Thursday, 15 May 2014

Part 9: Missing Moments

Everyone else in the world can understand me, except Nithya!! I thought why is it only me? I reached Nithya's home and handed over the letter and told her it was not a love letter and left her place with out uttering a word.Where are you going Ram? You are all packed with lots of luggage? she was like stream of questions but my mouth was tied up hoping something else.

All set to go? Sam brought me back from continuous chain of my thoughts from the past to the current world... I wondered how I remember each little minute I spent with her,the moment I met her, the moment our messages started, spending time together...I looked at Sam and said "except for one thing!" he was puzzled and asked what it was? " I am just moving away from Nithya leaving my heart here Sam."

I know man, how it feels for you now, but you will be back with loads of happiness!!my words will come true... saying this Sam bid me goodbye!!

Now I am in flight fingers crossed not knowing where my life will lead me to.I called up Srinivasan sir and told him that I handed over letter to Nithya which says I will never be part of her life from now. He wished me Good Luck and asked me to be cool.

I hope that all wishes will come true and I will have a splendid life with Nithya ahead. I am on the way to Mumbai for a company training for 3 weeks.Staying away for little long time from your loved ones with out any contact not even single word...will make you miss the person most...I know it is hell for me with out seeing her, listening to her sweet voice..her happiness, anger everything make me remember her all over again...but to know, how it feels to her I should stay away from her...that was the idea Srinivasan sir has suggested me and I implemented first part of it by putting my words in rude manner in her letter.

I planned this trip as surprise to Nithya earlier(I was so damn sure that she will accept my LOVE and this would be our first trip together)...I hated even the thought of staying away from her...but I don't have an other option now.

First day in Mumbai...far away from her...I kept on checking mobile phone expecting messages from her...then my brain said "you are an idiot, you changed your number and have not shared with her and asked Sam also not to give any of your can she reach you?"

Work...I never felt work will soothe me like a drug...I worked like a maniac...I forced myself to work for 12 hours so that at least my body would get tired physically and will allow me to sleep...Somehow I managed mornings...but it was the nights that killed me with her did not allow me to sleep ...Every night I keep thinking of her, the wonderful time we had other guys were jealous when I took her in bike...they make smile and worry at same time.

If "I miss you" are the 3 words which state my feelings...those words are small and not enough to say badly I want her with me.

I forced myself for a typical routine for next 3 weeks...I get up at 5 A.M...I will make tea for myself... do some basic warm up exercises...head towards a park and until all pain goes out of my body in the form of until my feet gets hurt and dominates my mental stress... come back get ready and back to office, work like hell and get back to room and doze off, not giving time for my brain to think.

Even with this tough routine...I get up in the middle of the nights and search for her around and realize she is not reachable to eyes get wet and doze off.

Finally the three deadly weeks passed and now I am on the way back to Banglore..this time I am not expecting anything because all my expectations earlier had failed very badly...But I know my buddy Sam will be there to receive me in the airport.

To my surprise I found Nithya staring at me and I could not find Sam anywhere. I picked my baggage and went straight to her and said "Hi Nithya"

She is angry...her eyes says everything...she will at least say I miss you... is what I was thinking...instead she slapped me!!!

What next??

Follow me next week...Final part of the story!!

Harika Bojanala:)
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