleast-you-understood-what-i am" look. It was Neha's turn to get startled now! she didn't say a word and moved away. Later Ram and Akash asked me what was it? I was so angry with Neha, I just shrugged. 

Neither Ram, nor me could come out of it. We all bid good bye and left. 

How could she talk like this, all these years of our friendship does not mean anything to her?  is she really saying this or some kind of demon occupied Neha? I am totally fine if she loves Ram or who ever it is, but she said we can be friends only If I accept it, can anyone change drastically so fast?
I so wanted answers for every question from Neha, but I know, this is not the right time to talk to her. So, I chose to be silent.

I will not let 20 years of our friendship ruin with just one incident. Some one said  "If your friendship stays for more than 12 years, it is likely that it lasts forever"

I reached home. Neha was crying hard. I don't know whether Ram loves her back or not, but I cant see my best friend crying, I so wanted to console her. I just moved in and said "Neha".

Enough is enough just move away Akanksha, Please leave me alone! Neha replied back, it did hit me hard. I really felt like crying. I drifted away with out saying a word and holding my tears.

What next?

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Chapter7: Friendship...Love

I suddenly remembered that I missed out saying most important thing to Ram. I dialed him and it said busy. I dialed after 10 minutes again and it still said busy. I cut the call and was making the bed sheet proper. It is when, I was almost sleeping I got call from Ram. I picked and said Hello.

Ram: Hey, sorry for the busy tone. I was talking to Neha.
Me: wow, Neha spoke with you in phone? that's great!
Ram: Yeah, Actually I called her first, I really wanted to know why she sees me like a villain.
Me: haha its silly reason Ram, she will be alright soon. 
Ram: Guess what! she explained me why she hated me and I felt strange, then I understood that people rather involved way more in adds and movies and I also felt little happy.
Ram: I should have acted really well in that movie, else she would not have thought of me as a villain;)
Me: yep, that's actually true.
Ram: yeah and what else, I guess you are already sleeping.
Ram:Chalo then, will call you tomorrow
Me: Ram, Ram I wanted to tell you something, that's the reason I called you.
Ram: wow, what is it?
Me: Mr, Ram your bike and my purple have numbers in series, I had seen you for the first time, when I noticed the number on your bike. I was so excited you know
Ram:Really? That's awesome. I never thought some thing like this would happen. We will take selfies with our bikes and post it in FB tomorrow.
Me: :):) (All Smiles)
Ram: You didn't say anything
Me: I am smiling Mr.Villian:D
Me: okay then, its time for bed...bubyeeee
Ram:Good night
Me: Good night

Some how, Ram is turning out to be important person in my life. After Neha, I feel like sharing every goddamn thing to Ram.

As he said, he came home with his bike, water washed perfectly and asked me to get my purple out, we took lots of selfies and Ram posted it in his FB page like this,

Found a friend for my bike, Just like how I found her...friend for a lifetime!

Likes and comments started popping in. I became popular too:)

For the first time in my life, I saw Neha upset when I was very happy. I asked her what it is? she did not like the picture it seems. she was actually JEALOUS!

All these feelings of her are very new to me. I didn't know how to react. I asked her what's wrong with the pic? she said nothing and moved away. I shrugged and started thinking what could have made her feel sad!

Nothing hit in to my brain! She started behaving weird day by day. She did not let me speak to her much, though it hurt me a lot, I kept quite thinking that, this is what she wanted.

After few days, the gap between us grew more, we are not friends now, just roommates staying together, speaking less, not sharing anything and almost like strangers. I didn't wanted anyone else to know this. Even my parents would not believe that we both are not talking. 

One day I could not take it anymore and called up Ram, I said we should all meet up once. I knew she is in touch with him, I heard her saying Ram over phone twice. Ram spoke with me like how he used to speak, with high energy and enthusiasm. It was all set.

