Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Part8: Revelaed

My friend found out Adarsh number faster than she said. I first wanted to confirm he was not the one who was doing this. I messaged him asking if he remembers me. He replied sorry, I don't have your number stored, can you please let me know your name. I messed up the message with fake name and my friend's wedding details were we met. He replied back Yeah!of course I do but I remember your name to be Sarayu from the memory lane, isn't it true?

He sounded true, I dared to call him. We exchanged how r u formalities and later he himself digged in my details. He asked me what am I doing now and about my life. Meanwhile I digged Ashwin name just curious to listen something from him. He sounded as if he doesn't know you. I went in more details about you and he said he knew you.

I was shell shocked when I heard he knew you! I cursed myself for dailing him in, for a while I even started  crying for inviting the troubles all by myself. I said I will call you back and immediately cut the call. After around 30 minutes I got another letter. Scared and shivering I opened the letter only to see this

Your photo...first I didn't notice what was scary in it. Just then I noticed there was someone hiding in the picture. The pic was taken in your office. The person was wearing a black mask on his face and wearing black shoes. It appeared as if he was part of darkness. Since you like black and painted hard black at your corner, he was mixed up with the paintings and other stuff there, how cleverly he did that. He also sent a letter


I did not know what to do. My brain went numb. I was almost on verge of killing myself. I could not dare to see you being harmed because of my stupid decision to make a phone call. I tuned hard to think to find any link. |Thats when an message popped up. |It was from Adarsh.

Hey, I understand you are in some problem. I would be glad to help.

It was way too much for me to take in. I was in complete dilemma on whom to believe.I didnot reply to his message for long time.

That's when other message popped up.

He explained me how you both met and asked me to make a call once you are in home. It was little convincing. I had no other choice other than speaking with Adarsh.

I explained him each and every bit. He was shcoked too for a while. He told me he needs little time to think over.

After 6 hours or so he called me back. He said you are free now and you wont get any letters or messages because he found the person who was torturing me.

I was surprised and kind of relieved about what he was saying and at the same time suspicious to believe. I asked him who it was. He sighed and said its a long story.

Trust me, I will meet you in person and explain everything, before meeting you I will speak with Ashwin first.

As he said, he met me today and showed me that idiot's photo. I still don't have any clue who he is. But Adarsh said he will come home in sometime.

Sarayu looked at me crying, I can imagine the pain she would have undergone all these days, compared to her suffering mine was nothing. I hugged her tight. She didn't move away instead held me even more tight. Don't know how long we were in each other's arm. It's the door bell that made us aware of surroundings.

I asked Sarayu tos it and opened the door, It was Adarsh, he hugged me and said glad that you are safe man. I was more kind of puzzled thinking who that idiot might be.

Adarsh made both of us sit comfortably and he showed me the photograph of the person. I was still as clueless as Sarayu. I have never seen him in my life.

Puzzled right? Adarsh looked at us and started explaining.

Ashwin, do you remember that strange incident when you were crossing the road with headphones in? I nodded blankly.You fell down when I pushed you aside I noticed you were safe. Before I could speak with you, I saw the car going out of control on the turn. I immediately followed the car to see if I could help them. By the time I reached the place, he lost control and hit the pole. Before people gathered I checked their condition. Luckily they were both fine. They were wearing seat belts. The person who drove lost his consiousness and rested his head on steering. The women next to him was
safe and I asked her if I should take him to hospital? She nodded.

We drove to the hospital, She didn't even cared for him through out the way, it was me who was worried more about him. I enquired about their relationship and she said she was his wife. That made me go ohhhh!

While he was getting treated, that women suddenly took my hands in to hers and said please save me!
I knew there was something wrong. She explained what an ass**ole he was. He is an psychopath and have been treating her real bad since marriage. She herself was planning to escape from the hell. She was glad that this accident happened. She planned n number of times to get divorce but he threatened her that he would kill her if she does so. She was an orphan and had dreams and goals to achieve.
I didn't think much. I took her out of that hell and sent her to my native village.

I created a scene that she was dead and since she registered for organ donation her body was taken immediately to retrieve the organs. I saw him grow restless when I told this. I was scrared he would dig in further details. But he didn't.

I was dumbstuck as Adarsh kept on explaining. I wondered how other side of world will be. I lived happily all this days unaware of so much that had happened. I was glad that I didn't kill anyone because of my sheer neglaegance.

Sarayu asked Adarsh how he got his sim?

Adarsh smiled and said I had bought a new phone which allows only nano sims, I had put the sim in my pocket. It might have fallen somewhere while transferring him to the backseat.

World is so small. I blocked the sim as soon as I found it was missing. May be the after few days this idiot bought this sim luckily with same number.

Thats how I doubted this psychopath. I was not aware where he would be. I with regret, asked his wife all the places he hangs out generally, I visited all the places, gave him blue and black, he mentioned every inch of detail. I locked him in my home. He is an illeterate idiot. He and his friend, kind of literate planned this stupid dumb stuff. They were even unware that phones can be tracked using number. All they wanted was money.

One more thing I found out was he himself registered his wife for organ donation and was in plans to kill her for money. Someone suggested him this worst idea. Had we not saved her that day, she would be dead by now.  I didn't wanted any further investigations to grow up in that case and lost contact with you. All that mattered to me was her safety.

Since you are the reason for his wife to be killed according to him. He developed a grudge on you, he wanted to show you and your wife sample of torture. His next step was to demand money!

Now it was my turn to ask doubts. But how does he know me Adarsh? he barely saw me once?

Even I was clueless, when I gave him properly he revealed. He was your cab driver at office. He has seen you many times.You might have not noticed him since drivers keeps changing for office cabs. Though he knows in which office you work, it took him long time to findout your house and other details.

He planned things. First he wanted to torture Sarayu and kill her like how he planned to kill his wife. Before that he wanted money. I could not believe he planned so much... Such an idiot.

My mouth was wide open. I din't know how to thank Adarsh. We immediately filed a complaint and made sure that idiot never comes out of the prision.

Harika Bojanala
Go Green...Save Trees:)

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Part7: Other side of the coin

Sarayu greeted opposite person. Since she was standing opposite to him I could not get glimpse at first but when I realised who it was I went speechless! It was ADARSH. I could not believe this, they were speaking as if they know each other from long time.

