Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Shades of love

This was the long awaited trip for Rishaan to settle down the differences. He had been trying to sort things out and trying to make peace with his life. The fights between two important women in his life are poking him real bad.
It is big task for Rishaan to convince those two ladies to travel together. He can’t leave any one of them just like that. Luckily it was Rishaan’s cousin’s wedding happening in Goa. He would never miss this opportunity to unite them.
After long hours of discussion and struggle, finally it was all set. They 3 were ready and reached the airport to catch flight to Goa. He can clearly see the women throwing dirty looks at each other. God! When will this come to end! He was busy troubling God with his problems.
The announcement to board the flight bought him back to the reality. They boarded in to the flight and the plane moved in to the runway smoothly, it slowly started picking speed matching his thoughts. Soon they were in air and he could clearly hear the safety instructions being explained by the air hostess in different languages. He was praying God that these women don’t pick up another fight. To avoid further communication he picked up the magazine that lay before him.
He was deeply concentrated in reading interview of famous model. She was clearly explaining the tough times she has undergone to reach this stage. It was an inspiring interview though. He felt, knowing all the difficulties and struggles in life, why do two women fight instead of supporting each other. Men’s peace completely depends on women in his life. He was wondering why these two won’t come in to a mutual understanding.
In the middle of the flight, Kiara woke up to go to the washroom. When she returned, she was too lazy to push her way into the middle seat. And with Rishaan readily offering to shift seats, the seating arrangement changed. With 20 minutes still remaining for the flight to land, a sleep starved Kiara took another power nap, this time holding Rishaan's right hand more firmly. Rishaan's other hand, though, nervously moved to touch Diya's. Her heart skipped a beat. Diya pulled her hand away. But a defiant Rishaan held her wrist again, this time firmly and more reassuringly. The changing behavioral dynamics between the three perhaps gave out a foreboding of what was to come in Goa.
When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rishaan felt uncanny...his excitement seemed replaced by an unknown fear that he found very difficult to decipher.
They moved towards conveyor belt, picked up the luggage and moved towards exit. Rishaan picked up his phone and called his cousin Rahul. Rahul told him he has sent his car and driver is waiting for them outside. Rishaan noted driver’s number, called him and all 3 got in to the car.
Rahul seemed to be very happy and excited for his marriage. Rishaan threw a pity look at Rahul and kept quiet. They all exchanged how are you formalities and Rahul led them towards guest house. Rahul and Rishaan were very close from childhood. People were saying they both look like brothers.  Even now they have a strong bond, that’s how they reached his wedding a week before.
Rahul asked them to get some rest. After good sleep for about an hour, Rishaan asked Kiara and Diya to plan the places they wanted to visit. Kiara suggested something and Diya immediately said a ‘NO’ you don’t know how to plan, leave stuff to me. Kiara got angry, she wanted to say “you, bad attention seeker, get lost” but instead she kept quiet; she did not wanted to extend the fight and look bad at someone else’s place.
After series of permutations and combinations Diya finally came back to the plan Kiara suggested but with some minor improvisations. Kiara threw “this-is-what-I-told-you” look at Diya.  Diya did not seem to give damn about Kiara’s look. Watching all series of incidents from far, Rishaan banged his head to the wall slightly and sighed. He thought at least, they would discuss about the plan and in the process they would talk to each other, but it is always one sided with these two.
Finally the plan was fixed; Rishaan gave a quick look to it and smiled at both of them. Satisfied with Rishaan’s smile Diya threw an “I-am-great” look. Kiara didn’t respond. Diya and Rishaan left to ask if Rahul would join them. Since Rahul was busy with wedding stuff, he asked them to have fun. Rishaan himself drove the car and Diya seated in front. Kiara was comfortable at the back.
He was showing thumbs up asking for lift. He was wearing linen shirt with blue denim. He looked so appealing and stunning. Rishaan noticed him asking for lift from little distance. Next to him lay the car probably a cab he has hired to travel somewhere, cab driver is struggling to see the problem in his engine keeping the bonnet wide open. Rishaan stopped the car as he approached him.  He smiled and asked “Can you drop me at the nearest bus station?” Rishaan gladly accepted and asked him to get in. He immediately picked his luggage from the cab, put his sunglasses inside.
He sat next to Kiara. Rishaan checked Kiara’s expressions from the front mirror and was assured that she was comfortable.  Hi this is Sanjay; he introduced himself to other companions in the car. We are going to Arambol to witness the nature’s best said Rishaan. Hey, I was on the way to same place said Sanjay. Great, then you can come along with us, only if you don’t mind uttered Kiara.  Sanjay was more than happy and nodded his head as an acceptance more with shy.
