Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Birthday Gift!

Here...wear it. My 15 year old daughter's eyes lit up like a Diwali lamp after taking her Hanuman ring in her hands. She have been saying papa I am scared in the nights from past 20 days. I ordered this ring, customized to have lord Hanuman in Diamond so that it glows in the dark. I took her in my arms and said "Sweety, this is lord Hanuman he gives you lot of power, he helps you fight with monsters and you can sleep happily" 

Her eyes filled with confidence, she kissed me on cheek and said Thank you papa. So, would you be able to sleep alone in the room or you want me and mamma to be here?

My darling daughter bravely looked in to my eyes and said I have Hanuman support, I am brave now.
I smiled and let her sleep on the bed. Soon she went in to deep sleep. I retired to my room along with my wife.

The next morning she woke up and said I did not get any bad dream and danced. Feeling happy I started my day to work.

I didn't want her to think Lord Hanuman does everything. So I planned to explain her how brave Hanuman was and how he needed little push to know his strength and how he helped Lord Rama in all possible ways. 

That night I started telling her stories about Hanuman and she listened every part of it carefully. I told her God will help us if we first do our duty. I gave her moral strength to be brave and Hanuman is to help her. She nodded and didn't say a word.

I know my daughter she would be brave. The next day she woke up and said Papa I had bad dream and got up in middle of the night. I looked around and got scared a little but I remembered your words and thought I would be brave and prayed to Lord Hanuman. I was not afraid of dark anymore. I slept happily after that.

Wow...great sweety...you are awesome..I patted her back. She looked at her mother and happily hugged her.

While growing up she had man problems, she solved few on her own and she got few in to my notice which she wanted advise.

She was around 27 years when she bought this issue to my notice. Papa I need your advice she said with her eyes full of tears. I can not see her crying!

Don't cry... are my first words after seeing her. She wiped her tears and started explaining her situation

You know, how thick friends me and Sarah are, I nodded accepting the fact. Well, she fought with me and said she would never talk to me again.

I was surprised and asked why Sarah said so. We are having many ego clashes lately. I am annoyed by the way how she is reacting to certain things. She lets out her anger on me. I am not able to handle her now a days, my daughter complained non stop about her friend.

I saw my 15 year old little girl again. Did you ask her why she is angry lately? I asked my daughter. She said "Yes papa but she is not saying anything, she just keeps quiet or shouts at me, I am not sure what has gone wrong with us"

I said "Sweety, see somethings take time, may be she is not comfortable saying it to anyone now, may be she thinks you are one person she can scold and still can have in her life because you are her best friend."

My daughter seems to be surprised, It's true papa I never thought about this situation in this angle.

I said "to get a great relationship we should have endless patience, ocean of love and selfless care"

She seemed to have agreed with it and said she would take care of her friend. I gladly smiled.

Turned out her friend Sarah was having family problems and was hesitating to ask help from Sweety.

My daughter stood by her friend like a rock and they both solved everything together, I was so proud of her.

Days passed by sooner, my darling daughter is now married have two kids. Me and my wife are all alone at home.

She keeps writing letters every now and then, though they are old fashioned we kind of like it. 

I am eagerly waiting for the letter from sweety. It is my birthday today:)

I opened mail box and saw a green envelope already waiting for me.

Dear Dad,

I was wondering if we could find anything 100% pure in this world. I checked every object I have known but everything has an impurity of some sort. 

It occurred to me that objects are lifeless for a reason. Only thing that is 100% or say 10000% pure is love and especially Dad's love.

I knew I caused pain and irritated you n number of times but I never saw you reacting to it in a bad way. I never even saw you angry at me.

How could you not be angry for my faults, I know I would have even screamed at you madly. I know I even betrayed your trust. I take this moment to say sorry for any pain I have caused you.

I wish I could be 10% as good parent as you are.

I wish I could achieve peace in life as much as you have.

I still remember the words you told me 

I will strive to have endless patience, I would try to show ocean of love, I would care selflessly.

I wish I could grow up like you.

You are my super hero, You would remain the same forever.


I have tears in my eyes...the ones with happiness and my chest popped up few inches with pride reading the letter. This is the best birthday gift I ever received!

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