They spoke something seriously for a while, they exchanged some photos through phone as far as I understood. I wondered what was going on there. For a moment, I felt Adarsh wanted to solve the issue and might be speaking with her, but it is so unlikely to believe that they don't know each other from what I see.

My guts didn't support me to stay for long, I went back home and  plopped on bed. What's happening in my life? everything is going un expected. If he really want to meet Sarayu why didn't Adarsh tell me when we first met.

I trust Sarayu completely and  no doubt in it, but I really wanted to know why she is doing all strange things. I wanted to get things clear no matter what. 

Sarayu came home rather happily. I didn't know how to respond. For God's sake, can you please explain what's happening in my life Sarayu? and why did you meet Adarsh? how do you know him?

Sarayu stared at me and said "so, you spyed on me Ashwin?"

Umm, I can not let more misunderstandings peep in, so I explained everything, she kind of looked convinced.

Sarayu leave everything and tell me , I want to know every goddamn thing and this heck of suffering should end today.

Sarayu let out a deep sigh.I will tell you everything Ashwin, but first I am sorry for making you go through hell, I literally went through same hell. I made you cry and I cried more for making you so. I was in a state of quandry. I was unable to decide between good and bad. I completely needed to know truth.

It was around few days before I recieved a message from unknown person in whatsapp. It read Ahswin is an idiot, he plays with people and their life, don't trust him. I was angry seeing that message, I didn't wanted to see any word bad on you, I simply blocked the number. Next day, I recieved a parcel with a letter in it. 

I opened the letter and it said

If you don't do as I instructed, your dearest husband Ashwin will be shot! You will see the consequences if you ignore. 

You know what Ashwin? the font was written in Bold red and there was no address on the post. I was dumbstruck seeing the post. I suddenly felt like I was under survilliance of someone. 

The person sent instructions to me 2 days once, I strictly followed them in fear of losing you. The letter always said not to be in good terms with you and I should not speak with you. At one point of time I even thought of divorcing you instead of making you go through this hell.

I thought and thought and thought, but could not get a clue on who it was. I even tried tracking the blocked number expecting some clue. I approached my friend who works in telephone department and it was taken with wrong address in illegal means. To continue digging more details, I was worried he would find out and cause you harm.

The person used to send me letters abusing you in meanest ways. I was wondering what harm you did that made him/her do such extreme things. They are not troubling you physically and they are not demanding me money, So, I didn't understand the whole concept of what they would yield out of it.

After checking for the details of the number, I waited if they would warn me. I didn't get anything. I assumed they are not aware of my activites. I went ahead with further more digging. My friend verified previous records and sent me the persons who used the sim earlier to this person. 

I glanced through first 2 records and could not find anything. The 3rd record was known person. I remember seeing him. I pressured my brain and it suddenly hit me. It was Adarsh. I had met Adarsh in my friend's wedding. I was shocked to see Adarsh pic there. 

Was he doing everything? what does he want? why is he doing this?

I immediately replied to my friend and asked to get details of Adarsh if she can. Since she works in telephone department. She has many other friends who works for other networks.

There was a deal between us, what ever emails I send her should be read and deleted immediately and same is the case for me. She said she needs 2 days time to get Adarsh number.

That 2 days were night mare for me. I used to get scared that the person will find out and will harm you. The very next day he wrote, I will update you next major step in 24  hours, if you do any crazy stuff in between you know what would happen.

It was like my nerves will split up any moment with fear and tesnsion. I felt like hugging you and crying loudly. 

Harika Bojanala:)
Go Green...Save Trees

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Part6: unforeseen

After a deep analysis and knowing  I can't do anything about it...I forced my brain not to think about it. It flew to a different direction, I made root cause analysis for sarayu's whats called as an intelligent response. I thought sarayu might have been happy and sent a smiley  and my brain said think with common sense Ashwin, if she is happy why is she not talking to you.

Later that night my mobile beeped, it was a whatsapp message from Adarsh.

Any problem mate? you sounded troubled? would be glad to help you, if I can!

I smiled reading the message, he is saviour, when I last met Adarsh he saved my life, like I am alive just because of him. I was walking on a busy street with headset tucked in my ears and higher volume. I was so deeply involved in the music I didn't notice a car which was almost close to hit me, that's when Adarsh came running and dragged me aside. What I did not understand was he immediately started his bike and started following it at high speed, I shouted Adarsh, wait I am comming, he was long gone before I could say anything more. Later I tried reaching him through phone n number of times and I went to his room only to find it closed. He stayed alone and I have no contact with any one else who knows him. All my attempts to have any kind of contact with him were invain.

Now here he is, suddenly appeared in my life like a magic. I started feeling positive. I replied him, we will meet tomorrow at garden restaurant 10 A.M. He replied Ok.

Since it was sunday, there was little crowd in the restaurant. It was breezy pleasant morning. I was looking at the clouds and was thinking deeply, Don't gaze too much man, u will get even the clouds down! I turned around to see smiling Adarsh.

We ordered breakfast and started discussing. I explained him each and every bit of what had happened. He listened to everything patiently. Later he told me something which made me realise Sarayu's love towards me more.

Something might be bothering her man, may be a big thing which you hided ftrom her and which she found out or she must be under pressure about something, she might be struggling whether to tell you or not. Inspite of all these, she still loves you, that's how she didn't leave you, that's how she cooks your favourite stuff, that's how she is trying not to make your personal matters public.

After listening to what Adarsh said, I felt happy, atleast my so called happily ever after life is not going to end. Sarayu loves me. The thought itself made me feel better.

Comming to the secrets, I dont have one, I have shared everything with her. I even told her about my past affair and how we broke up, it was not even love, it was just two unmatured male and female who thought it was love and were in relationship for few months.

I finally asked Adarsh to advice me . He said time heals everythig and have faith in god. That was the least disppaointing reply I expected from him.

Umm I sighed and we parted ways. When we came out Adarsh started to home in his bike and I kick started my bike in opposite direction towards my home. That's when I noticed Sarayu in her vespa she wears an half helmet inspite of my insistence that it is not safe. She covered her face with the shawl. I was wondering where she is heading to at this hour.

I reluctantly followed her. I know it is worst manner but I didnt have any other choice. She was heading in the staraight road and was riding faster than her usual speed. She finally took a right turn and stopped at a restaurant. She parked her vehicle and went inside.

She went and sat in a table which said reserved.

I was in utter shock at the sight of what was happening there.