Ram got his car, Neha sat in front seat with Ram and I sat alone at the back. Ram gave strange looks to both of us but didn't say anything. Seeing us being serious he didn't speak a word. While we were about to reach the cafe, he asked me, would you mind If I pick Akash? his home is nearby and he wanted to discuss something about his movie. I said I would not and ask Miss Neha if she minds. He completely went blank and didn't understand a bit. Anyways he picked up Akash too.

we went inside the cafe, Ram and Akash went to get food for us, since it is a self service one, They came back and Akash sat beside me , Ram sat beside Neha. So girls, tell us now! why is this meeting today?

I started, Ram, Akash my best friend is treating me like a stranger, I was almost in tears. Neha gave I-am-feeling-guilty-look for few seconds but back to her way. Ram and Akash could not see me like that and asked Neha, what it was.

Neha started speaking, I didn't like the pic you posted Ram!

Ram was like...what? 

what's wrong with it?

weren't you guys too close to each other? uttered Neha.

Ram was shocked and asked what is so bad in it, she is my friend and don't I have freedom to take pic with her?

Neha said I felt jealous and added to it you posted saying something like lifetime and all.

Why do you have to feel jealous Neha? this time Ram was little confused.

Idiot, because I love you!

that's it, all of us were in pure shock. Everyone of us are in our own world thinking about what Neha said just few minutes before.

Neha said something, none of us expected...what next?

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Chapter 6: The Reason

We hit the screen at right time and were just in, when advertisements were going on, There was Ram's add too. I was mesmerized to see Ram in such big screen, I can understand how Ram would have felt when he saw himself on the screen for the first time, it must have been pure bliss. We all shouted when the add was playing, kind of admiring Ram but Neha kept calm and remained silent until end of the movie. 

I really became angry with her behavior, we both excused ourselves and I asked her whats your problem Neha? why are you like this today? tell me, if there is something wrong I will sort things out. She looked at me and said "nothing". This irked me even more and if there is nothing wrong why can't you be normal and happy with those guys? I blurted, out of sheer anger and lack of control.

Then She cried and told me something, to which I could not control my laughter. She became more angry seeing me laughing. I controlled my laughter and asked her to say it again. She said she did not get good impression when she first saw him.

Me: When did you see him first?

Neha: I saw him in a movie, in which he acted as a villain. I hated him immediately.

Me: ohh! Did Ram act in movies?

Neha: Yeah, it was pretty small role, it so happened that I first saw him in the movie and latter, when you showed his pic in google, I really felt bad that it was same guy I saw. That's how I always warned you to be in control and all other things.

Me: I really felt like falling on the floor laughing for her foolishness, but she is my best friend in this whole world. Now , I got it, she is carrying her first impression about Ram with her and forcing herself to hate him. 

Come on babe, get out of that shit, Ram is really cool, can't you see that Neha?

I don't know Akanksha, I can sense myself that I am foolish, I tried max to come out of it, that's how I dressed up nicely and accepted to come along, but as soon as I see him, I get that hatred back.

Chill! then try this, just be normal with his friends first, don't talk to Ram much, just observe him, you will know how cool he is. 

Ummm ok let me try, but sorry for letting you down with my stupid behavior.

Hey, we are best friends right, we remain the same, I calmed her, we hugged each other and came out.

Was the discussion about this handsome Ram? Ram winked seeing both of us. 

I laughed at him and said yes, yes it was very much about you and your handsomeness;)

I know, you are kidding, now tell me, what it is? Ram insisted. 

I said it is small girl talk and asked him to stay out of it.

As you say, your majesty, he acted as if I was a judge.

I noticed Ram watching Neha from other side.

We ordered large pizzas and shared it in groups. 

Me, Neha, Ram and Akash all of us occupied one table.

As, I said Neha was speaking only with Akash and Akash was cracking jokes and making fun.

Akash is trying to enter in to filim dunia and become a big director.

