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Chapter6: Never ending Journey!!!

Oh my God!!I jumped around and danced with happiness...words were just not enough to express my feelings at that moment.I was still wishing and hoping that was all real. If so many things are dancing around your head, usually you can not sleep, same thing happened with me.

Finally I decided to celebrate this moment with Pramod next day morning in a big way and forced myself to sleep. Whoa!he did not leave me in dreams too.

Next lips got widened and it turned out to be a beautiful smile. Yeah and the reason for that was Pramod's message, which, he has sent me around 3A.M. That made clear, even he was awake late night and could not sleep and the message  was

Good Morning Angel...I wish, a day soon comes where I can wish you every morning for real, and wake you up with a warm kiss on forehead:)

Those words made my day. I was too happy to hide anything from my best buddies. So I wanted to tell them, like everything, the ride and how he proposed me and how we both are in love.

I dragged every one of them to hall but before I could speak anything, they all shouted at a time...├ŁOU ARE IN LOVE...I was surprised...I gave a puzzled look at Neha...she smiled at me. I was expecting a reply from them. Then Neha started clearing it...Darling! your words were endless yesterday night, you kept on speaking and you described almost everything to me.

But I was clueless...I slept at 2.30 A.M and I remember Neha was not beside me at that time....they were busy partying...then came the answer..I spoke everything in sleep....I have this habit of speaking in sleep, but most of the times , my voice wont be clear and people can't understand whole of the thing. Yesterday I was so clear in explaining, that for a while even she got confused, if I was awake or talking in sleep.

However it is! what ever I wanted to say was already conveyed...they all hugged me and dragged Pramod from his room..they made us stand together and clicked pics. They all wished us Good luck and later celebrated the moment with a cake in the evening. Sameer took turn of big brother of me and warned Pramod to take good care of me;)...Pramod like a kid replied 'yes,bro I will take care of her,like a princess'.

It is always good to see your friends standing for you at any situation and it made me feel how lucky I was to have all of them. After teasing us for a while, they left us.

It was around evening 5 P.M, we reached "Irpu water Falls". The way to falls gets closed by 4.30 and we got to know only after reaching there. These guys went and requested the guards over there to let us in,promising we will be back before it gets dark. But they did not accept. We were really disappointed. Nisha...initiated this, girls...who can say 'NO', if pretty girls like us ask anything, come lets target this and clear the gate.

We all winked at the guys and asked them to see what happens. We just made innocent faces and requested the guards over there to allow us...they smiled at us and allowed all of us, just like that...
Pramod, Sanchit and Sameer were standing there with their mouths wide open and we signalled them to follow us:)

It took 15 minutes to reach the falls, before which there were steps(kind of trecking) and a delicate bridge which can carry few people at a time extended for a short distance, which was built with extreme care, few temples in middle.

We clicked lots of picks in between, on the bridge, near temples, on the steps and jumping, running and what not, everything!Finally the felt so good to see God's wonderful creations after a little gap in our trips.

It was a small falls,but we have been there in perfect time...since the flow was less...we were allowed near and we could actually stand under the fall and feel the divine flow of pure water running from a hill top. It was an awesome experience altogether and most of it, Pramod was around.

After long day every one of us were exhausted! I was resting my head on Pramod's shoulder and all of us were tired enough and were dozed off. Only Sanchit was awake and was driving. We reached farm house, rested for a while. and later every one were busy finding things to go out and no one were interested in calling me. In 15 minutes every one left bidding bye to me and Pramod.They wished us to have nice time and left.

So Mr. Pramod, our friends want us to be alone...I winked at him

Yeah! actually true friends...he added to my words.

What now, I asked him expecting something interesting from him.

He made a blank face, so he was also not aware of this welcomed loneliness and we both were glad that we had time for ourselves. We moved little closer and sat on the sofa and held hand in hand. Before he could say anything...I wanted to tell him everything I had planned yesterday night being awake till 2.30 A.M and the feelings I have suppressed from long time.

Initially when  I first met you, I was angry, angry like hell on you...

The same day, when you said Sorry, I was happy...I least expected a sorry from were rude...

The very next day, when I got to know that most of our tastes matches I felt magical, and your tatoo that made me go's an amazing one

Day by day....I was attracted to you, I was trying to impress you....I wanted your attention.

I was happy when you started pinging me on whatsapp.

I was moved by your feeling for a best friend and the fact that you are waiting for her to come back to your life, built up trust on you.

I was little hesitant when you said about Nithya , but am saying it with whole heart, you can call me by any name if it give you happiness:)

Most of all I love you...a lot

I was feeling shy and was looking down...Pramod held my chin up and started speaking... I am just lucky to have you Sanjana...I was puzzled.

Yeah you may be surprised, the day I proposed you, I realized that I was madly in love with you and I cant call you by best friends name...though you relate me of her, this feeling I never had it with her. you are unique,my only love for entire life and looked in to my eyes.

That kiss was so special...I initiated it in my complete sense. Soon we wanted to speak...speak and end the day with only words...that loneliness, to say, truly was gifted by my friends and those moments helped us to grow stronger and we were bonded emotionally.

In an hour or so our gang was back and they were throwing "Hope you had good time kind of looks at us''. We both felt shy and moved little apart.

We were all set to leave that night from Coorg, though we did not roam much that memories lasted for a life time to me and Pramod. After dinner we got in to the car, me and Pramod were sitting together and everyone dozed off after 2 hours of journey and talking.

We were running out of time and our words were endless. To our disappointment we reached Pramod's house in another 2 hours and I never thought leaving a person, just for a night and when you know that you can meet him again, the very next morning will cause so much pain. I was just feeling sad that he has to get down and go home. While he was getting down  I held his hand tight not allowing to go, Pramod too was faking that he was trying to leave but he was holding my hand even more tight.

Just then I thought it would be awkward if Sanchit catches this, So I let him leave. Sanchit too, got down to bid him Goodbye since he will be travelling to Mumbai in few hours and he cant meet him until our next trip.They both hugged each other and Sanchit said something to him in a low voice and Pramod was smiling for that. I could not hear what it was.

Later Sanchit told me I can be with him for a while since he was tired of driving. I was more than happy....I escorted Pramod to his home and assured him that he was in safe hands;)

Sanchit asked me to get in....I got inside but sat beside Sanchit and was looking in the mirror to get view of Pramod until he gets in... Just then, I was just thinking of the whole day and was smiling...just then Pramod too turned around and was staring at the front part of the vehicle, to see me....we saw each other and smiled at same time...that was the best smile I had ever experienced.
That was so sweet, so expectant but accidental!!!

After a long day travelling...what did Pramod and Sanjana do after reaching their homes...Love is so beautiful.

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