Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Chapter 4: Well, I don't know!

We were all set to go!!! I am so excited Pramod!!Hope you too;) I pinged him in whats app....this is the first trip we are traveling with a new person other than our gang. They are all equally excited like me. Pramod responded almost immediately as if he was waiting for my message:)

Pramod: Hey Beautiful!!I am dying to travel with you....waiting for it to become a day soon, so that I can see you again and meet your gang and hang out

Me:Wow!!Look some one is exaggerating things;)

Pramod: Some one already knows the truth that she is pretty;)

Me: (Blushing) :):)

Pramod: Can I ask you something?

Me(Totally confused not knowing what he would ask): Yes.

Pramod: So no smileys...I guess you are either confused or surprised:)

Me: Smart!!

Pramod: Okay I will break your confusion.....Can I call you Nithya instead of Sanjana??I know it sounds weird!!!

Me: Oh, who is Nithya??

Pramod: Question to a question....sounds intelligent!!

Me: Answer Please:)

Pramod: Nithya...well I don't soon as I saw you...I just felt your name might be Nithya....

Me: Seriously weird Mr. Pramod!!!


Me: I need time to think of it....but I know, no one assumes some ones name, unless they are so clear about it!!

Pramod: yeah! But exception in your case!

Me:okay...let us leave it here for now....

Pramod: Sorry, if I had disturbed you or hurt you!!

Me: Come on Pramod!!Chill!!

Pramod: everything packed? All set?

Me: Yeah!!!All set to go!!

Pramod: Cool:)

Me: Good Night then:)...tomorrow sharp 5 A.M, we will pick you at your room!!

Pramod: Sure:) Good Night...Sweetest Dreams;)

After wishing him Good Night...I was still thinking who might be Nithya!!may be some one important in his life and could not be with her due to some reason!!!This is quite confusing!!well, Nothing else striked my head!!!So I forced myself to sleep!!!

Alarm at 4 was buzzing!!!I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with him yesterday was strange...I generally wake up and never remember any conversations of previous days....I start my day fresh....with new thoughts, aims ,goals and whatever it is...but this guy...he is little different!!

I just wanted to wake him up incase if he didn't wake up....I just pinged him first!!thinking that he might be awake just now...

Me: Good Morning:)

Pramod: Good Morning!!!I got up...See I am sharp:)

Me: Yeah!!Yeah!!Coool:) Get ready now!!

Pramod: Yeah!!Thanks for checking me on!!!

Me: :))

I was still staring at my phone and was smiling ....then Sanchit arrived and we all started screaming,hugging and then he said....Guys!!!I miss you so badly!! and Sanjana, Neha, Nisha...Thanks for getting this things in to relaity!!!

Then there came Sameer kicking hard in Sanchit's stomach...idiot you never change!! See, always Girls side and he made faces like a kid which made us laugh, even louder!!

I patted Sameer saying "you know Sanchit!!" He smiled at me and hugged him and said Miss you buddy!!!

Then we girls started laughing at them saying how girly they are to say Miss you and all!!

But Sanchit is reallly nice guy and best buddy to Sameer. They both are thickest friends and they had all the fun during training!!!but to our bad luck, only Sanchit was put up in Mumbai,away from us!!

Soon we freshed up and packed with our things and were in red BMW, in which Sanchit had travelled all the way from Mumbai to Banglore...Yes! Sanchit is super rich!!!but her never shows attitude  I-have-this-bloody-money!!!

These guys Love driving and they fight with each other on who to drive on the high ways and compete on the speed!!

Guys!!enough of fighting, let us start now...we have to pick Pramod too, it might get late!!!  Soon they agreed on it and Sameer was driving the car!!!we were near Pramod's house,there he was waiting for us out side.

