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Chapter7: And, the journey continued:))

Everyone just lied down in the hall not saying a word, I made them rest in proper position, spread blankets. I opened my mobile to wish Pramod Good night. Just then I got a call from him. I was so happy when his name flashed on mobile.

God!!we are made for each what I thought when I saw his smiling pic flash on my mobile. I received the call, Hey someone is missing me soo much I guess, I was pulling his leg,

Pramod: Yeah, so much that I could not hold on a second with out seeing you. I am right before your home. Just come out now!!

Me: Pramod, you kidding right?

Pramod: No Sweety, am serious.

Me: I will be out in a minute(blush)

Even at the last minute I took an effort to look beautiful, I did not wanted to disappointment him. I glanced myself in mirror,made my hair perfect and left in a hurry.

He was there, waiting for me in the cold, shivering. I was moved by his actions, I felt happy and sad at the same time. Some times actions speak more than words. So, I just hugged him and we did not know how long we spent in each other arms.

Sanjana, I love you, he whispered in my ears. I love you too sweet heart,I replied back , our words were flowing in equal emotions.

It was the first time, I saw the night part of my life being awake for so long, still sounding good and filling heart with happiness.

Added to that, there was another surprise,for each of us, from both of us:)

Pramod closed my eyes from behind and led me little forward and he handled me something..I could make out that it was a key. I could not with stand my excitement, Pramod, what is it, I am it a bike? I was surprised at my voice...I was literally shouting.

He took his hand out of my sight and made me open my eyes slowly. Oh!my God it was a maroon awesome swift with a ribbon showing a brand new look.

For a moment, I was in cloud9 ,it was Pramod's first car and he shared the best moment of his life with me, just the thought of it gets me goosebumps

yeah!our celebrations did not end there, we went for the ride at 3 A.M (call it a day or extended night;))  The feeling of owning a first car, always remains as a sweet memory to everyone. I was glad that I made Pramod's time more special.

We crossed the same roads for years, when it was busy, when everything was open, when people walked on it, traveled on it, with various causes, various tasks and works. But for the first time Pramod made me witness darker part of the night, yet, beautifully. We just raced on the streets with high felt like a rocket:)

I had bought a secret gift to Pramod in Coorg and planned to gift him at special moment of our life. The time, he called me that he was waiting outside my home, I could not resist gifting him and  picked the 'gift' . So I opened the box of home made chocolates and bottle of 'wine', I got to know that Pramod loves wine. The one which I had bought was old which tastes heaven, as per what I heard from the seller. I handled both of them to him. He was so happy to see that he opened it immediately and thanked me for wonderful gift at perfect minute.

We sat on the top of the car, tasted the wine and yeah! it really did taste awesome.
Spending amazing time, we were back to home at 5 A.M.

If I was awake whole night with any other reason, my eyes would have become small, I used to look  dull but that day, the next morning I was so enthusiastic in the office that every one asked me what was the reason. I just smiled and said nothing to anyone except Neha.

I was so happy and shared it to my gang in whats app about Pramod's new car and every one congratulated him.

 Pramod was back to office and we met for lunch. He told me Sanchit and Sameer called him and congratulated him and they all had conference call for a while. I was happy and surprised at the same time. My friends are the best, I registered it again in my head.

We parted after lunch physically to our respective projects, but emotionally we were attached. We did chat in what'sapp later and forced ourselves and made rule that we should concentrate on work during office hours.

It was quite tough, not to talk to each other for 8 hours, but we sticked to it.

What did this rule do to Pramod and Sanjana???

Check it week.

I am sorry guys, I could not post the story for last 2 weeks due to some personal important works.

Harika Bojanala:)
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Chapter6: Never ending Journey!!!

Oh my God!!I jumped around and danced with happiness...words were just not enough to express my feelings at that moment.I was still wishing and hoping that was all real. If so many things are dancing around your head, usually you can not sleep, same thing happened with me.

Finally I decided to celebrate this moment with Pramod next day morning in a big way and forced myself to sleep. Whoa!he did not leave me in dreams too.

