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Part 10: They lived Happily ever after:)

Before I could realize she slapped me...she hugged me tight and she is crying!!! God I can not believe this, Nithya hugged me and all other surprises were in queue from her. She kissed on the same cheek which she slapped and whispered Sorry in my ears. I was still in trans with happiness and having no clue whether this is a dream or real.

When I was about to say something, she shut my mouth with her hand and led me out of airport, she hired a cab and asked me to get in...She rested her head on my shoulder and started speaking...I am extremely sorry for being rude to you Ram! You have no idea how much I missed you...

I wish I had accepted your LOVE as soon as you proposed me!

I wish I should not have hurt you to extremes!

Of all, I wish I should get back those 3 deadly weeks which I spent with out you and make them most memorable days in my life with your presence!!!

 and  she looked in to my eyes with tears...I looked her back with same tears in my eyes too...we became emotional...Finally I gathered guts to kiss her...oops we reached her home and Sam was waiting there to receive us.

We both got down from the cab holding hands...Sam was there and I was smiling like an idiot and blushing, looking at him.He hugged me and said I told you Ram that you will get back with loads of happiness!!!. I smiled and said Yes man you are my best buddy right,your wishes came true!!!

We all got inside home and there he was...Srinivasan sir, I was so happy to see him and I went and took his blessings and Thanked him for everything..he smiled at me and made me and Nithya stand together and clicked a pic:)

Sam and Srinivasan sir stayed with us till afternoon and left us after a while. Silence was ruling between us after they left...I dragged Nithya and took her in my arms and I asked Nithya tell me those wonderful words at least now!!

She tried to move away from me but this time I did not let her go...She smiled and said "there is a surprise for you Ram!!Let me give it to you first" . It was all amazing to listen such sweet words from her...I let her show me surprise...She handled a big box with a gift wrapper.

I was so excited and started opening the my surprise there were 3 other boxes inside it...Every box had an order to open...I started opening the box numbered 1...God!!!It was the same pic which I got in dream that she gifted me when I proposed her!

I could not with stand my excitement to see the other boxes...I opened box numbered 2....This was awsome...It contained my favorite Micky box which I never used to give to any one when I was a kid and one cute childhood pic of mine!!I was wondering where she got the box (it was in my home with my parents)

And I disclosed the third box and it contained two rings with hearts and a hand made card...I opened the card first!

I LOVE YOU Ram!!more than I could love myself!!

May be after seeing so many surprises actions speak more than words...I took out the rings and we exchanged them, so we are officially engaged!!!

I understood that the three gifts were for those 3 weeks which we were not together and each gift represents a week. But I did not have any clue why she gave numbering to them. I know she reads my brain so she started explaining 

Ram!!The first day when you left me with out uttering a word and handling that letter...I felt angry...then I told myself  let him go...I can live with out is not a big deal.

With out my knowledge I started asking Sam about you  just in an hour you left me...Sam said you left to Mumbai for a training and you have changed your number and dont want to contact any of us...
Again I thought whats wrong with this kiddo!!Let him do what ever he wants!!

I wanted to divert myself from your thoughts  through work. But nothing of that sort happened!!The more I tried not to think of you..the more you started occupying my thoughts!!I never felt like that before for anyone!! Then I wondered was it LOVE?this was how Ram felt about me!!!

But I was still in confusion whether it was LOVE or nothing of that type.I realized just in two days that I love you like anything in the world, when you were not around me!The parks which was so encouraging with your existence made me feel sick even to enter. Then I met Srinivasan uncle and he asked me why I looked so dull? I told him everything about you and me and how your absence caused pain in my life!!He consoled me and said "Ram and you are meant to be couple...Do not worry and Ram will definitely come back to you ...true Love never fails!!" His words made me believe everything and that made me wait for you...

Though your absence hurts I was happy that I LOVE YOU...then I started asking Sam for all the photographs we took...when I was looking at all the snaps I saw this pic in which you were staring at me with lots of LOVE. I liked it so much and made a frame of that.