Go Green...Save Trees

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Part5: Strange things at odd times

Sarayu got up with a thud and pushed me aside. I was so weak to even protest, I let go of her. I slept ignoring every freaking thing as if it never happened. My eyes were so heavy, it looked like I took responsibilities of each and every person in the world and I alone worked on their behalf. They refused to listen to me, for a while I ignored whole world and slept. 

I slept for what felt like an eternity, I woke up after a relaxed sleep and moved to kitchen to see if there was food left over for me. Sarayu prepared my favourite ragi balls and daal. Looks like even she didn't touch the food. I am scared now, she is turning out to be wierder day by day,  its time to take her to a doctor.

I took food in a plate and requested her to eat. Better mind your own freaking bussiness Mr.Ashwin was her curt reply. I sighed, I didn't want to spoil my health, I should be atleast strong enough to take care of her. I calmly sat at the couch and started eating.

Sarayu threw back, I-can't-believe-you-are-ignoring-me-and-eating look at me. I gave a weak smile. Surprisingly she waved her hand in the air saying whatever, she moved in to kitchen and got her food, she sat on the mini stool and started eating. I patted myself in mind and it felt like a perfect strategy to make her eat and gain health again.

We sat seperately and ate , with millions of thoughts running in each of us, the TV we were watching just felt like the background for those thoughts.

It was fun watching TV earlier. we have set it up so well, we used to play good old HD quality movies in our 42 inch sony TV which felt like a mini theater. I used to prepare pop corn and masala papad. Sarayu used to cook whichever I liked. Every Saturday night used to be heaven. We cuddle each other and enjoy the show. Half of the times Sarayu dozes off to sleep in the middle, I make her sleep comfortable, cover her with a blanket and reduce volume so that she does not get disturbed, She holds my hand in between and sleeps like a kid.

We are together even now but like 2 startngers in same room under same roof. Nothing else is common. If she really has a problem, can't she tell me? Am I that hard hearted man who does not listen? I drew towards negativity. It is at this time I behave like an idiot. Before I scold her again. I moved out slamming the door hard.

After going out I messaged her, Sarayu...I really love you. Please tell me if I did something wrong, I will definitely correct it, I swear. 

I know she ignores this message like 1000s of my useless messgaes from past few days. I roamed, roamed and roamed aimlessly. It started raining, I didn't mind getting drenched, so I started walking towards nowhere, Thats when suddenly put a hand on my shoulder, little scared I turned back only to see my old friend.

Hey Ashwin, Good to see you man! how are you! where were you all these days, he didn't change even a bit, he is same old Aadarsh who speaks non stop. I said ohh ohh Adarsh give your questions a break, u have not changed a bit. He laughed and we discussed how he suddenly appeared here. 

Adarsh was not actually my friend, we met rather strange. I rarely go to temples. But that day Rajan pulled me inside since it was his birthday and he is big devotee. Feeling bored inside, I looked at Adarsh who was lighting a diva with pure devotion. I could see it in his eyes. I rarely saw guys doing this stuff. So I even smiled at him. He smiled back. I could not sustain my eagerness. I somehow wanted to know what lead him to divinity. He smiled and said if time comes even you will be routed to GOD.

I did not understand it at that moment. Even now I don't understand it. I see Rajan doing prayers but I never noticed that spark in anyone else but Adarsh.

Me and Adarsh met in strangest kind of ways for few more days. He was in touch for few days and disappeared suddenly. Now he comes again. We spoke for longest time. 

It was almost in the mid night I reached home. We have 2 keys. I opened the door with my key and went inside. I opened my phone to save Adarsh number. I had asked him to dial in. Thats when I noticed. Sarayu had replied to my message. I felt like an achiever, my heart beat was faster than usual, if there was any meter to measure it would have blasted at the moment, I was scared to see the message. Finally I gained all strength and read it.All she sent is this


These girls!!!! Only God has super powers to understand them. Here I go I said God.

Later I wondered if it is God who created people, why did he make huge diffrence between men and women, why cant he make them similar atleast in thought process? 2 girsls can easily understand whats going on in their mind and same is the case with 2 boys. Also I noticed boys don't gave a deep thoughts to so many things to which girls over think and make it complicated.

Go Green...Save Trees:)

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Part5: Improbable

Na Aloki, I dont want to look in to it just now. Put your own thoughts, never seek for other's help while you are still writing it. I assure you. I will definetley help you edit and make corrections necessary at the end, said Richard.

Aloki nodded and kept her print out back. It has become practise for her to have a 30 minutes conversation with Richard everyday before her classes begins. Classes are exciting day by day. She didn't leave as soon as her classes are done, she is spending most of the time in library.

Somehow she didn't connect to people and didn't become close friends with any one yet. She felt it strange, She is such type of human where people instantly get connected, atleast thats what she heard all these days from people around her. She only had her room mates as friends now and none in college.

She maintained document in her phone, she writes when ever she gets fresh ideas. Sometimes when she sits to write her mind goes blank. She looks for real life incidents, sometimes even a word from people can inspire her to write.

After giving so much thought she gave up. She was struggling from morning to give name to her new book. Cool down Aloki, you can do it, she said to herself. She went through theme of her book mentally and suddenly it striked  her and she started scribbling in bold letters.


Relieved with the title, she started continuing the story from Ashwin's angle.

I dared to touch Sarayu who was lying on bed, by now I am sure pillow woud be completely wet. I took some tissues and handed it to her, she winced and threw my hand away. After a while, I gathered all my courage and held her in my arms, she didn't oppose, looks like she is calming down. My sinking feeling was moving away, slowly I felt better, I tried looking in to her eyes, to my disappointment she is sleeping.

I caressed her hair, kissed her on forehead and my thoughts rushed back to happy times we had, they seemed to be meant only for us.

Ashwin, its new movie out there, when are we going? called up excited Sarayu. I played with her for a while. Can't you think of the hour? Am lot busy than you and I hung up. I know, now she would have got her lower lip out and made a cute angry face. I visualised her face and smiled. She looks more cute when she does that.

I am equally scared that she may cry. Sarayu cries, like for every goddamn thing. that is one thing which I hate in her, I keep telling her, if there is any problem we will sort out together and never ever cry, I feel like an idiot when she cries, I always end up comparing my love with her parent's love and feel low. I always want to be on top in her view.

So I ended up calling her back in 5 minutes and surprised her that tickets were already booked for night show. Sarayu smiled.

