Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Chapter 6: The Reason

We hit the screen at right time and were just in, when advertisements were going on, There was Ram's add too. I was mesmerized to see Ram in such big screen, I can understand how Ram would have felt when he saw himself on the screen for the first time, it must have been pure bliss. We all shouted when the add was playing, kind of admiring Ram but Neha kept calm and remained silent until end of the movie. 

I really became angry with her behavior, we both excused ourselves and I asked her whats your problem Neha? why are you like this today? tell me, if there is something wrong I will sort things out. She looked at me and said "nothing". This irked me even more and if there is nothing wrong why can't you be normal and happy with those guys? I blurted, out of sheer anger and lack of control.

Then She cried and told me something, to which I could not control my laughter. She became more angry seeing me laughing. I controlled my laughter and asked her to say it again. She said she did not get good impression when she first saw him.

Me: When did you see him first?

Neha: I saw him in a movie, in which he acted as a villain. I hated him immediately.

Me: ohh! Did Ram act in movies?

Neha: Yeah, it was pretty small role, it so happened that I first saw him in the movie and latter, when you showed his pic in google, I really felt bad that it was same guy I saw. That's how I always warned you to be in control and all other things.

Me: I really felt like falling on the floor laughing for her foolishness, but she is my best friend in this whole world. Now , I got it, she is carrying her first impression about Ram with her and forcing herself to hate him. 

Come on babe, get out of that shit, Ram is really cool, can't you see that Neha?

I don't know Akanksha, I can sense myself that I am foolish, I tried max to come out of it, that's how I dressed up nicely and accepted to come along, but as soon as I see him, I get that hatred back.

Chill! then try this, just be normal with his friends first, don't talk to Ram much, just observe him, you will know how cool he is. 

Ummm ok let me try, but sorry for letting you down with my stupid behavior.

Hey, we are best friends right, we remain the same, I calmed her, we hugged each other and came out.

Was the discussion about this handsome Ram? Ram winked seeing both of us. 

I laughed at him and said yes, yes it was very much about you and your handsomeness;)

I know, you are kidding, now tell me, what it is? Ram insisted. 

I said it is small girl talk and asked him to stay out of it.

As you say, your majesty, he acted as if I was a judge.

I noticed Ram watching Neha from other side.

We ordered large pizzas and shared it in groups. 

Me, Neha, Ram and Akash all of us occupied one table.

As, I said Neha was speaking only with Akash and Akash was cracking jokes and making fun.

Akash is trying to enter in to filim dunia and become a big director.

When it was last peiece of Pizza we all fought like kids, finally Akash won it, he finished it in seconds in the fear that we will grab it from him. Having finished it successfully he said, last bite of pizza tastes heaven, we all gave him so so luck though we all felt the same.

We did shopping, Mr.Akash is wierdo who suggested me to take all impossible colors which I would have not even looked at. I told him, I have never seen a guy who bravely suggests such kind of things to a girl. I ignored most of his suggestions and went on with my own choices, in which he does not even like one, I teased him saying I am glad that you didn't like even one.

Mean while, Ram is trying to get Neha's attention, "he never likes when people are dull and in not so good mood, he will pay his maximum efforts to cheer them" explained wierdo to me. That was actually true.

Neha and Ram both pointed towards same top coincidentally,  Ram put his hands down and asked Neha to try that, there came first smile of her for Ram. Oh My God, we need to celebrate this I thought. Neha went to trial room and I asked for whom Ram was taking that, teasing him if he already has a girlfriend, he said no no I was about to show it to Neha, she too liked it at the same time. I said aaahhh,,,ohhh and wierdo laughed with us, Neha actually looked stunning in that top. Ram said you look gorgeous, She said Thanks.

While going back, it was more pleasant, we all kind of became friends, it was not as bad as we started. we bid good byes to everyone and Mr. Akash suddenly emerged from nowhere before my home and asked us for contact numbers. I looked at Ram suspiciously and he blinked as if it was to proceed and give him our numbers. Akash noted them with concentration and I noticed him saving our  numbers with different names. I wondered what they were, but was in no mood to ask him. He thanked us and went back.

Finally Akanksha found out the reason:)

What next?

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Chapter5: Hatred???

Neha! You can't believe what I Just saw today! you should have come along with me, Ram completely took me to a different world!It is so beautiful. I didn't pause for a second and explained each and every minute of my day to Neha. Finally she handed me a water bottle and asked me to relax. She gave a small smile and said I look very happy, I smiled back and said even at this minute my heart ponders around that colorful world and I surely loved it.