Next lips got widened and it turned out to be a beautiful smile. Yeah and the reason for that was Pramod's message, which, he has sent me around 3A.M. That made clear, even he was awake late night and could not sleep and the message  was

Good Morning Angel...I wish, a day soon comes where I can wish you every morning for real, and wake you up with a warm kiss on forehead:)

Those words made my day. I was too happy to hide anything from my best buddies. So I wanted to tell them, like everything, the ride and how he proposed me and how we both are in love.

I dragged every one of them to hall but before I could speak anything, they all shouted at a time...├ŁOU ARE IN LOVE...I was surprised...I gave a puzzled look at Neha...she smiled at me. I was expecting a reply from them. Then Neha started clearing it...Darling! your words were endless yesterday night, you kept on speaking and you described almost everything to me.

But I was clueless...I slept at 2.30 A.M and I remember Neha was not beside me at that time....they were busy partying...then came the answer..I spoke everything in sleep....I have this habit of speaking in sleep, but most of the times , my voice wont be clear and people can't understand whole of the thing. Yesterday I was so clear in explaining, that for a while even she got confused, if I was awake or talking in sleep.

However it is! what ever I wanted to say was already conveyed...they all hugged me and dragged Pramod from his room..they made us stand together and clicked pics. They all wished us Good luck and later celebrated the moment with a cake in the evening. Sameer took turn of big brother of me and warned Pramod to take good care of me;)...Pramod like a kid replied 'yes,bro I will take care of her,like a princess'.

It is always good to see your friends standing for you at any situation and it made me feel how lucky I was to have all of them. After teasing us for a while, they left us.

It was around evening 5 P.M, we reached "Irpu water Falls". The way to falls gets closed by 4.30 and we got to know only after reaching there. These guys went and requested the guards over there to let us in,promising we will be back before it gets dark. But they did not accept. We were really disappointed. Nisha...initiated this, girls...who can say 'NO', if pretty girls like us ask anything, come lets target this and clear the gate.

We all winked at the guys and asked them to see what happens. We just made innocent faces and requested the guards over there to allow us...they smiled at us and allowed all of us, just like that...
Pramod, Sanchit and Sameer were standing there with their mouths wide open and we signalled them to follow us:)

It took 15 minutes to reach the falls, before which there were steps(kind of trecking) and a delicate bridge which can carry few people at a time extended for a short distance, which was built with extreme care, few temples in middle.

We clicked lots of picks in between, on the bridge, near temples, on the steps and jumping, running and what not, everything!Finally the felt so good to see God's wonderful creations after a little gap in our trips.

It was a small falls,but we have been there in perfect time...since the flow was less...we were allowed near and we could actually stand under the fall and feel the divine flow of pure water running from a hill top. It was an awesome experience altogether and most of it, Pramod was around.

After long day every one of us were exhausted! I was resting my head on Pramod's shoulder and all of us were tired enough and were dozed off. Only Sanchit was awake and was driving. We reached farm house, rested for a while. and later every one were busy finding things to go out and no one were interested in calling me. In 15 minutes every one left bidding bye to me and Pramod.They wished us to have nice time and left.

So Mr. Pramod, our friends want us to be alone...I winked at him

Yeah! actually true friends...he added to my words.

What now, I asked him expecting something interesting from him.

He made a blank face, so he was also not aware of this welcomed loneliness and we both were glad that we had time for ourselves. We moved little closer and sat on the sofa and held hand in hand. Before he could say anything...I wanted to tell him everything I had planned yesterday night being awake till 2.30 A.M and the feelings I have suppressed from long time.

Initially when  I first met you, I was angry, angry like hell on you...

The same day, when you said Sorry, I was happy...I least expected a sorry from were rude...

The very next day, when I got to know that most of our tastes matches I felt magical, and your tatoo that made me go's an amazing one

Day by day....I was attracted to you, I was trying to impress you....I wanted your attention.

I was happy when you started pinging me on whatsapp.

