Friday, 25 July 2014

Chapter7: And, the journey continued:))

Everyone just lied down in the hall not saying a word, I made them rest in proper position, spread blankets. I opened my mobile to wish Pramod Good night. Just then I got a call from him. I was so happy when his name flashed on mobile.

God!!we are made for each what I thought when I saw his smiling pic flash on my mobile. I received the call, Hey someone is missing me soo much I guess, I was pulling his leg,

Pramod: Yeah, so much that I could not hold on a second with out seeing you. I am right before your home. Just come out now!!

Me: Pramod, you kidding right?

Pramod: No Sweety, am serious.

Me: I will be out in a minute(blush)

Even at the last minute I took an effort to look beautiful, I did not wanted to disappointment him. I glanced myself in mirror,made my hair perfect and left in a hurry.

He was there, waiting for me in the cold, shivering. I was moved by his actions, I felt happy and sad at the same time. Some times actions speak more than words. So, I just hugged him and we did not know how long we spent in each other arms.

Sanjana, I love you, he whispered in my ears. I love you too sweet heart,I replied back , our words were flowing in equal emotions.

It was the first time, I saw the night part of my life being awake for so long, still sounding good and filling heart with happiness.

Added to that, there was another surprise,for each of us, from both of us:)

Pramod closed my eyes from behind and led me little forward and he handled me something..I could make out that it was a key. I could not with stand my excitement, Pramod, what is it, I am it a bike? I was surprised at my voice...I was literally shouting.

He took his hand out of my sight and made me open my eyes slowly. Oh!my God it was a maroon awesome swift with a ribbon showing a brand new look.

For a moment, I was in cloud9 ,it was Pramod's first car and he shared the best moment of his life with me, just the thought of it gets me goosebumps

yeah!our celebrations did not end there, we went for the ride at 3 A.M (call it a day or extended night;))  The feeling of owning a first car, always remains as a sweet memory to everyone. I was glad that I made Pramod's time more special.

We crossed the same roads for years, when it was busy, when everything was open, when people walked on it, traveled on it, with various causes, various tasks and works. But for the first time Pramod made me witness darker part of the night, yet, beautifully. We just raced on the streets with high felt like a rocket:)

I had bought a secret gift to Pramod in Coorg and planned to gift him at special moment of our life. The time, he called me that he was waiting outside my home, I could not resist gifting him and  picked the 'gift' . So I opened the box of home made chocolates and bottle of 'wine', I got to know that Pramod loves wine. The one which I had bought was old which tastes heaven, as per what I heard from the seller. I handled both of them to him. He was so happy to see that he opened it immediately and thanked me for wonderful gift at perfect minute.

We sat on the top of the car, tasted the wine and yeah! it really did taste awesome.
Spending amazing time, we were back to home at 5 A.M.

If I was awake whole night with any other reason, my eyes would have become small, I used to look  dull but that day, the next morning I was so enthusiastic in the office that every one asked me what was the reason. I just smiled and said nothing to anyone except Neha.

I was so happy and shared it to my gang in whats app about Pramod's new car and every one congratulated him.

 Pramod was back to office and we met for lunch. He told me Sanchit and Sameer called him and congratulated him and they all had conference call for a while. I was happy and surprised at the same time. My friends are the best, I registered it again in my head.

We parted after lunch physically to our respective projects, but emotionally we were attached. We did chat in what'sapp later and forced ourselves and made rule that we should concentrate on work during office hours.

It was quite tough, not to talk to each other for 8 hours, but we sticked to it.

What did this rule do to Pramod and Sanjana???

Check it week.

I am sorry guys, I could not post the story for last 2 weeks due to some personal important works.

Harika Bojanala:)
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