Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Chapter5: Hatred???

Neha! You can't believe what I Just saw today! you should have come along with me, Ram completely took me to a different world!It is so beautiful. I didn't pause for a second and explained each and every minute of my day to Neha. Finally she handed me a water bottle and asked me to relax. She gave a small smile and said I look very happy, I smiled back and said even at this minute my heart ponders around that colorful world and I surely loved it.

I told her how Ram asked us to join his group of friends, Neha rejected it instantly, she said she is never interested in such things. I convinced her saying how I changed my view towards it after spending time with right person. She said an yes after I pestered her so long that she should join us for a movie next time.

The next morning I was back to my work. Though I was working,  my thoughts turned around the creative field. I shut all the thoughts with much difficulty and concentrated on my work. When I was back in the evening, I was damn tired and my body longed for sleep. I skipped dinner and fell on the bed. I dropped in to sleep almost in a minute. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I felt very thirsty like even a drop of  water felt heaven. I tried resuming my sleep but Could not. I felt like writing, documenting everything that inspired me yesterday in the film city. Unknowingly I started drafting everything in my color NOTE app in the smart phone. When it was complete, it was almost 5 paragraphs. I never remember writing so much in my life after my studies.

I saved the note, named it and colored it blue. Blue, somehow always indicates highness to me(as in sky). After writing everything, I still felt little void. I started writing my version of fix everything add. I felt much better and some strange kind of happiness occupied me. I saved it as fix everything-edited and slept off.

Days went by very fast, I didn't hear form Ram after the shoot and I was busy with my work. It's Saturday today and surprisingly, I am dying to watch a movie. My knowledge on movies can almost be equal to 0 since I never watched many. I irritated Neha also that we go to a movie. I just checked if Ram was free, he said he has a schedule today and he can catch up tomorrow since it is Sunday. So we postponed our plans to tomorrow.

Meanwhile I googled a lot about movies and the people involving, their work and what not, I spent around 4 hours on internet and noted so many things. In the evening I watched lots of short films, movies programs in you tube. I now wonder, how I missed this entertainment for 24 long years.

In the night we ordered pizza and shared it among other room mates and had fun talking and we dozed off. The next morning Ram called me and said they got tickets for recent release movie for afternoon show. I was like yay!!Thank you so much Ram. By the way, Neha would love to join us get one for her too, he smiled and said he already have one. Ram is super cool in such things, he always loves to have people around.

Someone took extra time to dress up and turn around beautiful, it was not me this time;) it was Neha, I teased her for a while. We both look awesome, this guys will go crazy, we both said it loud together and laughed.

Ram and his gang are near our home and as soon as we emerged out they were like hey, oooh and all. We smiled at them, Ram asked us to get in and he introduced both of us to all his friends. Ram said she is Akanksha, the girl who never liked movies but love to watch them now! I believe, I am one of the reason for it;) I smiled at them and said an YES aloud. He continued introducing Neha,

He said she is Neha and she has to tell us other details, since I know her very less. I was scared Neha would get irritated, but she is always a matured girl and keeps her tone normal and never shows her feelings, She made it flat, this is Neha and work for s/w company and friend of Akanksha.Everyone said Hi and kept quite. I know everyone might have thought she has an attitude, I still did not understand why she does not like Ram.

Any ways the journey continued and we reached the cinimax.

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