I have a meeting, God damn it, can’t you understand, yes, I will be late. Dad, pick me up from school says depressed child whose class got extended for one more hour, I am fed up of taking care of family, I need a break, complains vexed mom. Dude lets have some fun, says a friend…GOA is a perfect place to any kind of people, it replenishes joy in your life, it gives you priceless memories, and it completely brings different set of emotions in life. You do what you love, you sing, you dance, you dress up how you want, you won’t be judged, you will not have pair of eyes poking you. That’s the beauty of Goa. You could see whole world located at single place, different cultures, different people, different passions but everyone’s intension is to have fun and live life to the fullest.
Rishaan parked his car at Arambol and all four of them started walking together. Rishaan, Kiara and Diya were excitedly looking around the beach, people who were drumming, dancing to the rhythm, people who were busy showing up their talents, people who were eagerly selling their products, People holding beers, people who were like them looking at everything in wonder as if witnessing it for the first time.
Blue sky started turning out in to radiant red, meanwhile sun playing hide and seek, he would be seen for a while and in next minute he would be covered by thick clouds, when the surrounding get dark, he would peep out again and marks his presence, what a beauty, experiences of this kind can only be felt. Slowly sun bid good bye leaving out dark clouds.
Lanterns were lit up slowly dispersing the darkness from the sky; people changed their beats according to the climatic changes. It was as though people were supporting the nature.
They were all mesmerized by the sun set; Rishaan forgot all his problems for a while and got completely engrossed in the nature’s best. It is fantastic know, he turned towards Kiara and Diya, only to know that Kiara was missing. All he could see is Sanjay and Diya staring at the beach.
Rishaan ran towards Diya and enquired about Kiara, Diya shrugged and said she does not have clue, God knows where this girl left, commented Diya. Rishaan shot an angry look at Diya and checked for Kiara all around the beach.
It was almost an hour and there was no clue of Kiara. Rishaan started losing his confidence, he felt sick, he was almost in TEARS. Diya threw him an angry look and said “being a guy, you want to cry? Can’t you search for her out?”Rishaan did not know how to respond. Even at this critical minute she is thinking of her own good, she does not even looked concerned for Kiara.  She patted Rishaan’s back and assured him that Kiara would have lost way and they all go in search of her just making Rishaan thoughts wrong, she really looked worried.
They reached their car expecting Kiara’s presence there. They did not find her. Diya suggested they would give police complaint. Rishaan could not control his tears and started crying. Diya took control of situation in her hands and started driving. Soon they were in police station.
Rishaan explained things to Police; he interrupted in between and asked if Kiara was carrying mobile? Rishaan said yes, but it says switched off when I dialed her number. Police took Kiara’s photo, contact number and other details. They logged a complaint and left the place. Seated in the car, Rishaan pushed himself to think, what would have happened? He started portraying scenes in his mind.
May be Kiara missed her way and her phone might be dead. This is least possibility, since Kiara is brave enough and she can easily find out the way thru people and come back. It would not take more than hour. So he ignored this possibility.
The next thought in his mind trembled him, kidnap? May be someone kidnapped Kiara? Oh my God, he could not imagine beyond that. But he should think, there is no other way, he pushed himself to think about the worst. Who would want to kidnap Kiara? She is such a sweet girl. No one hates her. He fine tuned his brain, any past incidents, any grudges?? No…not at least one he could remember. He suddenly remembered Sanjay, he is not seen after they looked around for Kiara, and they did not get in touch with him.
As soon as he started speaking about Sanjay, Diya started her car and rushed towards Arambol, they parked the car and looked around for Sanjay. Sanjay was nowhere. Rishaan banged his head thinking why he missed taking Sanjay along with them to police station. Just then Sanjay appeared before them and enquired about Kiara, he did not look like a criminal, he was so good.
Rishaan could not dare to beat him up without any evidence, so he politely asked Sanjay if he had any clue about Kiara, Sanjay’s face turned pale, how I would know, he gave it back to Rishaan. Sorry Boss, I am going out of control explained Rishaan. Sanjay waved his hand and said whatever.
When they lost hope, they all sat in the sands helplessly expecting some miracle to happen and Kiara turn back to same place. Now it was Diya’s turn. She started weeping. Rishaan consoled her, I pray God that she is safe, I like her so much, I hope we will save her soon, let’s do something Rishaan,  Diya urged him. Somehow there was a ray of relief in Rishaan. He finally understood that Diya likes Kiara, he felt peaceful. This was the moment he and Kiara have been longing for from ages. If Kiara was here she would have jumped around and hugged Diya.
Sanjay was clueless on what was happening. As per what he understood Diya and Kiara do not like each other and there was cold war among them, he could not make out relation between those three. Just when Sanjay was about to ask them, Diya opened her mobile saw something and turned fury. Immediately she insisted them they should drive back, Rishaan dragged Sanjay too.
