Sunday, 31 August 2014

Chapter11:Broken Trust!!

I felt so relaxed seeing the letter, that I wanted some change in atmosphere and place so that I will have a diversion from my tensions. I called up Sanchit and told him same. He was more than happy to see me again and asked me to come over to Mumbai.

I flew to Mumbai very next day and Sanchit was waiting for me in the airport. Every effort I tried to hide my feelings and tensions failed very badly, I looked pale and dull, Sanchit got to know that very easily, he gave me a light hug and asked me to relax and be cool.

We reached his home and his mom and dad were also there and they treated me just like their daughter. I was overwhelmed by parental care and love after a long time. After Sanchit's mom, insisting me to eat, I had food and Sanchit led me to guest room and asked me to take care and have good sleep for a while.

It took me full 60 minutes to pull Pramod out of my thoughts and lay down for a while.I guess I had slept for half day completely, after waking up I checked for the time and it was 7P.M in the night. I scolded myself for sleeping so long and not spending time with people over there.

Sanchit's mom knocked the door, got in and asked me if I was well, I said sorry aunty, I just slept off and didn't notice time. she was like, 'nothing beti, you take care and kissed on my forehead'. I thanked God for giving me good friends.

I took 10 minutes to fresh up and came out smiling. Sanchit complimented me for my smile and I smiled back at him. Me, aunt and Sanchit sat on the terrace and our chat went on so long that uncle joined us and teased aunt if she was in any plans to serve us food or she will fill our stomach with her words. we all laughed in unison and went down to have food.

After having food Sanchit took me to balcony and we sat on the bean chairs enjoying the cool weather and fresh air. Then he started, Sanjana, I got to know about Pramod, whatever Sameer told you is true, you please don't have any hopes that he will come back to you. Sameer had enquired about him deeply after this incident, we don't want you to get more hurt, whatever happened is enough.

Before he could say anything, I showed him the letter I got today, and told him that Pramod will be back soon. Sanchit started saying and it went on like this, 'the person who had faked everything with you, is quite capable of faking about letters, I think even the previous letter was not sent by Pramod, trust me don't think about him, I mean I know it is not easy, we will find him out and put him before you'.

I was dumbstruck, everyone are saying the same, I could not believe what Sanchit had just said. I simply nodded and said I will try my best.

'I chose perfect friends in my life, I chose perfect career, I chose to go to places I liked, I learnt things on my own, I became independent, did I not chose right person to be with whole of my life? Did I fail in Love?' my thoughts were taunting me.

 Next morning, we went on shopping for aunt, to mall, I was selecting best sarees for her, Sanchit was standing outside saying that he will not involve in ladies shopping, I didn't wanted to disappoint aunt with my problems so I was trying my best to look happy, we both winked at Sanchit and appreciated his smartness for not involving in our shopping, but ultimately he was the one who is going to pay the bill;)

We completed shopping, and Sanchit planned for a movie, I was in no mood to watch movie, I was planning to tell him the same,before I spoke anything aunt said she was tired and we will go to movie latter,  we got in to lift and were about to leave, in the ground floor, I saw a couple holding hands and smiling forgetting whole world, I missed him, very badly, if I had powers to get people before me when I wish, I would have never let him away from me once I held his hand.

My vision blurred when I approached close to the couple, it was Pramod!!! holding a girl's hand and smiling. Tears rolled out of my cheeks, I could not say a word, he still did not notice me, if Sanchit sees Pramod, he would get blood out of him for cheating me, yeah I was wondering how I started believing that he cheated me.

I tried to move out as fast as possible so that Sanchit will not see him, just at the nick of the moment, Sanchit turned around to see some goggles located exactly where Pramod was standing, it all happened, Sanchit could not hold his anger, he directly went and caught hold of Pramod and slapped him, like literally

I dragged him back with all my energy and aunt too helped me, finally Sanchit calmed down, we all moved out of the mall and I said I would speak with Pramod for a while and Sanchit asked me to be careful and left us. Aunt was completely puzzled not knowing what was happening over there.

Finally, we, only me and Pramod were there alone, I was looking at his eyes, the eyes which I believed to have innocence and love for me, the eyes which gave me trust that we would be together forever, but he was looking somewhere down. I expected him to be sorry for me.

Pramod, say something, you at least owe me some explanation for leaving me just like that with out informing me...I was still speaking, it sounded like he did not listen any of my words and he was not paying attention.