It has become habit for us to watch night shows. We prefer going in bike unless it rains. Sarayu always puts her hand in my jacket while I drive. She says its cold and I love that. For a change she always drives back home. We have a kingdom of dogs which follows us on the way back, I would be scared but she says she can manage and accelrates.

On the way to movie she speaks a lot and I would be listening and vice versa happens. We majorly discuss reviews we had read about the movie and how we actually felt after watching the movie. I noticed, sometimes if movie is so bad that it gave us headache, Sarayu projects the story from her view and how she would have written it if she was the script writer. I suggest some other changes and we feel satisfied with our versions and laugh.

I remember n number of happy times we had. Now I see her silently lying in my lap like a kid. Unaware of everything.

Sarayu have the habbit of waking up late and I have habit of sleeping early. One day it so happened, she was in deep sleep and I was staring at her adorably. She just opened her eyes as if she knew that I was looking, she smiled and asked me why was I staring at her, I made a face and said my wife my wish. She laughed and hugged me. That day we slept hours together peacefully. I wish those days will be back soon.

Dreaming about future I drifted to sleep resting my back to the bed.

Go Green...Save trees:)

Monday, 16 May 2016

Part4: Origin

Let your dreams take shape
Give wings to your thougths

Let them fly...to the peace...to the nature...to the lovable world

I tell her these words and she threw up an puzzled expression. I know she would one day understand what I mean. I am married to her from 6 months, everything seems new, everything seems interesting, everything seems crazy, first 4 months flew like anything, we had innumerous happy moments. 

I dont know what's hurting her from past 2 months, she is behaving strange. She does not speak to me much, she rarely even look at me. Trying all means and ways, I failed to understand what's there in her brain. Worst part is she behaves as normal as evryday when there is someone's presence in my home. 

Slowly we are drifting apart, this barrier is bad, like it really sucks. Having her in my life was precious gift ever. I can understand she still cares. Not sure what has happened to her LOVE for me. People say men are rock and they never show feelings, it is true to certain extent, we generally don't show feelings but when it reaches peaks, its hard to hide. I decided to share....with my cousin Rajan.

Hey Rajan can you come down to our spot in 15 mins, I messaged him. Rajan rarely says no. As he replied, he was there on time. Its a hill view restaraunt we genrally go and drink. Hey Ashwin, Rajan greeted me. We ordered 2 chilled beers and settled down. He caught that I was sad within few minutes. 

What's wrong with you bro? asked Rajan. I threw up a smile which pretty much shows up it was forced.  Stop giving stupid smiles and tell me the matter demanded Mr. Rajan. I let out a deep sigh and explained him the situation. He understood that situation was worse than he expected and thought for a while.

Give her some more time and try to convince her, pamper her man, women always like to be pampered. She do expects your presence in her life, you are generally an workaholic ashole, take break and stay with her.

That sounded better to me aswell, next morning I called up my manager, applied one week leave, nothing mattered to me than Sarayu at this moment, I even planned a surprise tickets and gift wrapped them and placed in her cupboard. I peeped in to her room to secretly see her getting surprised, but what she did turned out to be a big shock to me. She tore the tickets angrily and put them in dustbin. That was hard to digest for me. 

I sneaked in to her romm and shouted at her, whats wrong with you Sarayu, have you gone mad??
She didn't even care to respond. She fell on the bed and slept crying. I cursed myself for scolding her, I should not have lost temper. This is not the way to manage, I should find proper solution and bring peace back to my life.

Aloki struggled with her thoughts, she is still in very starting phase of writing a full fledged book, she wondered how authors write such good content maintatining consistency through out the book. She mentally made note to show her starting pages to Richard and seek for corrections, she even thought of explaining the gist of her story to him.

Go Green....Save Trees:)

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Part 3: GOAL

Some how she is liking this, more than anything in the world, the college, the library, books and especially so many achieved personalities moving just before her like any other normal human beings. She was more eager to go to college, that sounds rare though.

The fight with metro appeared better today, since she had one precious day of experience. She directly went to libray since she had 20 mins for her first class to begin. She searched for the librarian to share her thoughts about yesterday and atleast gain 0.0001 th percentage of his knowledge. Looking all over the library for him, Aloki tucked her way back disappointed, there, he appeared at the entrance, Good Morning young lady. Looks like you are punctual exclaimed the old man. 

Aloki's eyes lit up at the sight of him and wished him Good morning with a warm smile. Sir, may I know your name? asked Aloki in polite way. You can call me Richard, I don't like being called as Sir. Since Aloki had handfull of experience calling her team mates by name inspite of their age she didn't see any problem calling him by name. 

She nodded as courtesy. Well, where you looking for me Aloki? Dont get surprised again, I overheard your name too yesterday and he smiled. Aloki laughed alog with him and she explained each and every bit of what she analysed about the stages and how amazing she felt about it later. 

That's the power of books Aloki, they do not let you sleep, they make you retless until you find your answers. But once you have the knowledge, they get the heaven out of you. That pleasure can only be experienced. I am glad you are one of them. Aloki felt blessed.

I think it is time for your class. Good luck for your first class greeted the old man. Aloki nodded and rushed to her class.

Aloki took the middle row which was vacant next ot Adithi. Adhithi waved at her. During the whole day at college she met bunch of new people, it sounded strange when she thought these people whom she never met before would be part of her life from today.

It's her Professor  Hrithika's words which still sounded in her thoughts, They boosted her, they pushed her , they routed her entirely to a goal. It felt like Hrithika digged out a deep secret which was hidden in Aloki from ages. She used her profesor's golden words as starting lines to her BOOK, the wish she held for so long, the wish that's turning out to be true.  

                  Let your dreams take shape
                  Give wings to your thougths
                  Let them fly...to the peace...to the nature...to the lovable world

Harika Bojanala

Go Green...Save trees:)

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Part2: Super natural powers?

Aloki smiled and entered college with a small prayer in her mind. She knew God will answer her prayers. HE never rejected her prayers, they were fulfilled, may be in different forms and timings but they always were!

She asked for the directions for her induction class from some one who seemed to be a senior. She acknowledged her said a thank you and was in her class. She just sat at the random empty one. Next to her was a young kid who looked almost 4 years younger to her, they both exchanged pleasantaries. Hey, this is Aloki, hey this is Adithi!

