Monday, 16 May 2016

Part4: Origin

Let your dreams take shape
Give wings to your thougths

Let them the the the lovable world

I tell her these words and she threw up an puzzled expression. I know she would one day understand what I mean. I am married to her from 6 months, everything seems new, everything seems interesting, everything seems crazy, first 4 months flew like anything, we had innumerous happy moments. 

I dont know what's hurting her from past 2 months, she is behaving strange. She does not speak to me much, she rarely even look at me. Trying all means and ways, I failed to understand what's there in her brain. Worst part is she behaves as normal as evryday when there is someone's presence in my home. 

Slowly we are drifting apart, this barrier is bad, like it really sucks. Having her in my life was precious gift ever. I can understand she still cares. Not sure what has happened to her LOVE for me. People say men are rock and they never show feelings, it is true to certain extent, we generally don't show feelings but when it reaches peaks, its hard to hide. I decided to share....with my cousin Rajan.

Hey Rajan can you come down to our spot in 15 mins, I messaged him. Rajan rarely says no. As he replied, he was there on time. Its a hill view restaraunt we genrally go and drink. Hey Ashwin, Rajan greeted me. We ordered 2 chilled beers and settled down. He caught that I was sad within few minutes. 

What's wrong with you bro? asked Rajan. I threw up a smile which pretty much shows up it was forced.  Stop giving stupid smiles and tell me the matter demanded Mr. Rajan. I let out a deep sigh and explained him the situation. He understood that situation was worse than he expected and thought for a while.

Give her some more time and try to convince her, pamper her man, women always like to be pampered. She do expects your presence in her life, you are generally an workaholic ashole, take break and stay with her.

That sounded better to me aswell, next morning I called up my manager, applied one week leave, nothing mattered to me than Sarayu at this moment, I even planned a surprise tickets and gift wrapped them and placed in her cupboard. I peeped in to her room to secretly see her getting surprised, but what she did turned out to be a big shock to me. She tore the tickets angrily and put them in dustbin. That was hard to digest for me. 

I sneaked in to her romm and shouted at her, whats wrong with you Sarayu, have you gone mad??
She didn't even care to respond. She fell on the bed and slept crying. I cursed myself for scolding her, I should not have lost temper. This is not the way to manage, I should find proper solution and bring peace back to my life.

Aloki struggled with her thoughts, she is still in very starting phase of writing a full fledged book, she wondered how authors write such good content maintatining consistency through out the book. She mentally made note to show her starting pages to Richard and seek for corrections, she even thought of explaining the gist of her story to him.

Go Green....Save Trees:)

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