After speaking me so much, I got pissed off with the one sided conversation with out a response. I just sat there, then he said something which made me realize how dumb I was to fall for him, how childishly I believed that he loved me. His words were like flow, unusual to the way he acted silent and calm before me

Nithya, Hey sorry Sanjana...I still laugh thinking how you believed my story about Nithya, I still wonder how easily I deceived you, how easily you trusted me, and yeah to tell you, you were the first girl who fell for me in just few days, so sweet of you, and Thank you for everything.

His smile no longer remained natural, everything was built up, his move, his smile, his talks, his chats, his words, his identity, not even a minute, he was real.

But I still wondered about letters, I innocently asked him about the letters, he rudely said, he never sent them, it was as much new to him too, as it was to me when I told him about letters, but he used the situation and created a scenario that it was him. I cried and finally asked him, what if I go and complaint to police about him and the way he is cheating women,he recklessly asked me to do whatever I wanted and he doesn't care. I finally bid a goodbye to him and thanked him for teaching a lesson in my life and I would never contact him.

Strangely I did not get angry on him, it was hard for me to believe whatever I experienced few minutes before,  I see Sanchit fighting with Pramod, aunt holding him back and Pramod leaving the place and finally disappear from my eyesight.

He just disappeared from me but not from my heart , every wonderful minute I spent with him passed through my mind, the way I used to share with him every small incident that gave us happiness, every problem I used to hide just because he would get sad seeing me dull.

We reached home and I just went inside the room and started crying till all the pain moves out, Sanchit took time to explain things to aunt, that's when she said at least they should have checked about Pramod once I told them, Sanchit was like, we did not expect him to be like that Mom, he looks so innocent, no one would even get doubt on him.She finally sighed and said you kids have to let us know things before taking life decisions.

She was 100% correct, I took time to talk to my brother, to tell him every god damn thing but did not have guts to tell him about Pramod. Finally I paid for everything, its me who have to suffer now. I just wept and rested on her lap. I can never forget the support Sanchit's mom had given me that minute.

Suddenly I acted brave, I told Sanchit, I am matured enough to handle things and I would resume my work and will leave the next day and asked him to book tickets for me. He was surprised by my reaction but booked the tickets, provided, that he too joined me till Banglore.

We finally reached Banglore, Sanchit stayed with me for a day along with Neha and Sameer. Then I insisted, they resume their work back and I would be normal soon. They left my place half heartedly.

Now, things were clear, Pramod cheated me, I should overcome the rough phase of my life and move on, I told to myself. For a moment,I thought it was easy and everything is going to be fine.

Is it going to be so easy like Sanjana thought?
How did she move on?

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Chapter10: Expected happened!!

I lay there staring in to nothing, memorising every minute I spent with him, the wonderful time we had together, it was so perfect, I can never ever think that Pramod is not the one, who he was with me.

Never knew when I slept off, it was a wonderful dream and yeah it was me and Pramod doing something romantic.I smiled myself after waking up from the sleep, I logged  in to Gmail to send him my dream, wording my cutest dreams to Pramod is one of my best time I ever spend, when I start to write a mail/letter to him, I think more about him, I try to recollect every moment of my life with him, the mail went on something like this

Sweet heart,  will you listen to my dream?? I know you would be ever ready:)

We were playing around for a while using code languages, you suddenly got this urge to kiss me and you started sending signals to me which I never understood. Then finally you gave up thought of explaining me what you wanted and that is when I made faces and reached you, kissed you so innocently! We both were so happy that we have connection through hearts rather than anything else in the world.

Lots of Love,

I finished typing and hit send button. I was so excited about his reply. Holding my excitement, I got up from my bed to fresh up.

After having breakfast and foaming tea with elachi, I refreshed the web page to check for his reply, I had one new mail but it was some


I opened it and saw the notification was for Pramod's email. Slowly everything striked in my mind...whatever Sameer had told me. For a while I forgot everything and I emailed to him as if nothing happened and I behaved so damn NORMAL when my life is completely screwed up.

But this emails, phone calls will not break my trust, I still believe Pramod is somewhere finding means to reach me.I believe in Love and the trust I have for Pramod is irreplaceable.

He will reach you Sanjana, don't worry, I told to myself, I boosted my spirits up and reached office. Neha tried consoling me, to her surprise, I was so normal that she could not say any word, but she was happy seeing me strong.