I was moved by your feeling for a best friend and the fact that you are waiting for her to come back to your life, built up trust on you.

I was little hesitant when you said about Nithya , but am saying it with whole heart, you can call me by any name if it give you happiness:)

Most of all I love you...a lot

I was feeling shy and was looking down...Pramod held my chin up and started speaking... I am just lucky to have you Sanjana...I was puzzled.

Yeah you may be surprised, the day I proposed you, I realized that I was madly in love with you and I cant call you by best friends name...though you relate me of her, this feeling I never had it with her. you are unique,my only love for entire life and looked in to my eyes.

That kiss was so special...I initiated it in my complete sense. Soon we wanted to speak...speak and end the day with only words...that loneliness, to say, truly was gifted by my friends and those moments helped us to grow stronger and we were bonded emotionally.

In an hour or so our gang was back and they were throwing "Hope you had good time kind of looks at us''. We both felt shy and moved little apart.

We were all set to leave that night from Coorg, though we did not roam much that memories lasted for a life time to me and Pramod. After dinner we got in to the car, me and Pramod were sitting together and everyone dozed off after 2 hours of journey and talking.

We were running out of time and our words were endless. To our disappointment we reached Pramod's house in another 2 hours and I never thought leaving a person, just for a night and when you know that you can meet him again, the very next morning will cause so much pain. I was just feeling sad that he has to get down and go home. While he was getting down  I held his hand tight not allowing to go, Pramod too was faking that he was trying to leave but he was holding my hand even more tight.

Just then I thought it would be awkward if Sanchit catches this, So I let him leave. Sanchit too, got down to bid him Goodbye since he will be travelling to Mumbai in few hours and he cant meet him until our next trip.They both hugged each other and Sanchit said something to him in a low voice and Pramod was smiling for that. I could not hear what it was.

Later Sanchit told me I can be with him for a while since he was tired of driving. I was more than happy....I escorted Pramod to his home and assured him that he was in safe hands;)

Sanchit asked me to get in....I got inside but sat beside Sanchit and was looking in the mirror to get view of Pramod until he gets in... Just then, I was just thinking of the whole day and was smiling...just then Pramod too turned around and was staring at the front part of the vehicle, to see me....we saw each other and smiled at same time...that was the best smile I had ever experienced.
That was so sweet, so expectant but accidental!!!

After a long day travelling...what did Pramod and Sanjana do after reaching their homes...Love is so beautiful.

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Harika Bojanala:)

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Chapter5 :Roller Coaster ride

We were just walking, talking to each other...after getting tired, we realized that we walked far from farm house...We rested on a bench there.

Pramod handled me bottle of water, I grabbed it and started drinking it with out a pause,
"Oh!!easy,easy Nithya drink slowly" he was teasing me.

Then it again occurred to me, why he is calling me know, you really feel strange when your identity is completely changed just because of a stranger and just with days friendship!!

This time I was little serious and decided to get things clarified...I started speaking, Pramod I really want to know the reason, now be clear and tell me the truth.

Umm,okay...I know, this may seem out of blue to you, when I say that, you resemble exactly to my best friend Nithya... I mean not the look, it is the way you speak, the way you get angry at small things and the way you cool down fast and start making friends, though its opposite people's fault just like in my case...Me and Nithya became best friends like this with a small fight..just like us!!

I was extremely serious person and was never leading a normal life like all the people of our age...If I had continued the way I used to live...we can call it just sustain instead of live...I would have missed so many precious moments in my life...that was the point, when I met Nithya...with a small fight because of my rudeness...and you know I didn't even apologize her for my rudeness...but God has planned a right person at right time in my life and that was life can be treated like, before and after Nithya

Slowly day by day, I started hanging out with her, we used to go to movies, we used to play games, dance, party, pubs and what not, we tried almost every different thing that attracted us...But we were always best friends and never felt the feeling of love between us.

One day I had booked tickets for newly released movie and tried reaching her through said not reachable...I thought she might be somewhere signal was weak. But soon I realized that it was not signal problem or something...then I checked in her hostel and her roommates said she checked out, and left that day morning in hurry.

