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Chapter9: Is Love blind??

To my extreme disappointment, Pramod's room was closed. I checked with house owner and he said Pramod vacated the room and left in hurry and he didn't even inform him where he was going.

Later I tried reaching him again, through phone, it said not reachable now. All these series of incidents led me to shock. Neha calmed me down and we both went back to my apartment.

I was worried if some of his friends or family might be not well and he may be in remote area where his phone can not be reached. He was never irresponsible, so I thought this might be some emergency case and he could not reach me by anyway. I made 1000 prayers to god that Pramod and his family should be well.

If something like this happens you wish to meet them so much than ever and you miss them like hell. I waited till afternoon for his word, but I heard none from him, then I became restless, tears started pouring in. Neha was also upset and informed Sameer about Pramod. He reached my home in a while.

Then it occurred to me, I didn't know any of his details, his friends names, numbers, I just knew that his family consisted of him,mom and dad and no siblings. He just said his place was far from Bangalore and strangely I never went in to details, I was so blindly in Love with him. The only person I knew about his friend was Nithya and she too was not in touch with him.

I remembered his mention about his colleague once, and immediately we started to office and I got in touch with him and heard some words which should have never reached me.

Pramod resigned in office long back and it became quite obvious to people that he will be leaving since there was a meeting, and yeah the before day was his last working day and he never had any relationship with any of team member unless if it is work.

That was big shock to me, I still was wondering why didn't he tell me anything? what were his plans?

It were all questions in my brain that were running, Did Nithya come back to his life? Even if she comes, why didn't he tell me,he knew that I will be the happiest person if he meets Nithya, and yeah he said they were just friends.

I didn't have answer for anything, I just wanted to disappear from everyone for a while and stay locked up in my room..I just left the place though Sameer and Neha were saying something.

I was expecting a message from him now or then, I reached my home and my phone beeped, I knew what ever I thought was correct he would tell me everything, but to make me more irritated, it was some promotional message, I just felt like throwing my phone far away with all the strength I had, but it was the only way I was left with to reach him, so I kept it on the table safely and fell on the sofa.

It was about 8 in the night and I was in same position and did not move an inch, Sameer and Neha knocked my door I thought they had some good news to tell, so I moved in hurry and opened the door, and looked at them expectantly

The look they threw at me, their eyes were completely filled with pity for me. I now was wondering if Pramod was well and asked them same. Our conversation went on like this

Sanjana, listen I know it is very hard for you to digest this fact, Pramod is not how you expected him to be and he was never the person he was with you.

I was not ready to listen anything from them, I just wanted them to tell me that he is alive and happy, I asked them same.

Though they were saying something else I irritated them to answer my question and they were like he is pretty much alive and he is smart enough to cheat you.

I felt so much relieved after listening that he was alive and yeah I gave a smile at them and they were like what the hell are you doing Sanjana, can't you understand that he cheated you?

I was not ready to accept anything else they said but I was just listening. My face went completely expressionless may be because of the LOVE I had for him or I was completely blind and fell in love.

Sameer left my home after taking oath from me that I would at least try to come out of all these events and have my food, Neha insisted on she staying with me, but I forced her to leave, I wanted sometime for myself to think about all of this, to really decide if Pramod cheated me or it was just an illusion.

Later in the night after checking my phone I did not receive any message from was 10000th time I was checking my phone waiting for his message.Yeah it was none, there was no Good night message, there was no winking smileys, there were no calls and there was no Pramod

I recalled what Sameer told me before he left,

Pramod, acts very smart, he plays around with so many girls, for every company he works, he finds a girl and make her fall for her, and he is completley selfish and if he finds a better job in other company, he leaves the current job and so the girlfriend, he completely goes clueless and make sure that he leaves the city and gets a new sim and stuff

One worst part is there is no Nithya in his life, and if he goes to next company, he uses your name instead of Nithya but the story remains same everywhere. It was the clue he had given to you how he would leave you if he gets bored of you, just in the story how he mentioned about Nithya.

It was just too much for me to take in a single day and yeah I was still not believing any of the thing Sameer had said, may be some one gave him wrong information about Pramod. My Pramod never cheats me, after all we truly were in Love!!

Did Pramod really cheat Sanjana, or it was just a wrong infromation.

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