I told her how Ram asked us to join his group of friends, Neha rejected it instantly, she said she is never interested in such things. I convinced her saying how I changed my view towards it after spending time with right person. She said an yes after I pestered her so long that she should join us for a movie next time.

The next morning I was back to my work. Though I was working,  my thoughts turned around the creative field. I shut all the thoughts with much difficulty and concentrated on my work. When I was back in the evening, I was damn tired and my body longed for sleep. I skipped dinner and fell on the bed. I dropped in to sleep almost in a minute. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I felt very thirsty like even a drop of  water felt heaven. I tried resuming my sleep but Could not. I felt like writing, documenting everything that inspired me yesterday in the film city. Unknowingly I started drafting everything in my color NOTE app in the smart phone. When it was complete, it was almost 5 paragraphs. I never remember writing so much in my life after my studies.

I saved the note, named it and colored it blue. Blue, somehow always indicates highness to me(as in sky). After writing everything, I still felt little void. I started writing my version of fix everything add. I felt much better and some strange kind of happiness occupied me. I saved it as fix everything-edited and slept off.

Days went by very fast, I didn't hear form Ram after the shoot and I was busy with my work. It's Saturday today and surprisingly, I am dying to watch a movie. My knowledge on movies can almost be equal to 0 since I never watched many. I irritated Neha also that we go to a movie. I just checked if Ram was free, he said he has a schedule today and he can catch up tomorrow since it is Sunday. So we postponed our plans to tomorrow.

Meanwhile I googled a lot about movies and the people involving, their work and what not, I spent around 4 hours on internet and noted so many things. In the evening I watched lots of short films, movies programs in you tube. I now wonder, how I missed this entertainment for 24 long years.

In the night we ordered pizza and shared it among other room mates and had fun talking and we dozed off. The next morning Ram called me and said they got tickets for recent release movie for afternoon show. I was like yay!!Thank you so much Ram. By the way, Neha would love to join us get one for her too, he smiled and said he already have one. Ram is super cool in such things, he always loves to have people around.

Someone took extra time to dress up and turn around beautiful, it was not me this time;) it was Neha, I teased her for a while. We both look awesome, this guys will go crazy, we both said it loud together and laughed.

Ram and his gang are near our home and as soon as we emerged out they were like hey, oooh and all. We smiled at them, Ram asked us to get in and he introduced both of us to all his friends. Ram said she is Akanksha, the girl who never liked movies but love to watch them now! I believe, I am one of the reason for it;) I smiled at them and said an YES aloud. He continued introducing Neha,

He said she is Neha and she has to tell us other details, since I know her very less. I was scared Neha would get irritated, but she is always a matured girl and keeps her tone normal and never shows her feelings, She made it flat, this is Neha and work for s/w company and friend of Akanksha.Everyone said Hi and kept quite. I know everyone might have thought she has an attitude, I still did not understand why she does not like Ram.

Any ways the journey continued and we reached the cinimax.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Chapter4: New world

My phone started ringing when I was still in a deep sleep. Agh! who the hell is calling early in the morning! I cursed whomever it is and looked at the phone, it was an un know number, I picked it up and Hey, Good morning this is Ram, sorry to disturb you at the early hour, I was just excited if you can join me for today's shoot, he was talking continuously with out giving a 10 seconds pause. After a while, he paused to breath, I smiled and said I can sense your excitement Ram, but I am really sorry, I am struck up in office with lots of work, can I join you next time?

He did not speak for a while, I know he is disappointed, but I could not help, I really was held up with lots of work, its not like I love my work and all, but to earn I have to work...that is it, but I could not say all my version of thoughts to Ram. I just said I could not catch up for today. He said that's fine, I can understand your work pressure, anyways have a great day and he cut the call, before I could say anything else.

I felt guilty for disappointing him early in the morning and I know what to do, I will get severe fever and lots of cough today, I just texted my lead that I am not well and won't be available in office for today. I called Ram back and he picked it almost instantly. Ram, guess what? I will join you for today's shoot, how do I come and where should I come?

He smiled and asked me what about my work, I said you know, I am extremely not well today;)

Ram laughed and said that he would pick me at my place if I tell him address, I told him where I stay and he said cool, i will be there at sharp 7, and cut the call.

Oh my God, he will be here in another 2 hours. I rushed in to wash room, finished all stuff and put on best dress after all, we are meeting personally for the first time. It was 6.45 and I gave final touch to my make up and convinced myself that i look the best. I went near Neha and shouted loud in her ears sounding aaaaaaaaa woooooooo!

