Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Chapter 6: The Reason

We hit the screen at right time and were just in, when advertisements were going on, There was Ram's add too. I was mesmerized to see Ram in such big screen, I can understand how Ram would have felt when he saw himself on the screen for the first time, it must have been pure bliss. We all shouted when the add was playing, kind of admiring Ram but Neha kept calm and remained silent until end of the movie. 

I really became angry with her behavior, we both excused ourselves and I asked her whats your problem Neha? why are you like this today? tell me, if there is something wrong I will sort things out. She looked at me and said "nothing". This irked me even more and if there is nothing wrong why can't you be normal and happy with those guys? I blurted, out of sheer anger and lack of control.

Then She cried and told me something, to which I could not control my laughter. She became more angry seeing me laughing. I controlled my laughter and asked her to say it again. She said she did not get good impression when she first saw him.

Me: When did you see him first?

Neha: I saw him in a movie, in which he acted as a villain. I hated him immediately.

Me: ohh! Did Ram act in movies?

Neha: Yeah, it was pretty small role, it so happened that I first saw him in the movie and latter, when you showed his pic in google, I really felt bad that it was same guy I saw. That's how I always warned you to be in control and all other things.

Me: I really felt like falling on the floor laughing for her foolishness, but she is my best friend in this whole world. Now , I got it, she is carrying her first impression about Ram with her and forcing herself to hate him. 

Come on babe, get out of that shit, Ram is really cool, can't you see that Neha?

I don't know Akanksha, I can sense myself that I am foolish, I tried max to come out of it, that's how I dressed up nicely and accepted to come along, but as soon as I see him, I get that hatred back.

Chill! then try this, just be normal with his friends first, don't talk to Ram much, just observe him, you will know how cool he is. 

Ummm ok let me try, but sorry for letting you down with my stupid behavior.

Hey, we are best friends right, we remain the same, I calmed her, we hugged each other and came out.

Was the discussion about this handsome Ram? Ram winked seeing both of us. 

I laughed at him and said yes, yes it was very much about you and your handsomeness;)

I know, you are kidding, now tell me, what it is? Ram insisted. 

I said it is small girl talk and asked him to stay out of it.

As you say, your majesty, he acted as if I was a judge.

I noticed Ram watching Neha from other side.

We ordered large pizzas and shared it in groups. 

Me, Neha, Ram and Akash all of us occupied one table.

As, I said Neha was speaking only with Akash and Akash was cracking jokes and making fun.

Akash is trying to enter in to filim dunia and become a big director.

When it was last peiece of Pizza we all fought like kids, finally Akash won it, he finished it in seconds in the fear that we will grab it from him. Having finished it successfully he said, last bite of pizza tastes heaven, we all gave him so so luck though we all felt the same.

We did shopping, Mr.Akash is wierdo who suggested me to take all impossible colors which I would have not even looked at. I told him, I have never seen a guy who bravely suggests such kind of things to a girl. I ignored most of his suggestions and went on with my own choices, in which he does not even like one, I teased him saying I am glad that you didn't like even one.

Mean while, Ram is trying to get Neha's attention, "he never likes when people are dull and in not so good mood, he will pay his maximum efforts to cheer them" explained wierdo to me. That was actually true.

Neha and Ram both pointed towards same top coincidentally,  Ram put his hands down and asked Neha to try that, there came first smile of her for Ram. Oh My God, we need to celebrate this I thought. Neha went to trial room and I asked for whom Ram was taking that, teasing him if he already has a girlfriend, he said no no I was about to show it to Neha, she too liked it at the same time. I said aaahhh,,,ohhh and wierdo laughed with us, Neha actually looked stunning in that top. Ram said you look gorgeous, She said Thanks.

While going back, it was more pleasant, we all kind of became friends, it was not as bad as we started. we bid good byes to everyone and Mr. Akash suddenly emerged from nowhere before my home and asked us for contact numbers. I looked at Ram suspiciously and he blinked as if it was to proceed and give him our numbers. Akash noted them with concentration and I noticed him saving our  numbers with different names. I wondered what they were, but was in no mood to ask him. He thanked us and went back.

Finally Akanksha found out the reason:)

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