That was the first time I saw him in other attire other than formal..He was wearing a faded jeans and gray color pull over, resisting the cold....and Nike running shoes and carrying wild craft backpack at the back ...he was handsome:)

I said an Hi and asked him to get in....I introduced him to every one and Neha knows him well, before me....he took little time to get comfortable with our gang....Then we started with our favorite music, speaking,playing enjoying every moment of the journey!!!We stopped in between for food...and Sanchit and Sameer exchanged the driving positions and Sanchit is driving now.

we reached the farm house, we have booked for us and to is an awesome was like, we were in the lap of nature and fresh air welcomes you, removing your frustrations and every negativity.

Greenery!!!God!!this is the magic of trees!!!

Every one were tired and slept off as soon as we reached the place...but places like this, attracts me more and I would always tend to spend time close to nature to maximum I went out for short walk....Then I heard someone calling Nithya!!from a far distance but from my back...I felt some one running fast towards me....I turned around and it was Pramod!!

I signaled him to walk slow since he looked tired...soon he reached and we were walking at equal phase....So did you like the journey and my gang...I asked him

Oh! Yes!! Your gang sounds pretty good...They are cool buddies and the journey was awsome and he smiled, looking at him and I smiled back.

I strongly believe that there is some magic with the smile connects people so easily and develops some good feel that makes us feel delighted.

Pramod and Sanjana found some lonley time to Nithya some one in Pramod's life?or is it, just he felt the name.

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Harika Bojanala:)

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Chapter 3: Life is Simple!

God!Finally we reached soon as I got down...the question in my mind came out in the form of words with Neha...who the hell is he Neha?

Neha knows me so well...she has been my friend from 1 year and we met each other in same cab journey:)

She smiled at my hatred towards a person just in few minutes and started speaking...he is Pramod...he will travel in same cab with us from now... that is it she told me, I could not take it anymore!!
I hate him Neha...he is so mean...and I was still speaking and she cut my words in middle..Sanjana, you cant decide that a person is rude,mean or good just in minutes...may be he was in some bad situation and so he behaved that way...

She is always more matured than me and I believe whatever she says has some meaning...Later I realized..I was getting angry on silly things...I want to talk to this guy and sort out things!! I decided mentally and was happy again.

Inspite of having a bad start my day was good in office and I was back in the cab...Neha have some personal work and left office I was there talking to my other friends...then Pramod got in to the cab...I smiled at him and said  "Hi"

He will not even say a Hi atleast for courtesy is what I was expecting....but, to my surprise he said an Hi and Sorry at the same time..

Hey,this is Pramod...and sorry for being so rude in the morning...Actually I was expecting an important call and  was frustrated with some personal problems and you were little loud so I lost control...Still I didn't have any right to show it on you people..and I should not have done the way I did it..

I said "That's okay Pramod...I never expected that incident and it was so sudden...anyways, appologies granted and  I smiled my natural smile..:)"

By the way, I am Sanjana...

 Soon we shared so many things in the journey...his interests and mine were almost matching...we both love music and books...and he showed me his permanent tattoo on the right hand with two quaver symbols...and it appeared to me like they were together to produce best music in the world and that was so awsome.

And Yeah! I reached my home soon and I bid him Good bye...

How strange life is!!That initial moment, I thought I would never talk to him again and hated him!!!

Neha was correct as always...I should stop taking decisions fast in my life!!

I was so eager to share with her that, Pramod had asked for apologies...I picked up my phone and pinged her in Whatsapp!!

She was happy and we did chat for a while wished Good Nights.

The next was pure fun...Pramod too joined our gang of friends and when I was about to introduce him to them they were like kidding is you who were on leave and did not know him.

My gang planned for an outing to Coorg...and we were excited in making arrangements and all the way we were discussing things... we are a gang of 5 ...myself, Neha, Nisha, Sameer and Sanchit, we have fixed this plan after so many postpones due to unavailability of one of us.

Sammer and Nisha work in other company and Sanchit works in our company but supports from Mumbai. Nisha was friend of Neha, and Sameer, Sanchit were my friends...through an common outing we all got to know that we all have mutual friends. We formed group of fun with 5 of us and we keep traveling,exploring new places  and most of all we all are strongly bonded.

