Thursday, 5 May 2016

Part 3: GOAL

Some how she is liking this, more than anything in the world, the college, the library, books and especially so many achieved personalities moving just before her like any other normal human beings. She was more eager to go to college, that sounds rare though.

The fight with metro appeared better today, since she had one precious day of experience. She directly went to libray since she had 20 mins for her first class to begin. She searched for the librarian to share her thoughts about yesterday and atleast gain 0.0001 th percentage of his knowledge. Looking all over the library for him, Aloki tucked her way back disappointed, there, he appeared at the entrance, Good Morning young lady. Looks like you are punctual exclaimed the old man. 

Aloki's eyes lit up at the sight of him and wished him Good morning with a warm smile. Sir, may I know your name? asked Aloki in polite way. You can call me Richard, I don't like being called as Sir. Since Aloki had handfull of experience calling her team mates by name inspite of their age she didn't see any problem calling him by name. 

She nodded as courtesy. Well, where you looking for me Aloki? Dont get surprised again, I overheard your name too yesterday and he smiled. Aloki laughed alog with him and she explained each and every bit of what she analysed about the stages and how amazing she felt about it later. 

That's the power of books Aloki, they do not let you sleep, they make you retless until you find your answers. But once you have the knowledge, they get the heaven out of you. That pleasure can only be experienced. I am glad you are one of them. Aloki felt blessed.

I think it is time for your class. Good luck for your first class greeted the old man. Aloki nodded and rushed to her class.

Aloki took the middle row which was vacant next ot Adithi. Adhithi waved at her. During the whole day at college she met bunch of new people, it sounded strange when she thought these people whom she never met before would be part of her life from today.

It's her Professor  Hrithika's words which still sounded in her thoughts, They boosted her, they pushed her , they routed her entirely to a goal. It felt like Hrithika digged out a deep secret which was hidden in Aloki from ages. She used her profesor's golden words as starting lines to her BOOK, the wish she held for so long, the wish that's turning out to be true.  

                  Let your dreams take shape
                  Give wings to your thougths
                  Let them the the the lovable world

Harika Bojanala

Go Green...Save trees:)

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