When it was last peiece of Pizza we all fought like kids, finally Akash won it, he finished it in seconds in the fear that we will grab it from him. Having finished it successfully he said, last bite of pizza tastes heaven, we all gave him so so luck though we all felt the same.

We did shopping, Mr.Akash is wierdo who suggested me to take all impossible colors which I would have not even looked at. I told him, I have never seen a guy who bravely suggests such kind of things to a girl. I ignored most of his suggestions and went on with my own choices, in which he does not even like one, I teased him saying I am glad that you didn't like even one.

Mean while, Ram is trying to get Neha's attention, "he never likes when people are dull and in not so good mood, he will pay his maximum efforts to cheer them" explained wierdo to me. That was actually true.

Neha and Ram both pointed towards same top coincidentally,  Ram put his hands down and asked Neha to try that, there came first smile of her for Ram. Oh My God, we need to celebrate this I thought. Neha went to trial room and I asked for whom Ram was taking that, teasing him if he already has a girlfriend, he said no no I was about to show it to Neha, she too liked it at the same time. I said aaahhh,,,ohhh and wierdo laughed with us, Neha actually looked stunning in that top. Ram said you look gorgeous, She said Thanks.

While going back, it was more pleasant, we all kind of became friends, it was not as bad as we started. we bid good byes to everyone and Mr. Akash suddenly emerged from nowhere before my home and asked us for contact numbers. I looked at Ram suspiciously and he blinked as if it was to proceed and give him our numbers. Akash noted them with concentration and I noticed him saving our  numbers with different names. I wondered what they were, but was in no mood to ask him. He thanked us and went back.

Finally Akanksha found out the reason:)

What next?

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Chapter5: Hatred???

Neha! You can't believe what I Just saw today! you should have come along with me, Ram completely took me to a different world!It is so beautiful. I didn't pause for a second and explained each and every minute of my day to Neha. Finally she handed me a water bottle and asked me to relax. She gave a small smile and said I look very happy, I smiled back and said even at this minute my heart ponders around that colorful world and I surely loved it.

I told her how Ram asked us to join his group of friends, Neha rejected it instantly, she said she is never interested in such things. I convinced her saying how I changed my view towards it after spending time with right person. She said an yes after I pestered her so long that she should join us for a movie next time.

The next morning I was back to my work. Though I was working,  my thoughts turned around the creative field. I shut all the thoughts with much difficulty and concentrated on my work. When I was back in the evening, I was damn tired and my body longed for sleep. I skipped dinner and fell on the bed. I dropped in to sleep almost in a minute. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I felt very thirsty like even a drop of  water felt heaven. I tried resuming my sleep but Could not. I felt like writing, documenting everything that inspired me yesterday in the film city. Unknowingly I started drafting everything in my color NOTE app in the smart phone. When it was complete, it was almost 5 paragraphs. I never remember writing so much in my life after my studies.

I saved the note, named it and colored it blue. Blue, somehow always indicates highness to me(as in sky). After writing everything, I still felt little void. I started writing my version of fix everything add. I felt much better and some strange kind of happiness occupied me. I saved it as fix everything-edited and slept off.

Days went by very fast, I didn't hear form Ram after the shoot and I was busy with my work. It's Saturday today and surprisingly, I am dying to watch a movie. My knowledge on movies can almost be equal to 0 since I never watched many. I irritated Neha also that we go to a movie. I just checked if Ram was free, he said he has a schedule today and he can catch up tomorrow since it is Sunday. So we postponed our plans to tomorrow.

Meanwhile I googled a lot about movies and the people involving, their work and what not, I spent around 4 hours on internet and noted so many things. In the evening I watched lots of short films, movies programs in you tube. I now wonder, how I missed this entertainment for 24 long years.

In the night we ordered pizza and shared it among other room mates and had fun talking and we dozed off. The next morning Ram called me and said they got tickets for recent release movie for afternoon show. I was like yay!!Thank you so much Ram. By the way, Neha would love to join us get one for her too, he smiled and said he already have one. Ram is super cool in such things, he always loves to have people around.

