Thursday, 12 October 2017


As the beautiful Fall falling up on us, my heart cried out for nice, pure, clean air. With ambiguity to see new people and desire for short run, I chose run. As always, I put on my headphones in, to ignore whole other world of "People."

A bunch of people laughing and a group of kids running around, other group of elders sitting and chitchatting passed through my eyes as I began to jog.

Surrounded by numerous trees, air felt so fresh that I even enjoyed breathing. After 5 rounds of jog I slowed down to ease it up a bit.

I felt like taking a break and having some water. I sat on the bench which was empty. I generally avoid people wherever possible.

The music flew in my ear non stop, I nodded my head rhythmically to the song. I noticed a women of my age entering the park, she seemed to be very pleasant, she did say Good morning to couple of elders and hi to some others. She played with kids for a while.

She did start jogging. I see her wishing almost half dozen people on her way. I would be scared, angry, sweaty and confused if I was in her place. Meeting new people just makes me nervous. I was mesmerized by her actions. I literally sometimes turn away my eyes to skip that part of saying hello for courtesy.

It's weird that I never feel like making new friends, I am always content with what I have or should I say with limited number of people I have in my life.

But seeing her talking to new people just like it was a piece of cake, kept me thinking why am I like this. Anyway I tried to ignore this "new" feeling and move on with my life. I started jogging back. Ten rounds down and I am automatically drawn towards lovely, lonely world of me.

I started walking back to home. My adrenaline rushed witnessing the fall colors. I could not stop but appreciate the beauty of nature. I always take the off beaten path to my way home experiencing utmost tranquility.

I saw this women again on the way. Wow, most friendly person and nature lover too, I thought to myself. As I approach her she acted weird. I mean she looked calm and cool but I could sense something strange. I might not be blessed with quality to make friends but I sure as hell observe my surroundings.

I somehow managed to smile and nod at this women and started passing by. That's when I heard a moan. It sounded rather different and I turned back. I could see nothing but the women smiling. She is smiling but her face shows otherwise.

I ran back towards her thinking she is bitten by some kind of insect. To my utter shock she too started running away from me. I ran faster toward the tree where she was before. To my disbelief, I found a kid unconscious. I immediately called ambulance and took the kid to hospital. I lodged a complaint in police station.

What would have happened If I had not taken that route to my home. I heard from police and found she tried to kidnap him from the park. Kid's parents were glad to find him and thanked me.

Staring at my window, I saw bright yellow color leaves, nature is the only thing which can unfold it's true colors and can still look beautiful!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Birthday Gift!

Here...wear it. My 15 year old daughter's eyes lit up like a Diwali lamp after taking her Hanuman ring in her hands. She have been saying papa I am scared in the nights from past 20 days. I ordered this ring, customized to have lord Hanuman in Diamond so that it glows in the dark. I took her in my arms and said "Sweety, this is lord Hanuman he gives you lot of power, he helps you fight with monsters and you can sleep happily" 

Her eyes filled with confidence, she kissed me on cheek and said Thank you papa. So, would you be able to sleep alone in the room or you want me and mamma to be here?

My darling daughter bravely looked in to my eyes and said I have Hanuman support, I am brave now.
I smiled and let her sleep on the bed. Soon she went in to deep sleep. I retired to my room along with my wife.

The next morning she woke up and said I did not get any bad dream and danced. Feeling happy I started my day to work.

I didn't want her to think Lord Hanuman does everything. So I planned to explain her how brave Hanuman was and how he needed little push to know his strength and how he helped Lord Rama in all possible ways. 

That night I started telling her stories about Hanuman and she listened every part of it carefully. I told her God will help us if we first do our duty. I gave her moral strength to be brave and Hanuman is to help her. She nodded and didn't say a word.

I know my daughter she would be brave. The next day she woke up and said Papa I had bad dream and got up in middle of the night. I looked around and got scared a little but I remembered your words and thought I would be brave and prayed to Lord Hanuman. I was not afraid of dark anymore. I slept happily after that.

