Thursday, 23 March 2017


What will be first thing that strikes when you think of word addiction?

I know lot of us think about cigarettes, Alcohol or drugs.

There are few more dangerous addictions in the world. 

If you are a teetotaler you might proudly say I don't have any addiction.

I guess we all have addictions...few are good, like love;)

Few screw our lives. I am speaking about something which is spreading widely and rapidly through out world. Something which is becoming a part of our life in a bad way.

By now  you know what I am speaking about. Yes, it is Facebook, whats app, other social media messengers and last but not least Netflix.

We all start with just one episode, just one hour of chatting, just one hour of scrolling

By the time we realize the precious time would be gone. End of the early morning( at around 3 A.M...that would be sleeping time for lots of people) we would think sh*t I will never waste my time again and repeat the same thing from next day and that's when we know we are addicted.

Sadly we don't have any rehab for this but luckily it is all in our head and we can take control of our actions just say by uninstalling apps for a few days and see the beauty of life.

Once you know what we are missing in our life...I am sure we can reduce usage of anything to minimal.

I am not against technology...I am proud of inventions, there are many positive sides to this. But anything in excess is a hazard.

Irony of this post is I got to promote it through Facebook:):)

Happy reading!

Harika Bojanala
Go Green...Save trees:)

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