Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The happy post

"I am writing a happy post today" is what I thought. After an hour of brainstorming, I thought, who am I kidding, no women's life is pure happiness.

We struggle, we work hard and we earn anything putting our maximum selves, that's how we know the value of things. Nothing comes easy for us.

There are so many things which gets noticed only after we stop doing things. Being a women is like working 24*7 with out hikes and promotions. Though we get a promotion in the form of a child that makes us do 48 hours of work in 24 hours, but we happily do it because we respect relationships and we love people.

Here is to women, who does daily chores with out a word of appreciation from loved ones. Here is to women who wake up at 5 in the morning, prepare break fast, lunch, get kids ready to school, checks if husband had his lunch box packed and finally get's ready for her office. Here is to women who comes tired from work but does not rest a second to take care of her family. You deserve lot more than you get from this world. YOU ARE AWESOME.

I know there comes a time, when we think what are we doing and for whom are we making our bodies go through hell but what keeps us sane is we have people that love us.

It is freaking cold outside. Even with the jacket we might freeze to death, Don't go out side. That is how our conscience will respond if we are in Himalayan region but not for bunch of girls who would fill a pool with bucket(yes true) in the deathly colder time. They were not doing it as part of any ice bucket challenge nor for fun. They were doing it to represent our country for ice hockey. They were preparing rink of their own with the help of nature. The pool would get frozen through the night so they can practice hockey during the day. What gave you that dedication girls?
You go girls, win us a cup.

Their passion, dedication and team effort never ceases to surprise me. They are true inspiration. Read about Indian women Ice hockey team and their struggle here.


Thanks to people who contributed for them. Our Women are  finally representing for IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia. I wish them all the very best.

I am ashamed to read number of rape incidents happening around world. How could they do it? I pray to God, there has to be a law to hang the people immediately and make their death so horrible that even the thought should scare them.

At least from this day, I hope women can finally walk safely whatever time or day it is.

Happy women's day:):)

Harika Bojanala
Go Green...Save Trees

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