Wow...great are awesome..I patted her back. She looked at her mother and happily hugged her.

While growing up she had man problems, she solved few on her own and she got few in to my notice which she wanted advise.

She was around 27 years when she bought this issue to my notice. Papa I need your advice she said with her eyes full of tears. I can not see her crying!

Don't cry... are my first words after seeing her. She wiped her tears and started explaining her situation

You know, how thick friends me and Sarah are, I nodded accepting the fact. Well, she fought with me and said she would never talk to me again.

I was surprised and asked why Sarah said so. We are having many ego clashes lately. I am annoyed by the way how she is reacting to certain things. She lets out her anger on me. I am not able to handle her now a days, my daughter complained non stop about her friend.

I saw my 15 year old little girl again. Did you ask her why she is angry lately? I asked my daughter. She said "Yes papa but she is not saying anything, she just keeps quiet or shouts at me, I am not sure what has gone wrong with us"

I said "Sweety, see somethings take time, may be she is not comfortable saying it to anyone now, may be she thinks you are one person she can scold and still can have in her life because you are her best friend."

My daughter seems to be surprised, It's true papa I never thought about this situation in this angle.

I said "to get a great relationship we should have endless patience, ocean of love and selfless care"

She seemed to have agreed with it and said she would take care of her friend. I gladly smiled.

Turned out her friend Sarah was having family problems and was hesitating to ask help from Sweety.

My daughter stood by her friend like a rock and they both solved everything together, I was so proud of her.

Days passed by sooner, my darling daughter is now married have two kids. Me and my wife are all alone at home.

She keeps writing letters every now and then, though they are old fashioned we kind of like it. 

I am eagerly waiting for the letter from sweety. It is my birthday today:)

I opened mail box and saw a green envelope already waiting for me.

Dear Dad,

I was wondering if we could find anything 100% pure in this world. I checked every object I have known but everything has an impurity of some sort. 

It occurred to me that objects are lifeless for a reason. Only thing that is 100% or say 10000% pure is love and especially Dad's love.

I knew I caused pain and irritated you n number of times but I never saw you reacting to it in a bad way. I never even saw you angry at me.

How could you not be angry for my faults, I know I would have even screamed at you madly. I know I even betrayed your trust. I take this moment to say sorry for any pain I have caused you.

I wish I could be 10% as good parent as you are.

I wish I could achieve peace in life as much as you have.

I still remember the words you told me 

I will strive to have endless patience, I would try to show ocean of love, I would care selflessly.

I wish I could grow up like you.

You are my super hero, You would remain the same forever.


I have tears in my eyes...the ones with happiness and my chest popped up few inches with pride reading the letter. This is the best birthday gift I ever received!

Thursday, 23 March 2017


What will be first thing that strikes when you think of word addiction?

I know lot of us think about cigarettes, Alcohol or drugs.

There are few more dangerous addictions in the world. 

If you are a teetotaler you might proudly say I don't have any addiction.

I guess we all have addictions...few are good, like love;)

Few screw our lives. I am speaking about something which is spreading widely and rapidly through out world. Something which is becoming a part of our life in a bad way.

By now  you know what I am speaking about. Yes, it is Facebook, whats app, other social media messengers and last but not least Netflix.

We all start with just one episode, just one hour of chatting, just one hour of scrolling

By the time we realize the precious time would be gone. End of the early morning( at around 3 A.M...that would be sleeping time for lots of people) we would think sh*t I will never waste my time again and repeat the same thing from next day and that's when we know we are addicted.

Sadly we don't have any rehab for this but luckily it is all in our head and we can take control of our actions just say by uninstalling apps for a few days and see the beauty of life.

Once you know what we are missing in our life...I am sure we can reduce usage of anything to minimal.

I am not against technology...I am proud of inventions, there are many positive sides to this. But anything in excess is a hazard.

