Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Part 9: Life is full of surprises

I finished the little story I developed and was excited about Richard's response. I woke up early and headed to college little earlier than usual time. I was waiting for Richard to show up at his usual time, to my surprise he was there early too.

I tried to give him the printed copies of the story but Richard insisted on me reading every line by myself. His facial expressions and eyes somehow told me he was keen on story. When I read last word of it he looked at me and did not say anything.

That look assured me I was worth something. Later I asked him if he liked it. Richard said "kid, for a beginner that's wonderful but you still need to get hold on so much stuff"

I was little disappointed but accepted his truthfulness. I somehow feel connected to this old man. We went out in the lawn, Since the classes started by the time I completed my narration I decided to skip college for today and was seeking advice from old man.

Richard spoke a lot about his personal life.

Kid, I have always wanted to be a writer. There used to be ocean of thoughts pouring in me and something used to push me to write. When I sit down to write I was lack of words that made me feel worth less, I felt I was not up for it. There was always a battle going on with myself. Years passed by and I did not write even a single thing.

It was like, my words and thoughts never matched. How much ever I achieved in my life, this dream of mine killed me because I was not doing justice to it. I find same passion in you. I am telling you never give up.

Richard narrated me the story which was troubling him through out his life which gave me goose bumps.  Am I even worth writing this? that was the first question popped up to me when he completed projecting his thoughts.

He smiled. I know kid, you would be feeling the same way I felt, it runs in our blood. Put your heart and soul in it, make it your life and you will definitely succeed.

Those words inspired me like hell, an old man still fighting to put his thoughts in to words and desperately waiting for the world to read it and he chose me as an medium for it, that's when I decided I would do it.

I said, Richard, you would be proud by the time I complete it. He nodded and smiled happily. He left the place bidding bye.

I got a call form my father very next day and It was an awesome news. My sister's getting engaged.
I rushed home in the next available train. I hugged my sister as soon as I got home and teased her for a while. She could not stop blushing.

Soon there would be function in home we started cleaning up the house. Old golden memories popped up, my article collection, marbles I was saving, coins, key chains and a bunch of school memories just refreshed my day.

"Aloki enough cleaning your room, come here and help me in dad's room" ordered my mom. I made my room crystal clean and ran in to my dad's room. We were cleaning Dad's cupboard, I saw something, I rubbed my eyes twice and its still the same. I fell down and passed out.

I see some one sprinkling water on me, I slowly got up and realized it was my mom. My mom was shaking me trying to bring me back to life, I stammered "that....Richard...how"

My mom asked me to take deep breaths. After I calmed me she asked me what's the matter. I asked her why is Richard's photo in dad's cupboard? She was surprised. How would you know Richard?

I was still in shock, on the photo it was written  Richard Birth:1850 Death: 1900. Was Richard dead? how could I see him?

I tried to gather answers from my mom first instead of scaring her. I said nothing mom, I just did not have breakfast in the morning properly, I might have fainted. My mom was relieved. She asked me how I knew his name and I pointed at the photograph which had name on it.

Richard was your Dad's grandfather. This photo might have been stored by your grandfather. He died when your dad was young I believe. You can ask your dad if you want more details.

Though I nodded to her I could not stop thinking of it. Did I speak to a person who was invisible to everyone all these days?

I was waiting for dad to come home soon. I hear his activa making noise outside. I went straight to him with the photograph and asked "dad, tell me everything about great grandfather" he was surprised. He said Richard was great man Aloki, my father used to speak high about him. unfortunately I could not spend much time with him, he passed away when I was young.

I saluted to the old man for his zest and started to bring him back to life through words.

I began writing the story which was untold from 217 years.


Go Green...Save Trees:)
Harika Bojanala

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