Thursday, 16 June 2016

Part5: Strange things at odd times

Sarayu got up with a thud and pushed me aside. I was so weak to even protest, I let go of her. I slept ignoring every freaking thing as if it never happened. My eyes were so heavy, it looked like I took responsibilities of each and every person in the world and I alone worked on their behalf. They refused to listen to me, for a while I ignored whole world and slept. 

I slept for what felt like an eternity, I woke up after a relaxed sleep and moved to kitchen to see if there was food left over for me. Sarayu prepared my favourite ragi balls and daal. Looks like even she didn't touch the food. I am scared now, she is turning out to be wierder day by day,  its time to take her to a doctor.

I took food in a plate and requested her to eat. Better mind your own freaking bussiness Mr.Ashwin was her curt reply. I sighed, I didn't want to spoil my health, I should be atleast strong enough to take care of her. I calmly sat at the couch and started eating.

Sarayu threw back, I-can't-believe-you-are-ignoring-me-and-eating look at me. I gave a weak smile. Surprisingly she waved her hand in the air saying whatever, she moved in to kitchen and got her food, she sat on the mini stool and started eating. I patted myself in mind and it felt like a perfect strategy to make her eat and gain health again.

We sat seperately and ate , with millions of thoughts running in each of us, the TV we were watching just felt like the background for those thoughts.

It was fun watching TV earlier. we have set it up so well, we used to play good old HD quality movies in our 42 inch sony TV which felt like a mini theater. I used to prepare pop corn and masala papad. Sarayu used to cook whichever I liked. Every Saturday night used to be heaven. We cuddle each other and enjoy the show. Half of the times Sarayu dozes off to sleep in the middle, I make her sleep comfortable, cover her with a blanket and reduce volume so that she does not get disturbed, She holds my hand in between and sleeps like a kid.

We are together even now but like 2 startngers in same room under same roof. Nothing else is common. If she really has a problem, can't she tell me? Am I that hard hearted man who does not listen? I drew towards negativity. It is at this time I behave like an idiot. Before I scold her again. I moved out slamming the door hard.

After going out I messaged her, Sarayu...I really love you. Please tell me if I did something wrong, I will definitely correct it, I swear. 

I know she ignores this message like 1000s of my useless messgaes from past few days. I roamed, roamed and roamed aimlessly. It started raining, I didn't mind getting drenched, so I started walking towards nowhere, Thats when suddenly put a hand on my shoulder, little scared I turned back only to see my old friend.

Hey Ashwin, Good to see you man! how are you! where were you all these days, he didn't change even a bit, he is same old Aadarsh who speaks non stop. I said ohh ohh Adarsh give your questions a break, u have not changed a bit. He laughed and we discussed how he suddenly appeared here. 

Adarsh was not actually my friend, we met rather strange. I rarely go to temples. But that day Rajan pulled me inside since it was his birthday and he is big devotee. Feeling bored inside, I looked at Adarsh who was lighting a diva with pure devotion. I could see it in his eyes. I rarely saw guys doing this stuff. So I even smiled at him. He smiled back. I could not sustain my eagerness. I somehow wanted to know what lead him to divinity. He smiled and said if time comes even you will be routed to GOD.

I did not understand it at that moment. Even now I don't understand it. I see Rajan doing prayers but I never noticed that spark in anyone else but Adarsh.

Me and Adarsh met in strangest kind of ways for few more days. He was in touch for few days and disappeared suddenly. Now he comes again. We spoke for longest time. 

It was almost in the mid night I reached home. We have 2 keys. I opened the door with my key and went inside. I opened my phone to save Adarsh number. I had asked him to dial in. Thats when I noticed. Sarayu had replied to my message. I felt like an achiever, my heart beat was faster than usual, if there was any meter to measure it would have blasted at the moment, I was scared to see the message. Finally I gained all strength and read it.All she sent is this


These girls!!!! Only God has super powers to understand them. Here I go I said God.

Later I wondered if it is God who created people, why did he make huge diffrence between men and women, why cant he make them similar atleast in thought process? 2 girsls can easily understand whats going on in their mind and same is the case with 2 boys. Also I noticed boys don't gave a deep thoughts to so many things to which girls over think and make it complicated.

Go Green...Save Trees:)

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