Friday, 1 April 2016

Sometimes it is good to get lost!

Yeah, I should reach there in another 15 minutes, I told to myself. Things appeared to be known, the hoardings I had seen earlier, the shops I kept in my mind, blindly just to remember the way, were passing fast. You are good to go girl! I said to myself. Hurrah I am almost there, I felt like patting my own back.

It was only after 20 minutes of tiresome, yeah, I remember seeing this, ah! no I think its another one, that I realized I lost my way!

I was supposed to pass through the service road and take a right turn but I copletely ignored the service road, like a racer and zoomed on the flyover which led me to an unknown mysterious place which I had never seen.

I stopped my scooty at a side and tried my luck with GPS. One two three...Done, its Gone forever ignoring me like how I ignored the service road, it appeared to me, as if my mobile threw an evil grin and wished me to have fun struggling.

I let go a sigh and kept the phone inside. Thank God, I dont have anyone waiting for me at the other end! Else, they would curse me for the delay through out life. I never knew a small fly over can grab your time just like that.

I enquired with people and found that un fortunately, there was no 'U' turn until next 3 kms to correct my mistake.

I thought ok fine, let me enjoy the ride and started driving forward. I drove around 2.9 kms on an average and started slowing down my vehicle just not to miss the 'U' turn again. 

I was almost near the U turn when I saw this man holding a stick to support his leg and was showing his thumbs up desperately for a lift. He looked old  and tired. I could not ignore and go on.

I finally stopped my scooty and smiled at him. I removed my helmet to make myself audible. I asked him where he wanted to go. He said some place which I was hearing for the first time.

I made a sad face and told him, Uncle, I don't know the route to your place from here, if you can guide me the way, I am sure I can drop you, I uttered.

He gladly accepted and moved forward to sit. I helped him through balance and he was hesitating to ask about his stick. I have excelled driving my scooty by holding so many luggages, I smiled warmly and told him I can put his stick in the front until he gets down. He handed it over to me.

I put the helmet in again and said are you comfortable uncle? shall we go?. He said yes.

Stars were not on my side, I  missed the U turn again since uncle has to sped in different direction. 

We spoke few things on the way. He said he have 3 daughters and he worked as an service man and retired. He told me how important it was for him to reach the place with in 20 mins. 

I did not want him to miss the most memorable moments he would cherish. I nodded my head in agreement and increased the speed a little further but in a safe zone.

We reached the place in 15 minutes. He got down, took his stick back and said "so sweeet of you, you would be my 4 th daughter and I pray God to give blessings to you and your family". I gave the biggest smile of my life and said Thank you so much uncle. 

We both bid our byes and I....started back tracing the path waiting for another U turn!

I knew how important it was for him to be on time, I knew how time matters to a service man, I knew how much her Grand pa's presence for her first dance show on stage would matter to a grand daughter! 

If things like this happens, I feel, sometimes it is good to get lost!

On the way back, I imagined the widest possible smile on the baby girl seeing her Grand pa cheering her while she is performing. |I imagined how cheerful uncle would have been, My heart filled with happiness and pride!

I see so many people stopping their vehicles, inspite of their busy schedule, pick the people and drop them safely. This post is espescially  for you guys and girls! You are much appreciated:)


Go Green... Save Trees:)


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