Someone took extra time to dress up and turn around beautiful, it was not me this time;) it was Neha, I teased her for a while. We both look awesome, this guys will go crazy, we both said it loud together and laughed.

Ram and his gang are near our home and as soon as we emerged out they were like hey, oooh and all. We smiled at them, Ram asked us to get in and he introduced both of us to all his friends. Ram said she is Akanksha, the girl who never liked movies but love to watch them now! I believe, I am one of the reason for it;) I smiled at them and said an YES aloud. He continued introducing Neha,

He said she is Neha and she has to tell us other details, since I know her very less. I was scared Neha would get irritated, but she is always a matured girl and keeps her tone normal and never shows her feelings, She made it flat, this is Neha and work for s/w company and friend of Akanksha.Everyone said Hi and kept quite. I know everyone might have thought she has an attitude, I still did not understand why she does not like Ram.

Any ways the journey continued and we reached the cinimax.

What's next?
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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Chapter4: New world

My phone started ringing when I was still in a deep sleep. Agh! who the hell is calling early in the morning! I cursed whomever it is and looked at the phone, it was an un know number, I picked it up and Hey, Good morning this is Ram, sorry to disturb you at the early hour, I was just excited if you can join me for today's shoot, he was talking continuously with out giving a 10 seconds pause. After a while, he paused to breath, I smiled and said I can sense your excitement Ram, but I am really sorry, I am struck up in office with lots of work, can I join you next time?

He did not speak for a while, I know he is disappointed, but I could not help, I really was held up with lots of work, its not like I love my work and all, but to earn I have to work...that is it, but I could not say all my version of thoughts to Ram. I just said I could not catch up for today. He said that's fine, I can understand your work pressure, anyways have a great day and he cut the call, before I could say anything else.

I felt guilty for disappointing him early in the morning and I know what to do, I will get severe fever and lots of cough today, I just texted my lead that I am not well and won't be available in office for today. I called Ram back and he picked it almost instantly. Ram, guess what? I will join you for today's shoot, how do I come and where should I come?

He smiled and asked me what about my work, I said you know, I am extremely not well today;)

Ram laughed and said that he would pick me at my place if I tell him address, I told him where I stay and he said cool, i will be there at sharp 7, and cut the call.

Oh my God, he will be here in another 2 hours. I rushed in to wash room, finished all stuff and put on best dress after all, we are meeting personally for the first time. It was 6.45 and I gave final touch to my make up and convinced myself that i look the best. I went near Neha and shouted loud in her ears sounding aaaaaaaaa woooooooo!

She was in deep sleep I guess, she just got up in horror opened her eyes and screamed at me "stupid! Don't you have sense! I was laughing at the way she saw me as if I was some alien and she landed completely in a new place. I gave weird expressions and made her little more anger. She then watched me properly and asked, for whom have you dressed up so well Akanksha, I said Ram called me and I am excited to  meet him. She wished me luck and slept back, She gave up in giving me lectures and instead left everything for destiny.

He came in his duke bike with goggles, he was looking awesome. He said Hi and asked me to sit back, I hesitated for a second and just did as he said. The shoot was happening in a film city and he was moving fast that way.somehow, I had never been to film city and films and that stuff never interested me. But may be because of Ram it was just special today.

Ram parked his vehicle at the parking space and asked me to follow him. We walked a little and I can see trees around and fresh air and nice scenery, suddenly he diverted my way and we entered inside what called as a room.  |Inside, there lay a beautiful house semi furnished, and there was someone trying to fix some thing. Ram asked me to sit there as his shoot will start in some time. He was back in another 10 minutes and smiled at me. Ram went to that guy who was fixing a wooden chair which got cracks in between and slightly broken. He was really working hard but failing in many attempts. Ram pats his back, that guy turns back and smiles seeing Ram and says Bayya this is not getting fixed, Ram gives his cutest smile and brings something out of his pocket and handles it to him. Using it that guy fixes the broken chair in just 2 minutes. Then he asks him what is it? Ram turns towards audience and says "Fix everything" works wonders! Just fix anything in 2 minutes and get it a life.
Cut!Cut! Director announces and everyone relaxes.