 We never stopped partying after that!! there was no reason needed to celebrate, we believe that Life is to Party and make every moment cheerful!!!

Neha asked Pramod if he was interested to join us to Coorg!! He was more than happy to join us and I raised all his expectations explaining about our past travels and adventures!!

Will this trip lead Sajana and Pramod to next level in their releationship?

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Harika Bojanala:)

Go Green..Save Trees

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Chapter 2: Flooding to the past

Sanju!Do you have to leave now? I can not afford to stay away from him for 1 long week..the thought itself, felt strange..just before few months, he was nothing to me and now, here I am longing to leave him just for a week's time.

A part of me wants him to go...because this is the best chance he has got to grab the projects for our future developments related to company... other part of me wants to join him but stopping factor here is to take care of our office until he is back. After long talk and a hug I let him leave;)

I sighed after he left, thinking how to manage myself with out every time, I tried to sleep ...which is my best friend that relieves from emotional stress.

When I was in deep sleep something distracted was my phone vibrating...I picked it, in half sleep, expecting Sanju...but to my shock it was Pramod...I hesitated for a while whether to speak or cut the call...after a little fight with my brain...I said

Hi Pramod

He did not speak later...I waited for response, for about a minute and there was nothing...I cut the call thinking that it was a dial by mistake or something.

I could not sleep latter...My thoughts flooded to the past.

Pramod...was meaning of my world...

I was a happy girl...spreading smiles wherever I was...Like every other day, I got in to the cab and wished my friends  "Good Morning" who travel in the same cab with me every day. I was saying all girly things to my friends and we were laughing little loud.

There, he came to spoil my day, saying..."Girls! would you please stop this nonsense and be is disturbing us!!""

I was shocked and did not expect a guy to be so rude , I just stared at him and gave a dirty look which says to mind his own business and get lost.

Latter I did not utter a word!!I was wishing the journey to end soon, so that I don't have to see this so called irritating guy for long!!To my bad luck, he was sitting right beside me carrying his serious face and showing an  I rule this world kind of expression.

Was the irritating guy Pramod??or the other guy in the cab??
Whats next??

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Harika Bojanala

Go Green...Save Trees

Monday, 2 June 2014

Chapter1: Lovely Drive!!

Hey!! out, while crossing the road...he held her hand and led her to the other side of road...I see a couple crossing road with huge enthusiasm and love for each other...I wholeheartedly thanked God for blessing me too, with such beautiful moments in my life...

My life would have been a turmoil if I had not met Sanjay. like a live posture of every girls dream!!We both match in names too...yes I am Sanjana...Our friends tease us saying Sanju's pair:)

Hey sweety!!Are you in dreams with me??Sanju winked at me...I teased him saying I was in dreams with Adithya roy Kapoor...Sanju knows that I am die heart fan of Adithya roy kapoor...he gets jealous at times when I praise him and he gives a cute expression and I would die to see that:)

My thoughts sped fast like the bike we were riding in...I wondered, am I the same Sanjana..who used to lock up in the room...cry hours together...who got scared of people...who got hurt to the core that even the thought of LOVE scared....who got depressed and started doing random shit...

May be that is Life..God heals the broken heart with best medicine in the world and that medicine reached me in form of Sanjay!!!Unknowingly tears rolled down my cheeks.

Sanjay put a brake, as if he read me...this was our code, special only to takes 1 minute to pass through a lane to reach our home and that lane is sparsely populated..where Sanjay becomes...the romantic...I hugged him from the back and he extended his lips which turned out to be a lively smile:)

He takes every opportunity to make our lives happy...we respect each others difference and plan the things properly which enlightens our path...I always thought Life was compromise to achieve some thing else we don't have and we wish to get, at earliest...but just in few months of my journey with Sanjay made me feel that I don't have to compromise on anything against my wish to achieve something so real.


I am back to steal your hearts through another Love story and now I wont let the suspense of title to carry on till the last part, so here it goes:)

Eternal Love

I hope you will bless me and give all your support, little more than before;)

Most affectionately,
Harika Bojanala

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