From the very next day, her phone was switched off...there is not even a single minute, I forgot her and not spent searching for her...she never came back...she just disappeared from my life...and suddenly I got an email from her saying 'I am safe in U.S, if you really consider me as your best friend, don't try to contact me by any means..I will get back to you in few years'....I really wonder whether she has sent the mail or some one used her account and sent it...or if at all, she had really sent it...why is she saying this to me...everything is a mess here..I can only pray to God, wishing that she would get back to me.

I was way too shocked to respond to it....I just took his hands in to mine and consoled him...Pramod looked at me and said...I could not explain all this to you over phone, so that day I just said I felt your name might be Nithya! I am sorry if it disturbs you...I will call you Sanjana.

"Just a name will not change your identity Sanjana, you can allow him to call you Nithya" I said to myself...and aloud unknowingly...Pramod hugged me and thanked me for letting him to call me as he wishes.

I was still in a confusion, but, if this gives happiness to someone so much that, he can relate his best friend in me, I was okay with it...I felt so strange, how I changed my decision just in 5 minutes.

It was already late, Sanchit and  Neha came searching for us...we were also on the way and we all met at a point. Hey Sanju, weather is so good here know, Sanchit asked me...I said a plain yes..I was still worrying about Pramod and Nithya.

They got to know that I was not in good mood. They tried to get me back to normal best buddies, they don't irritate me with questions when I am not in good mood...they will understand.We all reached farm house and Sameer was still sleeping as requires high voltage of energy for him to wake up early in the morning. This morning 's voltage, was trip to Coorg....but it suddenly drops off, like power cut, as soon as his mission is accomplished. So as soon as we reached Coorg...he was the first person to doze...we all have this fun in waking him up

We initially try numerous methods to wake him up...when everything fails, we will finally throw bucket of water on him:)

This time, he was fortunate enough to wake up with loud music and Sanchit hitting him for fun.
Soon he was up, and he started hurrying us to get ready, this is Sameer...who never changes

Guys!!listen, there is an exhibition near by...we have to rush now, Nisha was screaming with all excitement spread over her. We joined in enthusiasm with her. Myself, Neha and Nisha took complete 1 hour to look ravishing.

I was just trying to impress Pramod, I guess...he had once told me black was his favorite color. I dressed up myself in a black Capri and awesome combo of gray and white shirt..matching to it, was a silver color earrings and dim shaded chain but a silver pendent highlighting it. I had left my hair open, eyes lined with kajal and mascara, lips colored with semi pink lip gloss  added perfectness to my attire.

You know, a girl will never be satisfied unless she gets compliment from the one she is expecting, same thing happened to me. I was just waiting for Pramod to see me and give his natural smile and compliment me. But he was busy speaking to Sanchit and Sameer. These guys became friends so fast.

We did not wanted to take vehicle since the place was near by...rather we all ran for a distance holding hands together.Believe me running with your best friends holding hands all together will be a best memory in one's life and it holds a special place in your heart(You can also try that;)). After reaching the place, we just, remembered our childhood.

I was so excited that, I did not know I was sharing my childhood memories with and my brother used to fight like hell, for every goddamn thing, but when we wanted something we used to be best friends...we reach our dad silently and I used to make innocent face like I didn't know anything, but my brother used to pull me to put our wish forward. Dad always used to laugh at us and our innocence and took us out and bought what ever we asked for. Mom besides, used to scold my dad for buying us everything we asked for, with out thinking. Finally she too joins us in our 'child' excitement to explore the newly bought toys. What a wonderful time it was. Pramod patted my back and was listening to me interestingly. Hey sorry, I could not with stand my excitement after seeing this place..childhood was the best time I ever had in my life...sorry if it bored you.
No, No...I was happy to listen from you, the bonding you have with your family is simply amazing...Dont you miss them now? Pramod asked me.

Yeah,I miss them, like very badly...I rarely get a chance to visit home and the journey of 14 hours  to reach my home makes me exhausted. He just held my hand and calmed me down.I was so happy, that he was actually paying attention to my words.