Irony of this post is I got to promote it through Facebook:):)

Happy reading!

Harika Bojanala
Go Green...Save trees:)

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The happy post

"I am writing a happy post today" is what I thought. After an hour of brainstorming, I thought, who am I kidding, no women's life is pure happiness.

We struggle, we work hard and we earn anything putting our maximum selves, that's how we know the value of things. Nothing comes easy for us.

There are so many things which gets noticed only after we stop doing things. Being a women is like working 24*7 with out hikes and promotions. Though we get a promotion in the form of a child that makes us do 48 hours of work in 24 hours, but we happily do it because we respect relationships and we love people.

Here is to women, who does daily chores with out a word of appreciation from loved ones. Here is to women who wake up at 5 in the morning, prepare break fast, lunch, get kids ready to school, checks if husband had his lunch box packed and finally get's ready for her office. Here is to women who comes tired from work but does not rest a second to take care of her family. You deserve lot more than you get from this world. YOU ARE AWESOME.

I know there comes a time, when we think what are we doing and for whom are we making our bodies go through hell but what keeps us sane is we have people that love us.

It is freaking cold outside. Even with the jacket we might freeze to death, Don't go out side. That is how our conscience will respond if we are in Himalayan region but not for bunch of girls who would fill a pool with bucket(yes true) in the deathly colder time. They were not doing it as part of any ice bucket challenge nor for fun. They were doing it to represent our country for ice hockey. They were preparing rink of their own with the help of nature. The pool would get frozen through the night so they can practice hockey during the day. What gave you that dedication girls?
You go girls, win us a cup.

Their passion, dedication and team effort never ceases to surprise me. They are true inspiration. Read about Indian women Ice hockey team and their struggle here.

Thanks to people who contributed for them. Our Women are  finally representing for IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia. I wish them all the very best.

I am ashamed to read number of rape incidents happening around world. How could they do it? I pray to God, there has to be a law to hang the people immediately and make their death so horrible that even the thought should scare them.

At least from this day, I hope women can finally walk safely whatever time or day it is.

Happy women's day:):)

Harika Bojanala
Go Green...Save Trees

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Part 9: Life is full of surprises

I finished the little story I developed and was excited about Richard's response. I woke up early and headed to college little earlier than usual time. I was waiting for Richard to show up at his usual time, to my surprise he was there early too.

I tried to give him the printed copies of the story but Richard insisted on me reading every line by myself. His facial expressions and eyes somehow told me he was keen on story. When I read last word of it he looked at me and did not say anything.

That look assured me I was worth something. Later I asked him if he liked it. Richard said "kid, for a beginner that's wonderful but you still need to get hold on so much stuff"

I was little disappointed but accepted his truthfulness. I somehow feel connected to this old man. We went out in the lawn, Since the classes started by the time I completed my narration I decided to skip college for today and was seeking advice from old man.

Richard spoke a lot about his personal life.

Kid, I have always wanted to be a writer. There used to be ocean of thoughts pouring in me and something used to push me to write. When I sit down to write I was lack of words that made me feel worth less, I felt I was not up for it. There was always a battle going on with myself. Years passed by and I did not write even a single thing.

It was like, my words and thoughts never matched. How much ever I achieved in my life, this dream of mine killed me because I was not doing justice to it. I find same passion in you. I am telling you never give up.

Richard narrated me the story which was troubling him through out his life which gave me goose bumps.  Am I even worth writing this? that was the first question popped up to me when he completed projecting his thoughts.

He smiled. I know kid, you would be feeling the same way I felt, it runs in our blood. Put your heart and soul in it, make it your life and you will definitely succeed.

Those words inspired me like hell, an old man still fighting to put his thoughts in to words and desperately waiting for the world to read it and he chose me as an medium for it, that's when I decided I would do it.

I said, Richard, you would be proud by the time I complete it. He nodded and smiled happily. He left the place bidding bye.

