Friday, 17 July 2015

Chapter8: Friendship forever!

When someone expresses love, it should give immense happiness, but here, it left all of us startled. It was Ram who responded first. Neha, I want you to be clear on these things " I never expected you would propose me and I am sorry to say this, I don't think I love you!"
Though Ram was saying No to Neha I could not hear it, I don't like any one saying "you are rejected". Tears rolled down my eyes and Neha too was crying. Ram really felt bad. He tried convincing us in all possible ways. 

Neha finally said, why she didn't speak with me. She witnessed me dreaming about Ram, now she herself loves him and she started feeling jealous if Ram is close with other girl. Here she goes, she already started addressing me as someone else. It was too much for her to even think that she is loving someone, her best friend dreamt about and she felt GUILTY!

I really could not hear any of her nonsense talk and said this "so, you could not with hold your guilt and made me feel more sad, is it?". 

I am so sorry Akanksha, I lost my senses and I was not under my control. You always remain my best friend and I can't take back my feelings for Ram, if you are fine with it, we will remain friends forever!

Meanwhile Ram opened his mouth wide open, not understanding a bit of what was happening!

He broke the silence of  jaw dropping things there, "So girls! if i am not wrong, both of you loves me, and I have became a candy for you is it!" It was first time I saw anger in Ram's eyes.

Of,course, it is human, any genuine guy would get anger here and Ram is not divine. I wanted to say so many things there, it was damn true that I really developed some kind of closeness with Ram when I first saw him on the bike. When we started moving around and talking to each other, I knew it was surely not Love. 

I liked him as a person, and most of all, I loved his profession. We never felt like extending conversations for longer time, we never spoke about love!, we never went hand in hand, we almost treated each other like friends and I am happy with what we have now!

I missed him, but not like a lover, when we meet over weekends I was happy and I never wanted to meet him alone, I was always happy when he got a gang of friends along. I was clear of what my relationship with Ram is, gathering all guts, I explained everything to Ram and people over there.

Ram gave a "thank-god-atleast-you-understood-what-i am" look. It was Neha's turn to get startled now! she didn't say a word and moved away. Later Ram and Akash asked me what was it? I was so angry with Neha, I just shrugged. 

Neither Ram, nor me could come out of it. We all bid good bye and left. 

How could she talk like this, all these years of our friendship does not mean anything to her?  is she really saying this or some kind of demon occupied Neha? I am totally fine if she loves Ram or who ever it is, but she said we can be friends only If I accept it, can anyone change drastically so fast?
I so wanted answers for every question from Neha, but I know, this is not the right time to talk to her. So, I chose to be silent.

I will not let 20 years of our friendship ruin with just one incident. Some one said  "If your friendship stays for more than 12 years, it is likely that it lasts forever"

I reached home. Neha was crying hard. I don't know whether Ram loves her back or not, but I cant see my best friend crying, I so wanted to console her. I just moved in and said "Neha".

Enough is enough just move away Akanksha, Please leave me alone! Neha replied back, it did hit me hard. I really felt like crying. I drifted away with out saying a word and holding my tears.

What next?

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Chapter7: Friendship...Love

I suddenly remembered that I missed out saying most important thing to Ram. I dialed him and it said busy. I dialed after 10 minutes again and it still said busy. I cut the call and was making the bed sheet proper. It is when, I was almost sleeping I got call from Ram. I picked and said Hello.

Ram: Hey, sorry for the busy tone. I was talking to Neha.
Me: wow, Neha spoke with you in phone? that's great!
Ram: Yeah, Actually I called her first, I really wanted to know why she sees me like a villain.
Me: haha its silly reason Ram, she will be alright soon. 
Ram: Guess what! she explained me why she hated me and I felt strange, then I understood that people rather involved way more in adds and movies and I also felt little happy.
Ram: I should have acted really well in that movie, else she would not have thought of me as a villain;)
Me: yep, that's actually true.
Ram: yeah and what else, I guess you are already sleeping.
Ram:Chalo then, will call you tomorrow
Me: Ram, Ram I wanted to tell you something, that's the reason I called you.
Ram: wow, what is it?
Me: Mr, Ram your bike and my purple have numbers in series, I had seen you for the first time, when I noticed the number on your bike. I was so excited you know
Ram:Really? That's awesome. I never thought some thing like this would happen. We will take selfies with our bikes and post it in FB tomorrow.
Me: :):) (All Smiles)
Ram: You didn't say anything
Me: I am smiling Mr.Villian:D
Me: okay then, its time for bed...bubyeeee
Ram:Good night
Me: Good night

Some how, Ram is turning out to be important person in my life. After Neha, I feel like sharing every goddamn thing to Ram.

As he said, he came home with his bike, water washed perfectly and asked me to get my purple out, we took lots of selfies and Ram posted it in his FB page like this,

Found a friend for my bike, Just like how I found her...friend for a lifetime!

Likes and comments started popping in. I became popular too:)

For the first time in my life, I saw Neha upset when I was very happy. I asked her what it is? she did not like the picture it seems. she was actually JEALOUS!

All these feelings of her are very new to me. I didn't know how to react. I asked her what's wrong with the pic? she said nothing and moved away. I shrugged and started thinking what could have made her feel sad!

Nothing hit in to my brain! She started behaving weird day by day. She did not let me speak to her much, though it hurt me a lot, I kept quite thinking that, this is what she wanted.

After few days, the gap between us grew more, we are not friends now, just roommates staying together, speaking less, not sharing anything and almost like strangers. I didn't wanted anyone else to know this. Even my parents would not believe that we both are not talking. 

One day I could not take it anymore and called up Ram, I said we should all meet up once. I knew she is in touch with him, I heard her saying Ram over phone twice. Ram spoke with me like how he used to speak, with high energy and enthusiasm. It was all set.

Ram got his car, Neha sat in front seat with Ram and I sat alone at the back. Ram gave strange looks to both of us but didn't say anything. Seeing us being serious he didn't speak a word. While we were about to reach the cafe, he asked me, would you mind If I pick Akash? his home is nearby and he wanted to discuss something about his movie. I said I would not and ask Miss Neha if she minds. He completely went blank and didn't understand a bit. Anyways he picked up Akash too.

we went inside the cafe, Ram and Akash went to get food for us, since it is a self service one, They came back and Akash sat beside me , Ram sat beside Neha. So girls, tell us now! why is this meeting today?

I started, Ram, Akash my best friend is treating me like a stranger, I was almost in tears. Neha gave I-am-feeling-guilty-look for few seconds but back to her way. Ram and Akash could not see me like that and asked Neha, what it was.

Neha started speaking, I didn't like the pic you posted Ram!

Ram was like...what? 

what's wrong with it?

weren't you guys too close to each other? uttered Neha.

Ram was shocked and asked what is so bad in it, she is my friend and don't I have freedom to take pic with her?

Neha said I felt jealous and added to it you posted saying something like lifetime and all.

Why do you have to feel jealous Neha? this time Ram was little confused.

Idiot, because I love you!

that's it, all of us were in pure shock. Everyone of us are in our own world thinking about what Neha said just few minutes before.

Neha said something, none of us expected...what next?

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Harika Bojanala
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