Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Part6: unforeseen

After a deep analysis and knowing  I can't do anything about it...I forced my brain not to think about it. It flew to a different direction, I made root cause analysis for sarayu's whats called as an intelligent response. I thought sarayu might have been happy and sent a smiley  and my brain said think with common sense Ashwin, if she is happy why is she not talking to you.

Later that night my mobile beeped, it was a whatsapp message from Adarsh.

Any problem mate? you sounded troubled? would be glad to help you, if I can!

I smiled reading the message, he is saviour, when I last met Adarsh he saved my life, like I am alive just because of him. I was walking on a busy street with headset tucked in my ears and higher volume. I was so deeply involved in the music I didn't notice a car which was almost close to hit me, that's when Adarsh came running and dragged me aside. What I did not understand was he immediately started his bike and started following it at high speed, I shouted Adarsh, wait I am comming, he was long gone before I could say anything more. Later I tried reaching him through phone n number of times and I went to his room only to find it closed. He stayed alone and I have no contact with any one else who knows him. All my attempts to have any kind of contact with him were invain.

Now here he is, suddenly appeared in my life like a magic. I started feeling positive. I replied him, we will meet tomorrow at garden restaurant 10 A.M. He replied Ok.

Since it was sunday, there was little crowd in the restaurant. It was breezy pleasant morning. I was looking at the clouds and was thinking deeply, Don't gaze too much man, u will get even the clouds down! I turned around to see smiling Adarsh.

We ordered breakfast and started discussing. I explained him each and every bit of what had happened. He listened to everything patiently. Later he told me something which made me realise Sarayu's love towards me more.

Something might be bothering her man, may be a big thing which you hided ftrom her and which she found out or she must be under pressure about something, she might be struggling whether to tell you or not. Inspite of all these, she still loves you, that's how she didn't leave you, that's how she cooks your favourite stuff, that's how she is trying not to make your personal matters public.

After listening to what Adarsh said, I felt happy, atleast my so called happily ever after life is not going to end. Sarayu loves me. The thought itself made me feel better.

Comming to the secrets, I dont have one, I have shared everything with her. I even told her about my past affair and how we broke up, it was not even love, it was just two unmatured male and female who thought it was love and were in relationship for few months.

I finally asked Adarsh to advice me . He said time heals everythig and have faith in god. That was the least disppaointing reply I expected from him.

Umm I sighed and we parted ways. When we came out Adarsh started to home in his bike and I kick started my bike in opposite direction towards my home. That's when I noticed Sarayu in her vespa she wears an half helmet inspite of my insistence that it is not safe. She covered her face with the shawl. I was wondering where she is heading to at this hour.

I reluctantly followed her. I know it is worst manner but I didnt have any other choice. She was heading in the staraight road and was riding faster than her usual speed. She finally took a right turn and stopped at a restaurant. She parked her vehicle and went inside.

She went and sat in a table which said reserved.

I was in utter shock at the sight of what was happening there.

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