I got a call form my father very next day and It was an awesome news. My sister's getting engaged.
I rushed home in the next available train. I hugged my sister as soon as I got home and teased her for a while. She could not stop blushing.

Soon there would be function in home we started cleaning up the house. Old golden memories popped up, my article collection, marbles I was saving, coins, key chains and a bunch of school memories just refreshed my day.

"Aloki enough cleaning your room, come here and help me in dad's room" ordered my mom. I made my room crystal clean and ran in to my dad's room. We were cleaning Dad's cupboard, I saw something, I rubbed my eyes twice and its still the same. I fell down and passed out.

I see some one sprinkling water on me, I slowly got up and realized it was my mom. My mom was shaking me trying to bring me back to life, I stammered ""

My mom asked me to take deep breaths. After I calmed me she asked me what's the matter. I asked her why is Richard's photo in dad's cupboard? She was surprised. How would you know Richard?

I was still in shock, on the photo it was written  Richard Birth:1850 Death: 1900. Was Richard dead? how could I see him?

I tried to gather answers from my mom first instead of scaring her. I said nothing mom, I just did not have breakfast in the morning properly, I might have fainted. My mom was relieved. She asked me how I knew his name and I pointed at the photograph which had name on it.

Richard was your Dad's grandfather. This photo might have been stored by your grandfather. He died when your dad was young I believe. You can ask your dad if you want more details.

Though I nodded to her I could not stop thinking of it. Did I speak to a person who was invisible to everyone all these days?

I was waiting for dad to come home soon. I hear his activa making noise outside. I went straight to him with the photograph and asked "dad, tell me everything about great grandfather" he was surprised. He said Richard was great man Aloki, my father used to speak high about him. unfortunately I could not spend much time with him, he passed away when I was young.

I saluted to the old man for his zest and started to bring him back to life through words.

I began writing the story which was untold from 217 years.


Go Green...Save Trees:)
Harika Bojanala

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Part8: Revelaed

My friend found out Adarsh number faster than she said. I first wanted to confirm he was not the one who was doing this. I messaged him asking if he remembers me. He replied sorry, I don't have your number stored, can you please let me know your name. I messed up the message with fake name and my friend's wedding details were we met. He replied back Yeah!of course I do but I remember your name to be Sarayu from the memory lane, isn't it true?

He sounded true, I dared to call him. We exchanged how r u formalities and later he himself digged in my details. He asked me what am I doing now and about my life. Meanwhile I digged Ashwin name just curious to listen something from him. He sounded as if he doesn't know you. I went in more details about you and he said he knew you.

I was shell shocked when I heard he knew you! I cursed myself for dailing him in, for a while I even started  crying for inviting the troubles all by myself. I said I will call you back and immediately cut the call. After around 30 minutes I got another letter. Scared and shivering I opened the letter only to see this

Your photo...first I didn't notice what was scary in it. Just then I noticed there was someone hiding in the picture. The pic was taken in your office. The person was wearing a black mask on his face and wearing black shoes. It appeared as if he was part of darkness. Since you like black and painted hard black at your corner, he was mixed up with the paintings and other stuff there, how cleverly he did that. He also sent a letter


I did not know what to do. My brain went numb. I was almost on verge of killing myself. I could not dare to see you being harmed because of my stupid decision to make a phone call. I tuned hard to think to find any link. |Thats when an message popped up. |It was from Adarsh.

Hey, I understand you are in some problem. I would be glad to help.

It was way too much for me to take in. I was in complete dilemma on whom to believe.I didnot reply to his message for long time.

That's when other message popped up.

He explained me how you both met and asked me to make a call once you are in home. It was little convincing. I had no other choice other than speaking with Adarsh.

I explained him each and every bit. He was shcoked too for a while. He told me he needs little time to think over.

After 6 hours or so he called me back. He said you are free now and you wont get any letters or messages because he found the person who was torturing me.

I was surprised and kind of relieved about what he was saying and at the same time suspicious to believe. I asked him who it was. He sighed and said its a long story.