 Exhibition...One thing that fascinates and attracts everyone is rides...but I am damn scary with the rides and also have a fantasy with it..I always dreamt of getting in to the roller coaster holding my guy's hand tight and rest my head on his shoulder...I had made a promise that I would never get in to a roller coaster until I meet the so called guy in my head.

All my friends know this,I mean not exactly the story behind it but I am scared of the rides and would never step in...that was the little secret I had kept to myself:)

Every one were busy stepping in..that's when Pramod signaled me to join him, Hey,she is sacred of this rides man...Sanchit replied to Pramod. Pramod was disappointed like hell...I could see it in his eyes...he did not utter a word later...he joined my friends calmly, they had a good ride and came back.
Later we roamed all over and were back to farm house by 7 in the night.

Pramod still didn't speak a word to me..he was not angry, but he was sad...I thought I should not have disappointed him so much. Later , when no one were around, he reached me and asked me 'will you come for a ride?...I promise, you will not be scared, it will be a best memory.

No one approached me like Pramod....I was moved by his words...I said an 'yes' little scary and little excited. Me and Pramod had to give 1000 reasons to our gang, to escape from them, especially,we together and with no one else.

Not bad, Mr.Pramod you are smart enough to lie...I was pulling his leg,he just lied that, he have a very bad stomach pain and want to be treated immediately and wanted my help, though my friends didnot believe any of it and they were pulling our legs too.

Soon we were at the same place which we visited morning, but this time, Pramod was speaking much and I was just listening to his every word.

It just happened like how I planned in my head around 10 years back...he held my hand and we both sat in seat, good enough,  only for two of us. I was all scared with my eyes shut, when it was about to start...Pramod whispered in my ears "you look amazing, thanks for wearing are just adorable and just open your it is for you...and he handed over a beautiful iPod to me and it is not has huge collection of music and most of them are my favorites which I heard in an infinite loop in my eyes were moist but with happiness...I just hugged him and said Thank you...yeah the ride started...but I was in safe hands so I was no more scary, I just held his hands tight and we were making ooooo waaaa sounds:)

Later we had roadside food which felt very tasty. We reached farm at around 10 P.M. Everything was set over there and it was a bonfire...they were all in hype...everyone were dancing, drinking and laughing...we too joined them...but my eyes were searching him and he was already staring at me!

We missed each other inspite of being never happened to me before...earlier I used to be first one to initiate this.Now, I just wanted to be with him, speaking to him and wondering, what magic does his eyes and smile to me.

We just slipped away from them...we were all alone inside...Pramod reached me and asked me If I liked the gift? I said, I loved it and thanked him again for such a wonderful time. He wished me Good night and we both got in to our respective rooms.

I just could not let that night pass...When I was about to message was he...

Pramod: This is the best day in my life!

Me: Rather it should be a best night...I had disappointed you badly morning..

Pramod: If you had accepted it in the first place, may be, this night would have been different.

Me(not knowing what to say) : True

Me: you deserve a treat:)

Pramod: Anytime...I would be more than happy

Me: Awe!!That's cute:)

Pramod: Am always cute;)

Me: Yeah! I can see it;)

Pramod: :)

Me: Good Night:)

Pramod: So soon??

Me: Actually no, I don't want this night to end:)

I don't get a reply from him for next 10 minutes...I was scared...did I speak too much? God! what to do now...when I was about to message him again he is there knocking my door asking for permission to get in....I opened the door wide and let him in.

He just sat beside me and I don't know who initiated it, it was our first 'kiss' and it lasted for 60 seconds. we parted apart and I was in a was he who started to move out...before he left he turned around and kissed on my forehead and whispered 'I LOVE YOU'

I was still in cloud9. I was wondering whatever happened today was true? I think no one, would kiss first and express their LOVE. Though, I still have to tell him how much I loved him.

How did Sanjana express her feelings?

Follow me, next week:)

Harika Bojanala

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