Good shot guys! We are done Ram! Excellent!The director shook hands with Ram and he as usual says thanks and he is walking towards me. Hey, did you like it?of course it is not some kind of big film, but I just wanted to show how we do stuff and for another 30 minutes he explained me the angles of camera. how people work days and nights for the sets, how make up man will get lots of work, how models like him get engaged in work, how finally a product gets promotion and sales go high and he even explained the marketing strategies various companies take up.

Before speaking to Ram, add according to me was just an ADD and nothing else., but now I got different perspective towards the concept of advertisement. It involves lots of people, workmanship, effort, talent, concept designs and what not! Now, I guess whenever I see an add, i will definitely see it different.

I held my mouth wide open when he was explaining me each and everything in detail, I just felt proud of people working in films and media onscreen and off screen, I just gave him a salute and said you guys are really great.

He smiled and thanked me. Later for almost another 1 hour he was busy with his work. In between he was just checking with me if i was comfortable. I nodded my head and asked him to be in peace and continue his work. Meanwhile I was busy looking this new world, it really felt like a NEW WORLD.

A human imagines whatever he wants and put in real through his efforts, wow! then they are also kind of creators! What surprised me most is, when i just came out to have a look at the scenery, there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING! and it was all empty, no trees, no fresh air, no big house! Just then Ram followed me and asked me what is it I was looking at, I said there was beautiful scenery here, He smiled and said it was just a "SET". I was overwhelmed when people actually made it look so real.

We roamed all around till evening and he asked me we will go back? I said a direct no. He rubbed my hair as if I was a kid. We stayed there some more time and finally when Ram promised me that he would be getting me to his shoots frequently, I accepted to leave.

On the way back, I saw a new "set" being constructed in the same place where I witnessed a beautiful house and trees. May be that is how it works here. We were there at my hostel. I thanked Ram for taking me to beautiful place. He said pleasure is all for him and bid me good bye.

I just could not come out of the place, I was still wondering how much involvement, dedication and passion it requires to be in creative field. I took my phone out and messaged Ram

Akanksha: Ram! I can't thank you enough for taking me to your shoot today! If I had gone with any other normal person to the film city. I bet it would have bored me in just 15 minutes! It's because of you, I gained lots of knowledge and I really started loving this field, I will watch more adds. more films and involve as much as I can in this colorful world.

Once again a big THANK YOU! all I can do is give you a treat for this;)

Ram: Hey, I am happy that you liked it! Good to hear that you will start watching movies! I have good friends group, we hangout more and keep watching lots of movies inspite of language. You are most welcome to my group and you can add Neha too:)

And for treat I am ever ready;)

Feed me good food I will be there for you forever;);)

Akanksha: That's so sweet of you, could not wait telling Neha everything.

Ram: Good! Have fun! Good night

Akanksha: Good night:)

Wow! Finally they both met each other and had good time. What's next?

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Chapter3: Destiny

There was no way I could find any means to meet Ram, neither I know any person from modelling nor I have a friend from media, it was completely locked up. I felt depressed, something irked me deep down when i think that i can not meet him for the second time.

Neha insisted that we go out, to divert me. I can never say NO to one word in my whole life and Neha knew it very well, so we went on SHOPPING. I was very happy that I found a nice skirt and it perfectly fitted me. On the way back, Purple was giving small problems, it needed service. So, I  was riding little slow.