I forced myself for diversion and concentrated on work, then again I got a call from an unknown number and I picked it up, it was from some courier service, I was so happy this time and sped fast  to pick it up.

It was the same gift wrapper which I got earlier and a beautiful letter and yeah new collection of chocolates packed in a heart shaped box.

I opened it to see what Pramod has sent this time.

Can't wait to see you angel!!

Lots of Love,

I felt relieved and happy at same time. This made sure Pramod is some where around and he will reach me soon

what next??

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Chapter9: Is Love blind??

To my extreme disappointment, Pramod's room was closed. I checked with house owner and he said Pramod vacated the room and left in hurry and he didn't even inform him where he was going.

Later I tried reaching him again, through phone, it said not reachable now. All these series of incidents led me to shock. Neha calmed me down and we both went back to my apartment.

I was worried if some of his friends or family might be not well and he may be in remote area where his phone can not be reached. He was never irresponsible, so I thought this might be some emergency case and he could not reach me by anyway. I made 1000 prayers to god that Pramod and his family should be well.

If something like this happens you wish to meet them so much than ever and you miss them like hell. I waited till afternoon for his word, but I heard none from him, then I became restless, tears started pouring in. Neha was also upset and informed Sameer about Pramod. He reached my home in a while.

Then it occurred to me, I didn't know any of his details, his friends names, numbers, I just knew that his family consisted of him,mom and dad and no siblings. He just said his place was far from Bangalore and strangely I never went in to details, I was so blindly in Love with him. The only person I knew about his friend was Nithya and she too was not in touch with him.

I remembered his mention about his colleague once, and immediately we started to office and I got in touch with him and heard some words which should have never reached me.

Pramod resigned in office long back and it became quite obvious to people that he will be leaving since there was a meeting, and yeah the before day was his last working day and he never had any relationship with any of team member unless if it is work.

That was big shock to me, I still was wondering why didn't he tell me anything? what were his plans?

It were all questions in my brain that were running, Did Nithya come back to his life? Even if she comes, why didn't he tell me,he knew that I will be the happiest person if he meets Nithya, and yeah he said they were just friends.

I didn't have answer for anything, I just wanted to disappear from everyone for a while and stay locked up in my room..I just left the place though Sameer and Neha were saying something.

I was expecting a message from him now or then, I reached my home and my phone beeped, I knew what ever I thought was correct he would tell me everything, but to make me more irritated, it was some promotional message, I just felt like throwing my phone far away with all the strength I had, but it was the only way I was left with to reach him, so I kept it on the table safely and fell on the sofa.

It was about 8 in the night and I was in same position and did not move an inch, Sameer and Neha knocked my door I thought they had some good news to tell, so I moved in hurry and opened the door, and looked at them expectantly

The look they threw at me, their eyes were completely filled with pity for me. I now was wondering if Pramod was well and asked them same. Our conversation went on like this

Sanjana, listen I know it is very hard for you to digest this fact, Pramod is not how you expected him to be and he was never the person he was with you.

I was not ready to listen anything from them, I just wanted them to tell me that he is alive and happy, I asked them same.

Though they were saying something else I irritated them to answer my question and they were like he is pretty much alive and he is smart enough to cheat you.

I felt so much relieved after listening that he was alive and yeah I gave a smile at them and they were like what the hell are you doing Sanjana, can't you understand that he cheated you?

I was not ready to accept anything else they said but I was just listening. My face went completely expressionless may be because of the LOVE I had for him or I was completely blind and fell in love.

Sameer left my home after taking oath from me that I would at least try to come out of all these events and have my food, Neha insisted on she staying with me, but I forced her to leave, I wanted sometime for myself to think about all of this, to really decide if Pramod cheated me or it was just an illusion.

Later in the night after checking my phone I did not receive any message from was 10000th time I was checking my phone waiting for his message.Yeah it was none, there was no Good night message, there was no winking smileys, there were no calls and there was no Pramod

I recalled what Sameer told me before he left,

Pramod, acts very smart, he plays around with so many girls, for every company he works, he finds a girl and make her fall for her, and he is completley selfish and if he finds a better job in other company, he leaves the current job and so the girlfriend, he completely goes clueless and make sure that he leaves the city and gets a new sim and stuff

One worst part is there is no Nithya in his life, and if he goes to next company, he uses your name instead of Nithya but the story remains same everywhere. It was the clue he had given to you how he would leave you if he gets bored of you, just in the story how he mentioned about Nithya.

