Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Part7: Other side of the coin

Sarayu greeted opposite person. Since she was standing opposite to him I could not get glimpse at first but when I realised who it was I went speechless! It was ADARSH. I could not believe this, they were speaking as if they know each other from long time.

They spoke something seriously for a while, they exchanged some photos through phone as far as I understood. I wondered what was going on there. For a moment, I felt Adarsh wanted to solve the issue and might be speaking with her, but it is so unlikely to believe that they don't know each other from what I see.

My guts didn't support me to stay for long, I went back home and  plopped on bed. What's happening in my life? everything is going un expected. If he really want to meet Sarayu why didn't Adarsh tell me when we first met.

I trust Sarayu completely and  no doubt in it, but I really wanted to know why she is doing all strange things. I wanted to get things clear no matter what. 

Sarayu came home rather happily. I didn't know how to respond. For God's sake, can you please explain what's happening in my life Sarayu? and why did you meet Adarsh? how do you know him?

Sarayu stared at me and said "so, you spyed on me Ashwin?"

Umm, I can not let more misunderstandings peep in, so I explained everything, she kind of looked convinced.

Sarayu leave everything and tell me , I want to know every goddamn thing and this heck of suffering should end today.

Sarayu let out a deep sigh.I will tell you everything Ashwin, but first I am sorry for making you go through hell, I literally went through same hell. I made you cry and I cried more for making you so. I was in a state of quandry. I was unable to decide between good and bad. I completely needed to know truth.

It was around few days before I recieved a message from unknown person in whatsapp. It read Ahswin is an idiot, he plays with people and their life, don't trust him. I was angry seeing that message, I didn't wanted to see any word bad on you, I simply blocked the number. Next day, I recieved a parcel with a letter in it. 

I opened the letter and it said

If you don't do as I instructed, your dearest husband Ashwin will be shot! You will see the consequences if you ignore. 

You know what Ashwin? the font was written in Bold red and there was no address on the post. I was dumbstruck seeing the post. I suddenly felt like I was under survilliance of someone. 

The person sent instructions to me 2 days once, I strictly followed them in fear of losing you. The letter always said not to be in good terms with you and I should not speak with you. At one point of time I even thought of divorcing you instead of making you go through this hell.

I thought and thought and thought, but could not get a clue on who it was. I even tried tracking the blocked number expecting some clue. I approached my friend who works in telephone department and it was taken with wrong address in illegal means. To continue digging more details, I was worried he would find out and cause you harm.

The person used to send me letters abusing you in meanest ways. I was wondering what harm you did that made him/her do such extreme things. They are not troubling you physically and they are not demanding me money, So, I didn't understand the whole concept of what they would yield out of it.

After checking for the details of the number, I waited if they would warn me. I didn't get anything. I assumed they are not aware of my activites. I went ahead with further more digging. My friend verified previous records and sent me the persons who used the sim earlier to this person. 

I glanced through first 2 records and could not find anything. The 3rd record was known person. I remember seeing him. I pressured my brain and it suddenly hit me. It was Adarsh. I had met Adarsh in my friend's wedding. I was shocked to see Adarsh pic there. 

Was he doing everything? what does he want? why is he doing this?

I immediately replied to my friend and asked to get details of Adarsh if she can. Since she works in telephone department. She has many other friends who works for other networks.

There was a deal between us, what ever emails I send her should be read and deleted immediately and same is the case for me. She said she needs 2 days time to get Adarsh number.

That 2 days were night mare for me. I used to get scared that the person will find out and will harm you. The very next day he wrote, I will update you next major step in 24  hours, if you do any crazy stuff in between you know what would happen.

It was like my nerves will split up any moment with fear and tesnsion. I felt like hugging you and crying loudly. 

Harika Bojanala:)
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