Friday, 22 April 2016

Part 1: First day of college!

It requires a beautiful heart to think and put your thoughts in to words! Those were the first words Aloki heard from her friend when she first posted in her own blog. she was so excited, she never knew it could lead her to write stories.

She was elated, even at the thought of her writing a blog, when someone posts a comment, it used to make her day. Aloki slowly grew in her blog, a little bigger day by day, She used to come up with different thoughts and feelings. She hates to get negativity in her blog.

She started concentrating more on her blog than her job. After a year or so she understood writing is  all she wanted in her life. She made up her mind to study literature to improve her skills in writing.
She put more efforts, she read more books, she heard many unsaid stories from her own friends, most of all, she believed in humanity.

She struggled in her job 2 more years and saved money for her own education. She finally took a deep breath and clicked on resignation button in her office tool. All memories passed through her mind, the very first day of her job where she had mixed feelings, happy that she is financially independent, happy that she could buy a scooty on her own, delighted that she could buy her mom whatever she asks for. She was a little scared too since it was completely new environment, far away from her parents!

She remembered how she started overcoming her fears and how she started making friends, how she started roaming around, having fun, how she learnt to live on her own.

This job gave me everything, I respect it forever, she thought to herself. It was major decision she had taken in her life, her brother said you have gone nuts to quit a job which is giving you everything, her mom said think twice before quitting, it was her dad  who patted her back and said "You go ahead with your decision, by the way, I am following your blog, when will next story be published", Aloki had tears when she knew her dad was actually following her blog, she casually told them she is in to writing.

She rarely have a deep conversation with her dad but at end of the day they both knew they are there for each other. Sometimes we dont need conversations to built a relationship, just their presence makes much difference.

Aloki wantedly moved to a different city, she wanted a change, she wanted to meet new set of people, she wanted to see different culture. She bid good by to her family and she hugged her friend who was crying.

She reached new city with dreams, aims and imaginations. Everythig attracted her!
She moved in to PG on sharing basis, She was thankful that her roomates were good, she knew how painful it would be if we dont have a good roomate.

They were kind enough to take her through the city and help her buy primary needs. She was glad that she came to this place. Awwww I would be in college the next  morning, she dreamt of her college, she wondered how it would be to join college after 5 years of gap, will she look like a distinctive feature among the students, will she be able to patch up with them, latter she calmed herself down, come on Aloki you are just 29 and not an old grandma, she even remembered a  female aged 55 joining college due to her undestructable love for education,  After a long struggle she went to sleep.

It was Alarm that woke her up in the morning, she was not a fashion freak but she knew how to look presentable and attractive. She gave one final glance in the mirror and said come on Aloki you are all set. Hey Aloki looking great, Good luck for your first day! her roomate wished her, Aloki threw her widest possible smile and thanked her, it's a good sign she told herself!

She was struggling atleast to stand comfortably in the over crowded metro. She was glad she chose a sling bag rather else she should become a super women to get a grip. After a good stretch of 20 mins she was finally out of the metro, She took a deep breath and sighed for the first day struggle.

The college was 10 minutes walk from the metro station. Earlier her grand dad  used to tell that bandits used to cover their face so that only their eyes are visible, though people resist them when they attack, they can't make out their identity. Now all women in the street looked like a proffessional way. She understood that there was no other option left out and it was like a protection from damn pollution. She too took her weapon out and transformed to a bandit, she was sure, even her mom would not recognise her in this avtar. She smiled at her very own thoughts.


She finally reached college, Aloki felt at that moment, there should have been someone with her, to tell her, everything will be alright and you will excell here, she cursed herself for not letting her dad to come with her. She closed her eyes, imagined a bright future, good friends and best teachers, she let a smile on her face and finally looked at the college adorably.


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