Thursday, 21 August 2014

Chapter10: Expected happened!!

I lay there staring in to nothing, memorising every minute I spent with him, the wonderful time we had together, it was so perfect, I can never ever think that Pramod is not the one, who he was with me.

Never knew when I slept off, it was a wonderful dream and yeah it was me and Pramod doing something romantic.I smiled myself after waking up from the sleep, I logged  in to Gmail to send him my dream, wording my cutest dreams to Pramod is one of my best time I ever spend, when I start to write a mail/letter to him, I think more about him, I try to recollect every moment of my life with him, the mail went on something like this

Sweet heart,  will you listen to my dream?? I know you would be ever ready:)

We were playing around for a while using code languages, you suddenly got this urge to kiss me and you started sending signals to me which I never understood. Then finally you gave up thought of explaining me what you wanted and that is when I made faces and reached you, kissed you so innocently! We both were so happy that we have connection through hearts rather than anything else in the world.

Lots of Love,

I finished typing and hit send button. I was so excited about his reply. Holding my excitement, I got up from my bed to fresh up.

After having breakfast and foaming tea with elachi, I refreshed the web page to check for his reply, I had one new mail but it was some


I opened it and saw the notification was for Pramod's email. Slowly everything striked in my mind...whatever Sameer had told me. For a while I forgot everything and I emailed to him as if nothing happened and I behaved so damn NORMAL when my life is completely screwed up.

But this emails, phone calls will not break my trust, I still believe Pramod is somewhere finding means to reach me.I believe in Love and the trust I have for Pramod is irreplaceable.

He will reach you Sanjana, don't worry, I told to myself, I boosted my spirits up and reached office. Neha tried consoling me, to her surprise, I was so normal that she could not say any word, but she was happy seeing me strong.

I forced myself for diversion and concentrated on work, then again I got a call from an unknown number and I picked it up, it was from some courier service, I was so happy this time and sped fast  to pick it up.

It was the same gift wrapper which I got earlier and a beautiful letter and yeah new collection of chocolates packed in a heart shaped box.

I opened it to see what Pramod has sent this time.

Can't wait to see you angel!!

Lots of Love,

I felt relieved and happy at same time. This made sure Pramod is some where around and he will reach me soon

what next??

Follow week

Harika Bojanala:)
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