Diya handed over her phone to Rishaan, when Rishaan opened the message from Kiara, it read
Rishaan seriously could not understand what was happening. Rahul is like brother to him. Why would he harm Kiara? They reached Rahul’s home. Rishaan directly handed over the phone to Rahul and asked what the heck was happening? Rahul looked clueless and asked what’s the matter and where was Kiara?
Everyone seems to be innocent or was it acting? Was Sanjay too pretending to be nice guy? Is he behind this? Why did Kiara send Rahul co? What does that mean? Is it Rahul Company? If so, Rahul never owns one.
Rishaan explained matter to Rahul. Now all of them sat together and started calculating permutations and combinations on RAHUL CO. They thought of various possibilities. First they looked for Rahul Company. One more possibility occurred to them was Rahul car…might be she was in danger and misspelled it as CO. Rahul has three cars. One is with them, one is with Rahul and other one is in garage for repair. It suddenly occurred to Sanjay that it might also be Rahul Cousin?
Everything fell in place for Rahul after Sanjay hinted Cousin. It might be Rahul’s cousin who had secret crush on Kiara? Rahul immediately took his phone and called up his cousin, he cut his call. With this Rahul confirmed it might be him. They decided to call up police and inform about their doubts.
When they were about to step out Kiara appeared magically. Diya was delighted to see Kiara, she hugged her and tears rolled out of her eyes. Kiara could not believe that her sister in law is crying for her! Rishaan let out a deep sigh. He hugged her sister and asked if she was safe. Kiara assured her brother she was safe and narrated how she escaped from the place.
When they were all watching sunset at Arambol, Suddenly, a guy appeared at back of her, closed her mouth with a kerchief and dragged her towards the car, since there was crowd he made sure it didn’t look odd and it didn’t look like kidnap. I tried to resist, but he was so damn physically strong even my punches couldn’t make any sense. When we were boarding in to his vehicle I got glimpse of him and realized that it was Rahul’s cousin Ashwin. While he was instructing his driver to start the car, I could only type RAHUL CO, he caught me operating my mobile and before he could snatch it, I hit send button, luckily it was Diya’s message I had on top.
I was scared like hell when he dragged me inside an what looks like a pub. I asked him what do you want, I even warned him, if Rahul and Rishaan gets to know this, it would be end of his life. He smiled nastily; I guess he was high on alcohol. He gave and evil grin.
He told he started loving me the moment he saw me, he explained same to Rahul and he rejected it at the very minute he heard. Rahul also gave serious warning to him and asked him not to get this topic ever again. So he wanted to propose directly, and look at the way he chose…such an idiot.
I could not say a word. I listened to what ever non sense he said and was looking for the ways to escape from there. I realized that my hand big still stuck to me and Mr. Ashwin forgot to take it off. When he was deep in words and alcohol, I took the pepper spray out of my bag and sprayed in his eyes.
Probably they never expected that I would run away, the driver was not seen outside, I ran faster and got in to a cab and I am here before you.
Rishaan was proud of his sister. He always knew she was a brave girl. Diya looked happy and appreciated Kiara for the timely escape. Rahul was busy searching Kiara’s bag, when Kiara asked what he was searching for; Rahul exclaimed I am looking for other weapons in your bag. With this everyone laughed heartily.
Rishaan apologized for doubting Sanjay and if it was not Sanjay, they would not have got that it was Rahul’s cousin. They informed police about the incident and Rahul insisted that Ashwin stay in jail for some time and he deserves it for his bad behavior. Most of the times, he would be on drugs and other stuff.
Diya and Kiara are now friends and Rishaan can lead his life peacefully, with his wife and sister showering so much love on him and most of all they are together.
One fine day, Diya raised this doubt, Kiara, how come you had my message on top when I never sent you a message. Kiara laughed and said my dear Diya, remember we were fighting so bad in the initial days of your wedding; you were never tired of scolding me, you finally decided you would not talk to me and sent this.
Kiara, I hate you, it would be better if we stop talking to each other. You better don’t involve in Rishaan and my life.
I was so sad reading it, I never deleted the message. Whenever I feel like sharing something with you, I try to reply it but save it as a draft and erase everything next day morning. As usual I might have felt like sharing you something yesterday, but deleted it this morning, so it would have been on top.
Diya understood the pain Kiara would have gone through all these days staying away from her brother and herself. She hugged Kiara and said “I would never be reason for your pain, hereafter”. Kiara promised “she would always make her happy”. Seeing this from far, delighted Rishaan felt, finally GOA gave answer to his prayers.

Love is not pertained to guy and a girl, its love from all forms that makes you a complete person!
Finally its love that makes every relationship worth it!

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