Soon, everyone stood up in respect to the professor who just enetered the class. Hello everyone I am Raghunandan. Please have your seat. I am glad to see you all  here. I know you are all excited to see what those old guys were up to those years? how they used to communicate? basically you love english, emotion and write up...that is what got you here...agree? asked Raghunandan with a smile. Everyone extended a broad smile and class went on enthusiastically introducing college and course structure for the 2 years, every student had glow in their eyes, they envisaged themselves as future writers/professors/Associates. The class was exciting and communication was bidirectional unlikely Aloki's degree induction class which she felt was boring. The reason might be because most of them chose this, like after  gaining complete senses and exposure to the world, they knew this is what they need, this is what they can live on!

Aloki was astounded by the collection of books in the library.It was a huge library with big strips set up on every corner seperating philosphy/ficiton/non ficition and so on endless geners, She thought a lifetime would not be sufficient to complete them. Every student will be given a login id and initial password soon, you can access the computers which are spread in between to track the book allotment faster explained librarian to bunch of  fresh faces before him. He looked older and strangely composed and calm. 

They dispersed to random directions, books attracted them like magnetic forces. Yay! this would be pleasure, Aloki already felt better joining college after such a long gap. There it is young lady, the book you were searching for, Aloki was startled to know someone speaking to her, she turned around only to see the librarian, hmm, you scared me sir, she told.

Haha! Sorry about scaring you, the book is over there in the 3rd row. Oh ok Thank you sir, she said and moved forward to get a glimpse of the book. It striked to her after a moment, she left the book there and immediately moved to librarian, sir, how did you know i was looking for this book, I didn't even tell you.

Librarian took a deep breath and said "I am sure you will not believe this, I have got powers to read people's mind, If I am not wrong, you are now in stage 4 of reading course. Stage 4 is an interesting phase though, when I was during that stage I was searching for answers for every goddamn thing, your soul just gets excited with the term question! As a part of wanting to find who you are, purpose of your life and meaning of existence, you would tend ro read more books, you would tend to gain more knowledge, don't worry, at the end you would be successful.

Aloki dropped her jaw in surprise! how does he know everything, is it true or is he just playing somekind of random joke. Aloki made a face which portraited every single emotion of what she is going through and her quizacal look made the old man smile, Easy, easy lady! I just made fun. I overheard you speaking about the book with your friend and thought I would help you.

Ohhh! that is it, I really was wondering how you aquired super natural powers! Librarian smiled and left the place.

He moved forward leaving behind strong imprints in Aloki.

It was around when she was 22 she started reading books, she was fascinated by word LOVE, she fell in love with characters of the book, she laughed when they had fun, she was depressed when the character was depressed, she cried with them feeling the pain, she grew up with characters in the book.

Aloki didn't leave single famous book on love, she experienced butterflies in stomach reading them, it was always joyous to see someone happy, like they show in movies happily ever after!

She did get attracted to men, girls do have crush! but nothing lasted more than 10 days. Whether it was hormonal change or the age or the thought process that matters, she started losing interest in love stories, she could not relate herself to them, she just could not feel. She believed there was more to love, she believed there was more to life.

This tickling didn't leave her until she found new interests, strangely, she got attracted to crime, suspense thrillers, power and women in ancient history. She grabbed the knowledge like a pro on history, the power women showed to come out of the circle that had challenged them and restricted to particular fields was enormous, Aloki was simply inspired. She could even imagine how draupadi suggested her husbands in every matter she was aware of and they were glad enough to take her suggestions. Only, if she had known about gambling that was taking place, she would have stopped in the first place and there would not be a war called kurukshetra that caused mass destruction to human life.How she would have struggled to overcome the barriers.

Women at that time with restrictions did achieve so much, she thought to herself she could achieve more and can create miracles since she have so many people patting her back and walking along with her in every part of life. She did learn a lot and that transformed her to a different human being altogether.

After a few years of digging in to past, she was interested about current time, what is she now? why was she even born?what was the purpose of life?

She is currently in the process of finding answers to her endless questions.

After this analysis she was sure she was in stage 3. But he said she was in stage 4. She thought a lot through out her journey to her room, it suddenly striked her, those 22 years she wasted in her mere life with out reading any books other than subjects might come under stage 1 which she missed, if god gives her a chance she runs back to past and read all the comics, mougli adventures, and other things again and again.

That was just awesome, librarian predicted her stage in reading just by the book she chose. Now she knew, every part of him is knowledge, he is like a walking book.


Go Green...Save trees:)

Friday, 22 April 2016

Part 1: First day of college!

It requires a beautiful heart to think and put your thoughts in to words! Those were the first words Aloki heard from her friend when she first posted in her own blog. she was so excited, she never knew it could lead her to write stories.

She was elated, even at the thought of her writing a blog, when someone posts a comment, it used to make her day. Aloki slowly grew in her blog, a little bigger day by day, She used to come up with different thoughts and feelings. She hates to get negativity in her blog.

She started concentrating more on her blog than her job. After a year or so she understood writing is  all she wanted in her life. She made up her mind to study literature to improve her skills in writing.
She put more efforts, she read more books, she heard many unsaid stories from her own friends, most of all, she believed in humanity.

She struggled in her job 2 more years and saved money for her own education. She finally took a deep breath and clicked on resignation button in her office tool. All memories passed through her mind, the very first day of her job where she had mixed feelings, happy that she is financially independent, happy that she could buy a scooty on her own, delighted that she could buy her mom whatever she asks for. She was a little scared too since it was completely new environment, far away from her parents!

She remembered how she started overcoming her fears and how she started making friends, how she started roaming around, having fun, how she learnt to live on her own.

This job gave me everything, I respect it forever, she thought to herself. It was major decision she had taken in her life, her brother said you have gone nuts to quit a job which is giving you everything, her mom said think twice before quitting, it was her dad  who patted her back and said "You go ahead with your decision, by the way, I am following your blog, when will next story be published", Aloki had tears when she knew her dad was actually following her blog, she casually told them she is in to writing.

She rarely have a deep conversation with her dad but at end of the day they both knew they are there for each other. Sometimes we dont need conversations to built a relationship, just their presence makes much difference.

Aloki wantedly moved to a different city, she wanted a change, she wanted to meet new set of people, she wanted to see different culture. She bid good by to her family and she hugged her friend who was crying.

She reached new city with dreams, aims and imaginations. Everythig attracted her!
She moved in to PG on sharing basis, She was thankful that her roomates were good, she knew how painful it would be if we dont have a good roomate.