It was just too much for me to take in a single day and yeah I was still not believing any of the thing Sameer had said, may be some one gave him wrong information about Pramod. My Pramod never cheats me, after all we truly were in Love!!

Did Pramod really cheat Sanjana, or it was just a wrong infromation.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Chapter8: Love-Confused-Letter:)

The new rule created more LOVE between us. Though it was tough to manage, I enjoyed storing whole of my day's incidents and sharing with him in the nights over phone. Our conversations were endless.

Pramod showered my life with happiness,sprinkled it with joy. That wonderful time we had spent together was irreplaceable. During one of our conversations I asked him why he loved me, I still feel it was just a magic and how it happened to us  was completely clueless.

Pramod didn't answer my question for long time. I was wondering what he was thinking.Later he changed the topic and we slept off in the late night.

The very next day, I was seriously working on an issue and I got a call from an unknown number. I picked up the call hesitantly. The guy in the call said Madam you have a courier. I was surprised and rechecked with him if it was me he was looking for. He asked me if I was Sanjana, I said Yes and he asked me to pick up the parcel.

I went down and picked it up. It was beautifully gift wrapped and truly, I just fell for the color and the way it was packed. I expected it to be Pramod's plan and a smile escaped from my face unknowingly.
I carefully took out the wrapper and opened the box and a letter enclosed in it.

I started reading the letter, here it goes

'LOVE'- Until I met you, it was just like any other English word in my life. Now you made me experience it, feel it and fill my heart with pleasure.

I just want to say how much I love you through my words inscribed,

No one else made me forget whole world just for one person like how you did,

No one else made me feel so special and great

I can bear any pain just to see you smiling Sanjana.

Your's everloving,

I was so happy seeing the letter, I immediately wanted to meet Pramod. But I was little confused, there was no mention of his name anywhere and when I asked the courier guy about sender, he said he didn knew it.

I tried reaching Pramod, but he cut the call. I thought it was a part of his plan and he would meet me directly. But nothing as such happened.

I reread the letter so many times. How much ever we are advanced technologically, hand written letters always hold special place in heart. That letter simply stole my heart, and yeah the other box had all my favourite chocolates collection:)

I had one chocolate, inspite of watching out my diet;)

I held other chocolates in store to share with Pramod;)

I was overwhelmed and could not hold my excitement to share that minute with Pramod, I called him again, he cut the call even the second time. I felt bad. But I thought someone else was holding his phone for any other reason and not picking up.

Since I had no option, I waited for him to  call back. In the evening when I was about to leave office, he called me. I was like flood of questions, what happened to you Pramod, why did not you pick the call? Are you fine?

Pramod was like, did you call me?

Me: Yeah, I called you twice

Pramod: I was rushing in to meeting and my colleague was playing game and I forgot to pick it from him, he didnot even mention me that you had called me.

Me: Okay, you are fine right, That's enough:)

Pramod: So sweet of you, by the way, my sweety missed me so much I it?

Me: Yeah,if you keep sending me such awesome gifts, I would definitely miss you:)

Pramod: Gift, which gift???

Me: Stop kidding Pramod...I got your letter:)

Pramod: Ohh!!I thought I would play around for some more time.

Me: Very smart!

Pramod: You know that:)

Me: So you wantedly missed name on it and teased me.

Pramod: That was the plan:))

Me: Okay, let's meet now??

Pramod: Yeah

We went to restaurant near by. It was my turn to give him a surprise. So I planned a candle light dinner for him. we had splendid time and Pramod loved the place and Thanked me for everything. I kissed him on forehead and told him how much I loved the letter. He just smiled- his- natural-cutest- smile .

We bid Goodbyes after reaching our home, Pramod was watching me till I got inside and even after that:)(I just checked if he was around, from my balcony)

My day starts with his warm Good morning message and ends with his Sweet dreams and a winking smiley message.

The next morning I checked my mobile, but there was no message from him, I thought he might be sleeping, so I wished him Goood Morning with hearts. OMG! this hearts in whatsapp, they convey loads of emotions...I just love them. But some how Pramod doesnot use them much, So I too stopped using them,its when sometimes I feel like telling him so many things and can not tell I use them(Hidden emotions)

There was no response till afternoon. I called him to check of he was well, no one received the call, after a while, I got tensed and started to his room, Neha stopped me in between and asked me why I was looking tesned, I told her all and she said she would join me, we both reached Pramod's room.

What next? why did not he pick her call? was he ill?

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