There came a bike out of control and hit purple hard and zoomed off. I lost balance, Neha and me fell down. Luckily we both were wearing helmets which saved us from major injuries. Immediately a guy from the crowd came and lifted the purple back and asked us if we were fine. Oh my God it was Ram,  I completely started believing in destiny.I was so happy that i almost laughed and said we are fine, he was wondering why i was laughing. Neha calmed me down and said Thanks. When he was about to leave, I said "Ram, can I have your autograph? I am very big fan of you" he smiled and signed in the paper I gave him. 

With Luv


No wonder, I put that paper in a photo frame and started seeing it everyday. Neha gets pissed of with my stupidity. I told her if God does not want us to meet, why on earth would Ram come from nowhere and helps us. She nodded her head slightly and in fraction of seconds she was back to her original, i don't believe in all this destiny shit, it is just a coincidence.I pulled her legs some more and we finally ended up laughing and enjoying.

I was so mad about that autograph I took a picture of it and posted in Ram's page in FB thanking him for his help and of course autograph.
He responded to the post that next day in the night. I do not have habit of stalking my phone before sleep, so it was the next day morning I noticed his reply, he commented Pleasure is mine:)

It might be same words he says to every fan of him, but for me those 3 words were heaven. I realized the impact an actor creates on individual is huge. 

Ram got lots of applauds for helping me, still he was as usual, cool guy and replied "it was my duty as a person" God, he is so great I thought to my self.

Later that very next day, I had a message in my face book inbox and it was from Ram. Hey, because of you, people are treating me like a God, though I don't think it as a help, I thank you for the picture.

I replied back with a smiley and he sent me back this


Later I got dumped up with lots of work in the office and couldn't find time for anything except for work. That 5 days were very hectic, I literally had turned on phone internet connection and was saying Hi only to my parents through phone. After a sound sleep of 12 hours, I got up late in the afternoon that Saturday and turned on internet connection, as usual my whatsapp groups were flooded with 500 messages most of which will have 'how are you guys?" had food ? kind of messages.

I opened face book and there were few messages in my inbox, Surprisingly Ram had messaged and I cursed myself for not checking the messages for a week. He had sent an Hi, we have a shooting tomorrow morning, u wanna catch up?

Gosh, I missed an opportunity to meet him. I replied him back

Sorry, didn't login to FB, saw your message now.

In the evening I got his reply. Not a problem...will catch up with you again, can I call you when there is a shoot next time?

Oh he is asking me for a number, I didn't wanted to sound so desperate. So I held my excitement and replied to him in the night. I sent an Yes:)

He was online and he messaged me HOW?

I thought this guy is  smart and sent him my mobile number.

He sent Thank you...Good night:)

I wished he would chat a little longer, but held on there, sending him a Good night.

I put my phone aside and started imagining my date with Ram. How he would treat me, why did he ask my number,why did I give it just like that, will I have a good time with Ram and so many other thoughts didn't let me sleep.

Woah! Akanksha finally met Ram and I am happy about it too:)

What excatly did they do in the next meet? is it really a date as Akanksha thought?

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chapter 2: Dream came true:)

Akanksha, for God's sake please stop day dreaming, do not start imagining what ever you see in the TV with Ram, he is getting popular and will not even give a heck about you. This is the n th time Neha is warning me about Ram. She has got very bad impression about actors. Somehow I trust this guy a lot.

It really puts me in ease, even now,to think of our first meeting.

I have very few best friends and one among them is the one who will be ever ready to take me wherever I go, who would never say NO to whatever I do and who always supports my friends, family and ofcourse sometimes strangers too, that friend is called "THE PURPLE"  and yes it is my activa and I call it Purple;)

I have strange affection with  purple and was always eager to know the next serial number to my purple. I always wanted to meet the owner of it and tell that the before number vehicle is mine,  One day, when me and Neha were going to movie, we stopped at a red signal and I just looked casually at the person and bike next to me, slowly he moved little further and |I could see the number plate clearly, Sooner I noticed that its number was next to purple. After knowing this, I was more interested in the person, I held my head little high and tried to move little further to get clear picture of him.

