Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Part8: Revelaed

My friend found out Adarsh number faster than she said. I first wanted to confirm he was not the one who was doing this. I messaged him asking if he remembers me. He replied sorry, I don't have your number stored, can you please let me know your name. I messed up the message with fake name and my friend's wedding details were we met. He replied back Yeah!of course I do but I remember your name to be Sarayu from the memory lane, isn't it true?

He sounded true, I dared to call him. We exchanged how r u formalities and later he himself digged in my details. He asked me what am I doing now and about my life. Meanwhile I digged Ashwin name just curious to listen something from him. He sounded as if he doesn't know you. I went in more details about you and he said he knew you.

I was shell shocked when I heard he knew you! I cursed myself for dailing him in, for a while I even started  crying for inviting the troubles all by myself. I said I will call you back and immediately cut the call. After around 30 minutes I got another letter. Scared and shivering I opened the letter only to see this

Your photo...first I didn't notice what was scary in it. Just then I noticed there was someone hiding in the picture. The pic was taken in your office. The person was wearing a black mask on his face and wearing black shoes. It appeared as if he was part of darkness. Since you like black and painted hard black at your corner, he was mixed up with the paintings and other stuff there, how cleverly he did that. He also sent a letter


I did not know what to do. My brain went numb. I was almost on verge of killing myself. I could not dare to see you being harmed because of my stupid decision to make a phone call. I tuned hard to think to find any link. |Thats when an message popped up. |It was from Adarsh.

Hey, I understand you are in some problem. I would be glad to help.

It was way too much for me to take in. I was in complete dilemma on whom to believe.I didnot reply to his message for long time.

That's when other message popped up.

He explained me how you both met and asked me to make a call once you are in home. It was little convincing. I had no other choice other than speaking with Adarsh.

I explained him each and every bit. He was shcoked too for a while. He told me he needs little time to think over.

After 6 hours or so he called me back. He said you are free now and you wont get any letters or messages because he found the person who was torturing me.

I was surprised and kind of relieved about what he was saying and at the same time suspicious to believe. I asked him who it was. He sighed and said its a long story.

Trust me, I will meet you in person and explain everything, before meeting you I will speak with Ashwin first.

As he said, he met me today and showed me that idiot's photo. I still don't have any clue who he is. But Adarsh said he will come home in sometime.

Sarayu looked at me crying, I can imagine the pain she would have undergone all these days, compared to her suffering mine was nothing. I hugged her tight. She didn't move away instead held me even more tight. Don't know how long we were in each other's arm. It's the door bell that made us aware of surroundings.

I asked Sarayu tos it and opened the door, It was Adarsh, he hugged me and said glad that you are safe man. I was more kind of puzzled thinking who that idiot might be.

Adarsh made both of us sit comfortably and he showed me the photograph of the person. I was still as clueless as Sarayu. I have never seen him in my life.

Puzzled right? Adarsh looked at us and started explaining.

Ashwin, do you remember that strange incident when you were crossing the road with headphones in? I nodded blankly.You fell down when I pushed you aside I noticed you were safe. Before I could speak with you, I saw the car going out of control on the turn. I immediately followed the car to see if I could help them. By the time I reached the place, he lost control and hit the pole. Before people gathered I checked their condition. Luckily they were both fine. They were wearing seat belts. The person who drove lost his consiousness and rested his head on steering. The women next to him was
safe and I asked her if I should take him to hospital? She nodded.

We drove to the hospital, She didn't even cared for him through out the way, it was me who was worried more about him. I enquired about their relationship and she said she was his wife. That made me go ohhhh!

While he was getting treated, that women suddenly took my hands in to hers and said please save me!
I knew there was something wrong. She explained what an ass**ole he was. He is an psychopath and have been treating her real bad since marriage. She herself was planning to escape from the hell. She was glad that this accident happened. She planned n number of times to get divorce but he threatened her that he would kill her if she does so. She was an orphan and had dreams and goals to achieve.
I didn't think much. I took her out of that hell and sent her to my native village.

I created a scene that she was dead and since she registered for organ donation her body was taken immediately to retrieve the organs. I saw him grow restless when I told this. I was scrared he would dig in further details. But he didn't.

I was dumbstuck as Adarsh kept on explaining. I wondered how other side of world will be. I lived happily all this days unaware of so much that had happened. I was glad that I didn't kill anyone because of my sheer neglaegance.

Sarayu asked Adarsh how he got his sim?

Adarsh smiled and said I had bought a new phone which allows only nano sims, I had put the sim in my pocket. It might have fallen somewhere while transferring him to the backseat.

World is so small. I blocked the sim as soon as I found it was missing. May be the after few days this idiot bought this sim luckily with same number.

Thats how I doubted this psychopath. I was not aware where he would be. I with regret, asked his wife all the places he hangs out generally, I visited all the places, gave him blue and black, he mentioned every inch of detail. I locked him in my home. He is an illeterate idiot. He and his friend, kind of literate planned this stupid dumb stuff. They were even unware that phones can be tracked using number. All they wanted was money.

One more thing I found out was he himself registered his wife for organ donation and was in plans to kill her for money. Someone suggested him this worst idea. Had we not saved her that day, she would be dead by now.  I didn't wanted any further investigations to grow up in that case and lost contact with you. All that mattered to me was her safety.

Since you are the reason for his wife to be killed according to him. He developed a grudge on you, he wanted to show you and your wife sample of torture. His next step was to demand money!

Now it was my turn to ask doubts. But how does he know me Adarsh? he barely saw me once?

Even I was clueless, when I gave him properly he revealed. He was your cab driver at office. He has seen you many times.You might have not noticed him since drivers keeps changing for office cabs. Though he knows in which office you work, it took him long time to findout your house and other details.

He planned things. First he wanted to torture Sarayu and kill her like how he planned to kill his wife. Before that he wanted money. I could not believe he planned so much... Such an idiot.

My mouth was wide open. I din't know how to thank Adarsh. We immediately filed a complaint and made sure that idiot never comes out of the prision.

Harika Bojanala
Go Green...Save Trees:)

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