They were kind enough to take her through the city and help her buy primary needs. She was glad that she came to this place. Awwww I would be in college the next  morning, she dreamt of her college, she wondered how it would be to join college after 5 years of gap, will she look like a distinctive feature among the students, will she be able to patch up with them, latter she calmed herself down, come on Aloki you are just 29 and not an old grandma, she even remembered a  female aged 55 joining college due to her undestructable love for education,  After a long struggle she went to sleep.

It was Alarm that woke her up in the morning, she was not a fashion freak but she knew how to look presentable and attractive. She gave one final glance in the mirror and said come on Aloki you are all set. Hey Aloki looking great, Good luck for your first day! her roomate wished her, Aloki threw her widest possible smile and thanked her, it's a good sign she told herself!

She was struggling atleast to stand comfortably in the over crowded metro. She was glad she chose a sling bag rather else she should become a super women to get a grip. After a good stretch of 20 mins she was finally out of the metro, She took a deep breath and sighed for the first day struggle.

The college was 10 minutes walk from the metro station. Earlier her grand dad  used to tell that bandits used to cover their face so that only their eyes are visible, though people resist them when they attack, they can't make out their identity. Now all women in the street looked like bandits...in a proffessional way. She understood that there was no other option left out and it was like a protection from damn pollution. She too took her weapon out and transformed to a bandit, she was sure, even her mom would not recognise her in this avtar. She smiled at her very own thoughts.


She finally reached college, Aloki felt at that moment, there should have been someone with her, to tell her, everything will be alright and you will excell here, she cursed herself for not letting her dad to come with her. She closed her eyes, imagined a bright future, good friends and best teachers, she let a smile on her face and finally looked at the college adorably.


Go Green...Save Trees:)

Friday, 1 April 2016

Sometimes it is good to get lost!

Yeah, I should reach there in another 15 minutes, I told to myself. Things appeared to be known, the hoardings I had seen earlier, the shops I kept in my mind, blindly just to remember the way, were passing fast. You are good to go girl! I said to myself. Hurrah I am almost there, I felt like patting my own back.

It was only after 20 minutes of tiresome, yeah, I remember seeing this, ah! no I think its another one, that I realized I lost my way!

I was supposed to pass through the service road and take a right turn but I copletely ignored the service road, like a racer and zoomed on the flyover which led me to an unknown mysterious place which I had never seen.

I stopped my scooty at a side and tried my luck with GPS. One two three...Done, its Gone forever ignoring me like how I ignored the service road, it appeared to me, as if my mobile threw an evil grin and wished me to have fun struggling.

I let go a sigh and kept the phone inside. Thank God, I dont have anyone waiting for me at the other end! Else, they would curse me for the delay through out life. I never knew a small fly over can grab your time just like that.

I enquired with people and found that un fortunately, there was no 'U' turn until next 3 kms to correct my mistake.

I thought ok fine, let me enjoy the ride and started driving forward. I drove around 2.9 kms on an average and started slowing down my vehicle just not to miss the 'U' turn again. 

I was almost near the U turn when I saw this man holding a stick to support his leg and was showing his thumbs up desperately for a lift. He looked old  and tired. I could not ignore and go on.

I finally stopped my scooty and smiled at him. I removed my helmet to make myself audible. I asked him where he wanted to go. He said some place which I was hearing for the first time.

I made a sad face and told him, Uncle, I don't know the route to your place from here, if you can guide me the way, I am sure I can drop you, I uttered.

He gladly accepted and moved forward to sit. I helped him through balance and he was hesitating to ask about his stick. I have excelled driving my scooty by holding so many luggages, I smiled warmly and told him I can put his stick in the front until he gets down. He handed it over to me.

I put the helmet in again and said are you comfortable uncle? shall we go?. He said yes.

Stars were not on my side, I  missed the U turn again since uncle has to sped in different direction. 

We spoke few things on the way. He said he have 3 daughters and he worked as an service man and retired. He told me how important it was for him to reach the place with in 20 mins. 

I did not want him to miss the most memorable moments he would cherish. I nodded my head in agreement and increased the speed a little further but in a safe zone.

We reached the place in 15 minutes. He got down, took his stick back and said "so sweeet of you, you would be my 4 th daughter and I pray God to give blessings to you and your family". I gave the biggest smile of my life and said Thank you so much uncle. 

We both bid our byes and I....started back tracing the path waiting for another U turn!

I knew how important it was for him to be on time, I knew how time matters to a service man, I knew how much her Grand pa's presence for her first dance show on stage would matter to a grand daughter! 

If things like this happens, I feel, sometimes it is good to get lost!

On the way back, I imagined the widest possible smile on the baby girl seeing her Grand pa cheering her while she is performing. |I imagined how cheerful uncle would have been, My heart filled with happiness and pride!

I see so many people stopping their vehicles, inspite of their busy schedule, pick the people and drop them safely. This post is espescially  for you guys and girls! You are much appreciated:)


Go Green... Save Trees:)