He looked as if, he had come out directly from the fashion magazine. He was around 5'8 and smart, he was smiling and saying something to his friend sitting at the back I was so excited that i finally found the series and that too it was an awesome guy. I felt like I have seen him some where.

I felt like jumping around then and there, instead I irritated Neha saying same thing again and again that whole day.Finally it struck to us that we have seen Ram in an soap add in Television. I googled the soap add and found his name and other details. I instantly liked his name "Ram". Then I gathered every possible information about him.

Fortunately I found his page on face book. I liked his page. Thanks to social media, it made me feel like I was his friend since he was posting his updates there and I got to know more about his hobbies, interests and all other information.

Neha was not liking any of my activities, she says it really hurts if our expectations does not meet and it may lead to depression. I ignored all her words and instead asked her for ideas if she can suggest to meet Ram. She got pissed off and asked me to get lost.

Neha, she is with me from my childhood, we both did schooling, graduation. post graduation together and now work in same company. How much ever we fight, the next day she comes and says sorry herself inspite of my mistakes. She is a such a sweet heart. She does not want me to get upset with my stupid fantasies which can lead to anywhere.

Mean while I was checking ways and means to see him and meet him.

How did Akanksha meet Ram? Did they really meet and talk to each other?

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Chapter1:Hidden Beauty - A dream?

Oh is it very far? I guess it would be difficult, I cant move anymore Ram! Just hold my hand, I will make the journey easier. As he said, he held my hand tight with so much care that I could just feel his love!

I promise I will show you best beauty in few minutes. I was wondering what that beauty was.

We walked through many hurdles and there were places where I almost gave up and stood there still, Ram tapped my back and with small breaks, we continued our journey. I could hear something, there he closed my eyes and asked me to follow his instructions, I did how I was told,  I could feel few droplets on my face, the sounds gradually became bigger though it was pleasant. He asked me to open my eyes slowly and in front of me, I could see water flowing on top of a huge rock and added to it there were two such falls. I stood there still with my eyes wide open, completely lost in the beauty!
Ram brought me back to this world, he asked me if I liked the surprise?

Sometimes actions speaks more than words, I kissed him on the forehead and we lay there hugging for a long time. Ram started speaking, it was always my dream to get you here when I first visited this place. I hugged him even more tight.

Strangely there were no people around. I asked him how he got to know about this beautiful place and how there were no people around. He smiled and said, it is completely remote place and noticed it when he came along with his adventurous friends. People started recognizing this falls lately and it is slowly growing as tourism spot, generally at this late hour it will be free. So, its kind of hidden beauty which gave me my First kiss, saying this he winked at me. I buried my head in his chest feeling shy.

who is this "I"  narrating story to us?

For more details, Follow me next week;)

Guys! I am back with new story. Get ready for the series!

Harika Bojanala
Go Green...Save Trees

Thursday, 30 April 2015

I used to wonder, now I feel it...The various roles we take up!

She is such kind of person who creates an huge empty space, when she is not around in anyone's life, be it a friend, be it Mom, Dad, be it a sibling, everyone misses her company, everyone longs for her presence.

She never harms anyone, and she never thinks negative even in her wildest dreams!She has got something in loads...Self respect!

If  anyone new, sees her, they think she has got an attitude problem...the more closer you get, the more you understand her.

She immediately changes herself to opposites person's age and matches their frequency and will make us feel... Arey, why didn't I know her from long time.

By any chance if you get anger on her, I bet it never stays more than a day!she is kind of magnet you just get attracted!

All it takes is one beautiful smile of her's and that is just say yes to whatever she says!

Cheers to all women in the world who transforms from a sweet little child to naughty teen, beautiful wife, loving mother and caring grandma and I know, lot more transformations which does not have an end;)


Go Green...Save Trees