Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Chapter8: Love-Confused-Letter:)

The new rule created more LOVE between us. Though it was tough to manage, I enjoyed storing whole of my day's incidents and sharing with him in the nights over phone. Our conversations were endless.

Pramod showered my life with happiness,sprinkled it with joy. That wonderful time we had spent together was irreplaceable. During one of our conversations I asked him why he loved me, I still feel it was just a magic and how it happened to us  was completely clueless.

Pramod didn't answer my question for long time. I was wondering what he was thinking.Later he changed the topic and we slept off in the late night.

The very next day, I was seriously working on an issue and I got a call from an unknown number. I picked up the call hesitantly. The guy in the call said Madam you have a courier. I was surprised and rechecked with him if it was me he was looking for. He asked me if I was Sanjana, I said Yes and he asked me to pick up the parcel.

I went down and picked it up. It was beautifully gift wrapped and truly, I just fell for the color and the way it was packed. I expected it to be Pramod's plan and a smile escaped from my face unknowingly.
I carefully took out the wrapper and opened the box and a letter enclosed in it.

I started reading the letter, here it goes

'LOVE'- Until I met you, it was just like any other English word in my life. Now you made me experience it, feel it and fill my heart with pleasure.

I just want to say how much I love you through my words inscribed,

No one else made me forget whole world just for one person like how you did,

No one else made me feel so special and great

I can bear any pain just to see you smiling Sanjana.

Your's everloving,

I was so happy seeing the letter, I immediately wanted to meet Pramod. But I was little confused, there was no mention of his name anywhere and when I asked the courier guy about sender, he said he didn knew it.

I tried reaching Pramod, but he cut the call. I thought it was a part of his plan and he would meet me directly. But nothing as such happened.

I reread the letter so many times. How much ever we are advanced technologically, hand written letters always hold special place in heart. That letter simply stole my heart, and yeah the other box had all my favourite chocolates collection:)

I had one chocolate, inspite of watching out my diet;)

I held other chocolates in store to share with Pramod;)

I was overwhelmed and could not hold my excitement to share that minute with Pramod, I called him again, he cut the call even the second time. I felt bad. But I thought someone else was holding his phone for any other reason and not picking up.

Since I had no option, I waited for him to  call back. In the evening when I was about to leave office, he called me. I was like flood of questions, what happened to you Pramod, why did not you pick the call? Are you fine?

Pramod was like, did you call me?

Me: Yeah, I called you twice

Pramod: I was rushing in to meeting and my colleague was playing game and I forgot to pick it from him, he didnot even mention me that you had called me.

Me: Okay, you are fine right, That's enough:)

Pramod: So sweet of you, by the way, my sweety missed me so much I it?

Me: Yeah,if you keep sending me such awesome gifts, I would definitely miss you:)

Pramod: Gift, which gift???

Me: Stop kidding Pramod...I got your letter:)

Pramod: Ohh!!I thought I would play around for some more time.

Me: Very smart!

Pramod: You know that:)

Me: So you wantedly missed name on it and teased me.

Pramod: That was the plan:))

Me: Okay, let's meet now??

Pramod: Yeah

We went to restaurant near by. It was my turn to give him a surprise. So I planned a candle light dinner for him. we had splendid time and Pramod loved the place and Thanked me for everything. I kissed him on forehead and told him how much I loved the letter. He just smiled- his- natural-cutest- smile .

We bid Goodbyes after reaching our home, Pramod was watching me till I got inside and even after that:)(I just checked if he was around, from my balcony)

My day starts with his warm Good morning message and ends with his Sweet dreams and a winking smiley message.

The next morning I checked my mobile, but there was no message from him, I thought he might be sleeping, so I wished him Goood Morning with hearts. OMG! this hearts in whatsapp, they convey loads of emotions...I just love them. But some how Pramod doesnot use them much, So I too stopped using them,its when sometimes I feel like telling him so many things and can not tell I use them(Hidden emotions)

There was no response till afternoon. I called him to check of he was well, no one received the call, after a while, I got tensed and started to his room, Neha stopped me in between and asked me why I was looking tesned, I told her all and she said she would join me, we both reached Pramod's room.

What next? why did not he pick her call? was he ill?

Follow me next week:)

Harika Bojanala
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