Monday, 2 June 2014

Chapter1: Lovely Drive!!

Hey!! out, while crossing the road...he held her hand and led her to the other side of road...I see a couple crossing road with huge enthusiasm and love for each other...I wholeheartedly thanked God for blessing me too, with such beautiful moments in my life...

My life would have been a turmoil if I had not met Sanjay. like a live posture of every girls dream!!We both match in names too...yes I am Sanjana...Our friends tease us saying Sanju's pair:)

Hey sweety!!Are you in dreams with me??Sanju winked at me...I teased him saying I was in dreams with Adithya roy Kapoor...Sanju knows that I am die heart fan of Adithya roy kapoor...he gets jealous at times when I praise him and he gives a cute expression and I would die to see that:)

My thoughts sped fast like the bike we were riding in...I wondered, am I the same Sanjana..who used to lock up in the room...cry hours together...who got scared of people...who got hurt to the core that even the thought of LOVE scared....who got depressed and started doing random shit...

May be that is Life..God heals the broken heart with best medicine in the world and that medicine reached me in form of Sanjay!!!Unknowingly tears rolled down my cheeks.

Sanjay put a brake, as if he read me...this was our code, special only to takes 1 minute to pass through a lane to reach our home and that lane is sparsely populated..where Sanjay becomes...the romantic...I hugged him from the back and he extended his lips which turned out to be a lively smile:)

He takes every opportunity to make our lives happy...we respect each others difference and plan the things properly which enlightens our path...I always thought Life was compromise to achieve some thing else we don't have and we wish to get, at earliest...but just in few months of my journey with Sanjay made me feel that I don't have to compromise on anything against my wish to achieve something so real.


I am back to steal your hearts through another Love story and now I wont let the suspense of title to carry on till the last part, so here it goes:)

Eternal Love

I hope you will bless me and give all your support, little more than before;)

Most affectionately,
Harika Bojanala

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