By end of first week I knew I was in deep LOVE with you...I started wishing that I had known you from childhood so that we could have spent more time in our life together.You know, I became a good friend to your sweet little sister!!We both chat in whats app regularly and I got that childhood pic of yours from her and by the way you look so damn cute in that Ram! and the Micky box, I know you love it...I got that one also from your sister!!those 2 were for the 2nd week!!

The third week...I could not bear the thought that you were away from me...I started imagining our wedding but before that I have to express my LOVE. Then I knew I loved you more than myself!! 

That is how the gifts built up...I took help of Sam to buy the rings then he told me that you will reach Banglore soon...I was so excited and insisted Sam that I will receive you in airport.

Wow!!!If a girl falls in LOVE it will be so amazing....I was moved by her words, gifts and everything....I had planned so many things to say her but now when everything is going as I wished no words reached her from me.... I took her in my arms and our kiss...lasted for 60 seconds!!!

Those 60 seconds were the wonderful minute in our life!!!

Nithya..You are crazier than me, I whispered in her ears!!!She smiled and said Yes Ram, If it makes you happy....I was the reason for so much hurt in your life..will you forgive me for all I did?....
No, never ever say that may be the reason for hurt but I know you suffered more than me in this 3 weeks...and I did not know what to do, to make you realize that you Love me and it is Srinivasan sir who gave this idea to spend some time away from you...she was surprised to listen that and we both thanked him in our hearts!  

This was the time to unveil to her that I Loved her with out seeing her!! I continued, Nithya!!1 loved you before knowing how you look..she was shocked listening to that and looked at me to say more...I told her, how I first had glance at her when she was weaving hands in the air for the music with out caring for the world, how I followed her in the lift like an idiot!!!She was blushing listening all this and said You are really a kid Ram.

We did not even notice that it was evening already and it was she who said that I must be hungry!!!That's the girl thing....they get to know everything once they start Loving you!!!

It was little difficult in the initial stages when I told in my home about Nithya!! But I convinced them saying Nithya is so good in every aspect and she suits me and they too will like her if they see her. Nithya was tensed to meet my parents for the first time. I just said her "Think that they are your parents....they will definitely accept you."

Finally the moment arrived...Nithya met my family...As I said they liked her so sister was so happy to see Nithya in person!!!

Our wedding went in all time high celebration!!! We did not miss any our friends!!! Sam, Neha, our school friends, college friends, colleagues,relatives.neighbours and Srinivas sir every one witnessed our happy moment and  blessed us!!!

I never say that we dont fight now!!! we fight at times, but our Love for each other dominates our problems , fights and makes our love  journey happy and Successful. This continues forever!!

Guys!!! We have not named the story until now!!! And TITLE of the story is

I just said "I LOVE YOU"

I truly dedicate this first official story in my blog to

Shwetha Rangaswamy- Remember, around 1 year back I had told you that I will dedicate my first story  to you and here it is:)  So many things in my life would have been impossible if I had not met you...It is like, you have introduced different unknown version of me to myself:) Thanks for everything!!

Archana Penubolu- Where to are super, awsome... I have learnt so many things from you...You are truly  kind of role model to me!! The way you simplify, complex things is amazing:)

Varsha- I never knew I can become close to some one just in 3 days...You incorporated confidence in me and encouraged me in every aspect. Thanks for everything!!

I thank my friends Harika, Swathi, Monika, Archana, Reddy, Anjali for their curiosity to read every part, every week...your encouragement made me think more and write good.

I also Thank Vivek Anna  for letting me know what you actually felt reading each actually pulled up my confidence levels to write more!!!

I truly thank all my readers who followed this 10 parts of story and made it a hit!!

Signing of for this week with the last part of the story!!!

I will get back to you with something amazing in few weeks:)Thoughts in progress for next blog;)

Harika Bojanala

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