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Shades of love

This was the long awaited trip for Rishaan to settle down the differences. He had been trying to sort things out and trying to make peace with his life. The fights between two important women in his life are poking him real bad.
It is big task for Rishaan to convince those two ladies to travel together. He can’t leave any one of them just like that. Luckily it was Rishaan’s cousin’s wedding happening in Goa. He would never miss this opportunity to unite them.
After long hours of discussion and struggle, finally it was all set. They 3 were ready and reached the airport to catch flight to Goa. He can clearly see the women throwing dirty looks at each other. God! When will this come to end! He was busy troubling God with his problems.
The announcement to board the flight bought him back to the reality. They boarded in to the flight and the plane moved in to the runway smoothly, it slowly started picking speed matching his thoughts. Soon they were in air and he could clearly hear the safety instructions being explained by the air hostess in different languages. He was praying God that these women don’t pick up another fight. To avoid further communication he picked up the magazine that lay before him.
He was deeply concentrated in reading interview of famous model. She was clearly explaining the tough times she has undergone to reach this stage. It was an inspiring interview though. He felt, knowing all the difficulties and struggles in life, why do two women fight instead of supporting each other. Men’s peace completely depends on women in his life. He was wondering why these two won’t come in to a mutual understanding.
In the middle of the flight, Kiara woke up to go to the washroom. When she returned, she was too lazy to push her way into the middle seat. And with Rishaan readily offering to shift seats, the seating arrangement changed. With 20 minutes still remaining for the flight to land, a sleep starved Kiara took another power nap, this time holding Rishaan's right hand more firmly. Rishaan's other hand, though, nervously moved to touch Diya's. Her heart skipped a beat. Diya pulled her hand away. But a defiant Rishaan held her wrist again, this time firmly and more reassuringly. The changing behavioral dynamics between the three perhaps gave out a foreboding of what was to come in Goa.
When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rishaan felt uncanny...his excitement seemed replaced by an unknown fear that he found very difficult to decipher.
They moved towards conveyor belt, picked up the luggage and moved towards exit. Rishaan picked up his phone and called his cousin Rahul. Rahul told him he has sent his car and driver is waiting for them outside. Rishaan noted driver’s number, called him and all 3 got in to the car.
Rahul seemed to be very happy and excited for his marriage. Rishaan threw a pity look at Rahul and kept quiet. They all exchanged how are you formalities and Rahul led them towards guest house. Rahul and Rishaan were very close from childhood. People were saying they both look like brothers.  Even now they have a strong bond, that’s how they reached his wedding a week before.
Rahul asked them to get some rest. After good sleep for about an hour, Rishaan asked Kiara and Diya to plan the places they wanted to visit. Kiara suggested something and Diya immediately said a ‘NO’ you don’t know how to plan, leave stuff to me. Kiara got angry, she wanted to say “you, bad attention seeker, get lost” but instead she kept quiet; she did not wanted to extend the fight and look bad at someone else’s place.
After series of permutations and combinations Diya finally came back to the plan Kiara suggested but with some minor improvisations. Kiara threw “this-is-what-I-told-you” look at Diya.  Diya did not seem to give damn about Kiara’s look. Watching all series of incidents from far, Rishaan banged his head to the wall slightly and sighed. He thought at least, they would discuss about the plan and in the process they would talk to each other, but it is always one sided with these two.
Finally the plan was fixed; Rishaan gave a quick look to it and smiled at both of them. Satisfied with Rishaan’s smile Diya threw an “I-am-great” look. Kiara didn’t respond. Diya and Rishaan left to ask if Rahul would join them. Since Rahul was busy with wedding stuff, he asked them to have fun. Rishaan himself drove the car and Diya seated in front. Kiara was comfortable at the back.
He was showing thumbs up asking for lift. He was wearing linen shirt with blue denim. He looked so appealing and stunning. Rishaan noticed him asking for lift from little distance. Next to him lay the car probably a cab he has hired to travel somewhere, cab driver is struggling to see the problem in his engine keeping the bonnet wide open. Rishaan stopped the car as he approached him.  He smiled and asked “Can you drop me at the nearest bus station?” Rishaan gladly accepted and asked him to get in. He immediately picked his luggage from the cab, put his sunglasses inside.
He sat next to Kiara. Rishaan checked Kiara’s expressions from the front mirror and was assured that she was comfortable.  Hi this is Sanjay; he introduced himself to other companions in the car. We are going to Arambol to witness the nature’s best said Rishaan. Hey, I was on the way to same place said Sanjay. Great, then you can come along with us, only if you don’t mind uttered Kiara.  Sanjay was more than happy and nodded his head as an acceptance more with shy.
I have a meeting, God damn it, can’t you understand, yes, I will be late. Dad, pick me up from school says depressed child whose class got extended for one more hour, I am fed up of taking care of family, I need a break, complains vexed mom. Dude lets have some fun, says a friend…GOA is a perfect place to any kind of people, it replenishes joy in your life, it gives you priceless memories, and it completely brings different set of emotions in life. You do what you love, you sing, you dance, you dress up how you want, you won’t be judged, you will not have pair of eyes poking you. That’s the beauty of Goa. You could see whole world located at single place, different cultures, different people, different passions but everyone’s intension is to have fun and live life to the fullest.
Rishaan parked his car at Arambol and all four of them started walking together. Rishaan, Kiara and Diya were excitedly looking around the beach, people who were drumming, dancing to the rhythm, people who were busy showing up their talents, people who were eagerly selling their products, People holding beers, people who were like them looking at everything in wonder as if witnessing it for the first time.
Blue sky started turning out in to radiant red, meanwhile sun playing hide and seek, he would be seen for a while and in next minute he would be covered by thick clouds, when the surrounding get dark, he would peep out again and marks his presence, what a beauty, experiences of this kind can only be felt. Slowly sun bid good bye leaving out dark clouds.
Lanterns were lit up slowly dispersing the darkness from the sky; people changed their beats according to the climatic changes. It was as though people were supporting the nature.
They were all mesmerized by the sun set; Rishaan forgot all his problems for a while and got completely engrossed in the nature’s best. It is fantastic know, he turned towards Kiara and Diya, only to know that Kiara was missing. All he could see is Sanjay and Diya staring at the beach.
Rishaan ran towards Diya and enquired about Kiara, Diya shrugged and said she does not have clue, God knows where this girl left, commented Diya. Rishaan shot an angry look at Diya and checked for Kiara all around the beach.
It was almost an hour and there was no clue of Kiara. Rishaan started losing his confidence, he felt sick, he was almost in TEARS. Diya threw him an angry look and said “being a guy, you want to cry? Can’t you search for her out?”Rishaan did not know how to respond. Even at this critical minute she is thinking of her own good, she does not even looked concerned for Kiara.  She patted Rishaan’s back and assured him that Kiara would have lost way and they all go in search of her just making Rishaan thoughts wrong, she really looked worried.