Trust me, I will meet you in person and explain everything, before meeting you I will speak with Ashwin first.

As he said, he met me today and showed me that idiot's photo. I still don't have any clue who he is. But Adarsh said he will come home in sometime.

Sarayu looked at me crying, I can imagine the pain she would have undergone all these days, compared to her suffering mine was nothing. I hugged her tight. She didn't move away instead held me even more tight. Don't know how long we were in each other's arm. It's the door bell that made us aware of surroundings.

I asked Sarayu tos it and opened the door, It was Adarsh, he hugged me and said glad that you are safe man. I was more kind of puzzled thinking who that idiot might be.

Adarsh made both of us sit comfortably and he showed me the photograph of the person. I was still as clueless as Sarayu. I have never seen him in my life.

Puzzled right? Adarsh looked at us and started explaining.

Ashwin, do you remember that strange incident when you were crossing the road with headphones in? I nodded blankly.You fell down when I pushed you aside I noticed you were safe. Before I could speak with you, I saw the car going out of control on the turn. I immediately followed the car to see if I could help them. By the time I reached the place, he lost control and hit the pole. Before people gathered I checked their condition. Luckily they were both fine. They were wearing seat belts. The person who drove lost his consiousness and rested his head on steering. The women next to him was
safe and I asked her if I should take him to hospital? She nodded.

We drove to the hospital, She didn't even cared for him through out the way, it was me who was worried more about him. I enquired about their relationship and she said she was his wife. That made me go ohhhh!

While he was getting treated, that women suddenly took my hands in to hers and said please save me!
I knew there was something wrong. She explained what an ass**ole he was. He is an psychopath and have been treating her real bad since marriage. She herself was planning to escape from the hell. She was glad that this accident happened. She planned n number of times to get divorce but he threatened her that he would kill her if she does so. She was an orphan and had dreams and goals to achieve.
I didn't think much. I took her out of that hell and sent her to my native village.

I created a scene that she was dead and since she registered for organ donation her body was taken immediately to retrieve the organs. I saw him grow restless when I told this. I was scrared he would dig in further details. But he didn't.

I was dumbstuck as Adarsh kept on explaining. I wondered how other side of world will be. I lived happily all this days unaware of so much that had happened. I was glad that I didn't kill anyone because of my sheer neglaegance.

Sarayu asked Adarsh how he got his sim?

Adarsh smiled and said I had bought a new phone which allows only nano sims, I had put the sim in my pocket. It might have fallen somewhere while transferring him to the backseat.

World is so small. I blocked the sim as soon as I found it was missing. May be the after few days this idiot bought this sim luckily with same number.

Thats how I doubted this psychopath. I was not aware where he would be. I with regret, asked his wife all the places he hangs out generally, I visited all the places, gave him blue and black, he mentioned every inch of detail. I locked him in my home. He is an illeterate idiot. He and his friend, kind of literate planned this stupid dumb stuff. They were even unware that phones can be tracked using number. All they wanted was money.

One more thing I found out was he himself registered his wife for organ donation and was in plans to kill her for money. Someone suggested him this worst idea. Had we not saved her that day, she would be dead by now.  I didn't wanted any further investigations to grow up in that case and lost contact with you. All that mattered to me was her safety.

Since you are the reason for his wife to be killed according to him. He developed a grudge on you, he wanted to show you and your wife sample of torture. His next step was to demand money!

Now it was my turn to ask doubts. But how does he know me Adarsh? he barely saw me once?

Even I was clueless, when I gave him properly he revealed. He was your cab driver at office. He has seen you many times.You might have not noticed him since drivers keeps changing for office cabs. Though he knows in which office you work, it took him long time to findout your house and other details.

He planned things. First he wanted to torture Sarayu and kill her like how he planned to kill his wife. Before that he wanted money. I could not believe he planned so much... Such an idiot.