She was in deep sleep I guess, she just got up in horror opened her eyes and screamed at me "stupid! Don't you have sense! I was laughing at the way she saw me as if I was some alien and she landed completely in a new place. I gave weird expressions and made her little more anger. She then watched me properly and asked, for whom have you dressed up so well Akanksha, I said Ram called me and I am excited to  meet him. She wished me luck and slept back, She gave up in giving me lectures and instead left everything for destiny.

He came in his duke bike with goggles, he was looking awesome. He said Hi and asked me to sit back, I hesitated for a second and just did as he said. The shoot was happening in a film city and he was moving fast that way.somehow, I had never been to film city and films and that stuff never interested me. But may be because of Ram it was just special today.

Ram parked his vehicle at the parking space and asked me to follow him. We walked a little and I can see trees around and fresh air and nice scenery, suddenly he diverted my way and we entered inside what called as a room.  |Inside, there lay a beautiful house semi furnished, and there was someone trying to fix some thing. Ram asked me to sit there as his shoot will start in some time. He was back in another 10 minutes and smiled at me. Ram went to that guy who was fixing a wooden chair which got cracks in between and slightly broken. He was really working hard but failing in many attempts. Ram pats his back, that guy turns back and smiles seeing Ram and says Bayya this is not getting fixed, Ram gives his cutest smile and brings something out of his pocket and handles it to him. Using it that guy fixes the broken chair in just 2 minutes. Then he asks him what is it? Ram turns towards audience and says "Fix everything" works wonders! Just fix anything in 2 minutes and get it a life.
Cut!Cut! Director announces and everyone relaxes.

Good shot guys! We are done Ram! Excellent!The director shook hands with Ram and he as usual says thanks and he is walking towards me. Hey, did you like it?of course it is not some kind of big film, but I just wanted to show how we do stuff and for another 30 minutes he explained me the angles of camera. how people work days and nights for the sets, how make up man will get lots of work, how models like him get engaged in work, how finally a product gets promotion and sales go high and he even explained the marketing strategies various companies take up.

Before speaking to Ram, add according to me was just an ADD and nothing else., but now I got different perspective towards the concept of advertisement. It involves lots of people, workmanship, effort, talent, concept designs and what not! Now, I guess whenever I see an add, i will definitely see it different.

I held my mouth wide open when he was explaining me each and everything in detail, I just felt proud of people working in films and media onscreen and off screen, I just gave him a salute and said you guys are really great.

He smiled and thanked me. Later for almost another 1 hour he was busy with his work. In between he was just checking with me if i was comfortable. I nodded my head and asked him to be in peace and continue his work. Meanwhile I was busy looking this new world, it really felt like a NEW WORLD.

A human imagines whatever he wants and put in real through his efforts, wow! then they are also kind of creators! What surprised me most is, when i just came out to have a look at the scenery, there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING! and it was all empty, no trees, no fresh air, no big house! Just then Ram followed me and asked me what is it I was looking at, I said there was beautiful scenery here, He smiled and said it was just a "SET". I was overwhelmed when people actually made it look so real.

We roamed all around till evening and he asked me we will go back? I said a direct no. He rubbed my hair as if I was a kid. We stayed there some more time and finally when Ram promised me that he would be getting me to his shoots frequently, I accepted to leave.

On the way back, I saw a new "set" being constructed in the same place where I witnessed a beautiful house and trees. May be that is how it works here. We were there at my hostel. I thanked Ram for taking me to beautiful place. He said pleasure is all for him and bid me good bye.

I just could not come out of the place, I was still wondering how much involvement, dedication and passion it requires to be in creative field. I took my phone out and messaged Ram

Akanksha: Ram! I can't thank you enough for taking me to your shoot today! If I had gone with any other normal person to the film city. I bet it would have bored me in just 15 minutes! It's because of you, I gained lots of knowledge and I really started loving this field, I will watch more adds. more films and involve as much as I can in this colorful world.

Once again a big THANK YOU! all I can do is give you a treat for this;)

Ram: Hey, I am happy that you liked it! Good to hear that you will start watching movies! I have good friends group, we hangout more and keep watching lots of movies inspite of language. You are most welcome to my group and you can add Neha too:)

And for treat I am ever ready;)

Feed me good food I will be there for you forever;);)

Akanksha: That's so sweet of you, could not wait telling Neha everything.

Ram: Good! Have fun! Good night

Akanksha: Good night:)

Wow! Finally they both met each other and had good time. What's next?

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