They reached their car expecting Kiara’s presence there. They did not find her. Diya suggested they would give police complaint. Rishaan could not control his tears and started crying. Diya took control of situation in her hands and started driving. Soon they were in police station.
Rishaan explained things to Police; he interrupted in between and asked if Kiara was carrying mobile? Rishaan said yes, but it says switched off when I dialed her number. Police took Kiara’s photo, contact number and other details. They logged a complaint and left the place. Seated in the car, Rishaan pushed himself to think, what would have happened? He started portraying scenes in his mind.
May be Kiara missed her way and her phone might be dead. This is least possibility, since Kiara is brave enough and she can easily find out the way thru people and come back. It would not take more than hour. So he ignored this possibility.
The next thought in his mind trembled him, kidnap? May be someone kidnapped Kiara? Oh my God, he could not imagine beyond that. But he should think, there is no other way, he pushed himself to think about the worst. Who would want to kidnap Kiara? She is such a sweet girl. No one hates her. He fine tuned his brain, any past incidents, any grudges?? No…not at least one he could remember. He suddenly remembered Sanjay, he is not seen after they looked around for Kiara, and they did not get in touch with him.
As soon as he started speaking about Sanjay, Diya started her car and rushed towards Arambol, they parked the car and looked around for Sanjay. Sanjay was nowhere. Rishaan banged his head thinking why he missed taking Sanjay along with them to police station. Just then Sanjay appeared before them and enquired about Kiara, he did not look like a criminal, he was so good.
Rishaan could not dare to beat him up without any evidence, so he politely asked Sanjay if he had any clue about Kiara, Sanjay’s face turned pale, how I would know, he gave it back to Rishaan. Sorry Boss, I am going out of control explained Rishaan. Sanjay waved his hand and said whatever.
When they lost hope, they all sat in the sands helplessly expecting some miracle to happen and Kiara turn back to same place. Now it was Diya’s turn. She started weeping. Rishaan consoled her, I pray God that she is safe, I like her so much, I hope we will save her soon, let’s do something Rishaan,  Diya urged him. Somehow there was a ray of relief in Rishaan. He finally understood that Diya likes Kiara, he felt peaceful. This was the moment he and Kiara have been longing for from ages. If Kiara was here she would have jumped around and hugged Diya.
Sanjay was clueless on what was happening. As per what he understood Diya and Kiara do not like each other and there was cold war among them, he could not make out relation between those three. Just when Sanjay was about to ask them, Diya opened her mobile saw something and turned fury. Immediately she insisted them they should drive back, Rishaan dragged Sanjay too.
Diya handed over her phone to Rishaan, when Rishaan opened the message from Kiara, it read
Rishaan seriously could not understand what was happening. Rahul is like brother to him. Why would he harm Kiara? They reached Rahul’s home. Rishaan directly handed over the phone to Rahul and asked what the heck was happening? Rahul looked clueless and asked what’s the matter and where was Kiara?
Everyone seems to be innocent or was it acting? Was Sanjay too pretending to be nice guy? Is he behind this? Why did Kiara send Rahul co? What does that mean? Is it Rahul Company? If so, Rahul never owns one.
Rishaan explained matter to Rahul. Now all of them sat together and started calculating permutations and combinations on RAHUL CO. They thought of various possibilities. First they looked for Rahul Company. One more possibility occurred to them was Rahul car…might be she was in danger and misspelled it as CO. Rahul has three cars. One is with them, one is with Rahul and other one is in garage for repair. It suddenly occurred to Sanjay that it might also be Rahul Cousin?
Everything fell in place for Rahul after Sanjay hinted Cousin. It might be Rahul’s cousin who had secret crush on Kiara? Rahul immediately took his phone and called up his cousin, he cut his call. With this Rahul confirmed it might be him. They decided to call up police and inform about their doubts.
When they were about to step out Kiara appeared magically. Diya was delighted to see Kiara, she hugged her and tears rolled out of her eyes. Kiara could not believe that her sister in law is crying for her! Rishaan let out a deep sigh. He hugged her sister and asked if she was safe. Kiara assured her brother she was safe and narrated how she escaped from the place.
When they were all watching sunset at Arambol, Suddenly, a guy appeared at back of her, closed her mouth with a kerchief and dragged her towards the car, since there was crowd he made sure it didn’t look odd and it didn’t look like kidnap. I tried to resist, but he was so damn physically strong even my punches couldn’t make any sense. When we were boarding in to his vehicle I got glimpse of him and realized that it was Rahul’s cousin Ashwin. While he was instructing his driver to start the car, I could only type RAHUL CO, he caught me operating my mobile and before he could snatch it, I hit send button, luckily it was Diya’s message I had on top.
I was scared like hell when he dragged me inside an what looks like a pub. I asked him what do you want, I even warned him, if Rahul and Rishaan gets to know this, it would be end of his life. He smiled nastily; I guess he was high on alcohol. He gave and evil grin.
He told he started loving me the moment he saw me, he explained same to Rahul and he rejected it at the very minute he heard. Rahul also gave serious warning to him and asked him not to get this topic ever again. So he wanted to propose directly, and look at the way he chose…such an idiot.
I could not say a word. I listened to what ever non sense he said and was looking for the ways to escape from there. I realized that my hand big still stuck to me and Mr. Ashwin forgot to take it off. When he was deep in words and alcohol, I took the pepper spray out of my bag and sprayed in his eyes.
Probably they never expected that I would run away, the driver was not seen outside, I ran faster and got in to a cab and I am here before you.
Rishaan was proud of his sister. He always knew she was a brave girl. Diya looked happy and appreciated Kiara for the timely escape. Rahul was busy searching Kiara’s bag, when Kiara asked what he was searching for; Rahul exclaimed I am looking for other weapons in your bag. With this everyone laughed heartily.
Rishaan apologized for doubting Sanjay and if it was not Sanjay, they would not have got that it was Rahul’s cousin. They informed police about the incident and Rahul insisted that Ashwin stay in jail for some time and he deserves it for his bad behavior. Most of the times, he would be on drugs and other stuff.
Diya and Kiara are now friends and Rishaan can lead his life peacefully, with his wife and sister showering so much love on him and most of all they are together.
One fine day, Diya raised this doubt, Kiara, how come you had my message on top when I never sent you a message. Kiara laughed and said my dear Diya, remember we were fighting so bad in the initial days of your wedding; you were never tired of scolding me, you finally decided you would not talk to me and sent this.
Kiara, I hate you, it would be better if we stop talking to each other. You better don’t involve in Rishaan and my life.
I was so sad reading it, I never deleted the message. Whenever I feel like sharing something with you, I try to reply it but save it as a draft and erase everything next day morning. As usual I might have felt like sharing you something yesterday, but deleted it this morning, so it would have been on top.
Diya understood the pain Kiara would have gone through all these days staying away from her brother and herself. She hugged Kiara and said “I would never be reason for your pain, hereafter”. Kiara promised “she would always make her happy”. Seeing this from far, delighted Rishaan felt, finally GOA gave answer to his prayers.

Love is not pertained to guy and a girl, its love from all forms that makes you a complete person!
Finally its love that makes every relationship worth it!