My mouth was wide open. I din't know how to thank Adarsh. We immediately filed a complaint and made sure that idiot never comes out of the prision.

Harika Bojanala
Go Green...Save Trees:)

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Part7: Other side of the coin

Sarayu greeted opposite person. Since she was standing opposite to him I could not get glimpse at first but when I realised who it was I went speechless! It was ADARSH. I could not believe this, they were speaking as if they know each other from long time.

They spoke something seriously for a while, they exchanged some photos through phone as far as I understood. I wondered what was going on there. For a moment, I felt Adarsh wanted to solve the issue and might be speaking with her, but it is so unlikely to believe that they don't know each other from what I see.

My guts didn't support me to stay for long, I went back home and  plopped on bed. What's happening in my life? everything is going un expected. If he really want to meet Sarayu why didn't Adarsh tell me when we first met.

I trust Sarayu completely and  no doubt in it, but I really wanted to know why she is doing all strange things. I wanted to get things clear no matter what. 

Sarayu came home rather happily. I didn't know how to respond. For God's sake, can you please explain what's happening in my life Sarayu? and why did you meet Adarsh? how do you know him?

Sarayu stared at me and said "so, you spyed on me Ashwin?"

Umm, I can not let more misunderstandings peep in, so I explained everything, she kind of looked convinced.

Sarayu leave everything and tell me , I want to know every goddamn thing and this heck of suffering should end today.

Sarayu let out a deep sigh.I will tell you everything Ashwin, but first I am sorry for making you go through hell, I literally went through same hell. I made you cry and I cried more for making you so. I was in a state of quandry. I was unable to decide between good and bad. I completely needed to know truth.

It was around few days before I recieved a message from unknown person in whatsapp. It read Ahswin is an idiot, he plays with people and their life, don't trust him. I was angry seeing that message, I didn't wanted to see any word bad on you, I simply blocked the number. Next day, I recieved a parcel with a letter in it. 

I opened the letter and it said

If you don't do as I instructed, your dearest husband Ashwin will be shot! You will see the consequences if you ignore. 

You know what Ashwin? the font was written in Bold red and there was no address on the post. I was dumbstruck seeing the post. I suddenly felt like I was under survilliance of someone. 

The person sent instructions to me 2 days once, I strictly followed them in fear of losing you. The letter always said not to be in good terms with you and I should not speak with you. At one point of time I even thought of divorcing you instead of making you go through this hell.

I thought and thought and thought, but could not get a clue on who it was. I even tried tracking the blocked number expecting some clue. I approached my friend who works in telephone department and it was taken with wrong address in illegal means. To continue digging more details, I was worried he would find out and cause you harm.

The person used to send me letters abusing you in meanest ways. I was wondering what harm you did that made him/her do such extreme things. They are not troubling you physically and they are not demanding me money, So, I didn't understand the whole concept of what they would yield out of it.

After checking for the details of the number, I waited if they would warn me. I didn't get anything. I assumed they are not aware of my activites. I went ahead with further more digging. My friend verified previous records and sent me the persons who used the sim earlier to this person. 

I glanced through first 2 records and could not find anything. The 3rd record was known person. I remember seeing him. I pressured my brain and it suddenly hit me. It was Adarsh. I had met Adarsh in my friend's wedding. I was shocked to see Adarsh pic there. 

Was he doing everything? what does he want? why is he doing this?

I immediately replied to my friend and asked to get details of Adarsh if she can. Since she works in telephone department. She has many other friends who works for other networks.

There was a deal between us, what ever emails I send her should be read and deleted immediately and same is the case for me. She said she needs 2 days time to get Adarsh number.

That 2 days were night mare for me. I used to get scared that the person will find out and will harm you. The very next day he wrote, I will update you next major step in 24  hours, if you do any crazy stuff in between you know what would happen.

It was like my nerves will split up any moment with fear and tesnsion. I felt like hugging you and crying loudly. 

Harika Bojanala:)
Go Green...Save Trees