Thursday, 26 May 2016

Part5: Improbable

Na Aloki, I dont want to look in to it just now. Put your own thoughts, never seek for other's help while you are still writing it. I assure you. I will definetley help you edit and make corrections necessary at the end, said Richard.

Aloki nodded and kept her print out back. It has become practise for her to have a 30 minutes conversation with Richard everyday before her classes begins. Classes are exciting day by day. She didn't leave as soon as her classes are done, she is spending most of the time in library.

Somehow she didn't connect to people and didn't become close friends with any one yet. She felt it strange, She is such type of human where people instantly get connected, atleast thats what she heard all these days from people around her. She only had her room mates as friends now and none in college.

She maintained document in her phone, she writes when ever she gets fresh ideas. Sometimes when she sits to write her mind goes blank. She looks for real life incidents, sometimes even a word from people can inspire her to write.

After giving so much thought she gave up. She was struggling from morning to give name to her new book. Cool down Aloki, you can do it, she said to herself. She went through theme of her book mentally and suddenly it striked  her and she started scribbling in bold letters.


Relieved with the title, she started continuing the story from Ashwin's angle.

I dared to touch Sarayu who was lying on bed, by now I am sure pillow woud be completely wet. I took some tissues and handed it to her, she winced and threw my hand away. After a while, I gathered all my courage and held her in my arms, she didn't oppose, looks like she is calming down. My sinking feeling was moving away, slowly I felt better, I tried looking in to her eyes, to my disappointment she is sleeping.

I caressed her hair, kissed her on forehead and my thoughts rushed back to happy times we had, they seemed to be meant only for us.

Ashwin, its new movie out there, when are we going? called up excited Sarayu. I played with her for a while. Can't you think of the hour? Am lot busy than you and I hung up. I know, now she would have got her lower lip out and made a cute angry face. I visualised her face and smiled. She looks more cute when she does that.

I am equally scared that she may cry. Sarayu cries, like for every goddamn thing. that is one thing which I hate in her, I keep telling her, if there is any problem we will sort out together and never ever cry, I feel like an idiot when she cries, I always end up comparing my love with her parent's love and feel low. I always want to be on top in her view.

So I ended up calling her back in 5 minutes and surprised her that tickets were already booked for night show. Sarayu smiled.

It has become habit for us to watch night shows. We prefer going in bike unless it rains. Sarayu always puts her hand in my jacket while I drive. She says its cold and I love that. For a change she always drives back home. We have a kingdom of dogs which follows us on the way back, I would be scared but she says she can manage and accelrates.

On the way to movie she speaks a lot and I would be listening and vice versa happens. We majorly discuss reviews we had read about the movie and how we actually felt after watching the movie. I noticed, sometimes if movie is so bad that it gave us headache, Sarayu projects the story from her view and how she would have written it if she was the script writer. I suggest some other changes and we feel satisfied with our versions and laugh.

I remember n number of happy times we had. Now I see her silently lying in my lap like a kid. Unaware of everything.

Sarayu have the habbit of waking up late and I have habit of sleeping early. One day it so happened, she was in deep sleep and I was staring at her adorably. She just opened her eyes as if she knew that I was looking, she smiled and asked me why was I staring at her, I made a face and said my wife my wish. She laughed and hugged me. That day we slept hours together peacefully. I wish those days will be back soon.

Dreaming about future I drifted to sleep resting my back to the bed.

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