Friday, 9 May 2014

Part 8: An idea can change our life??

You are just a friend Ram...I could not handle this words from her...I didn't know what to do...I was  worried...thinking how to change her I slept off...

I got up with the alarm as usual..I had Good Morning message from Nithya too...I was happy seeing her message after yesterday discussion...we went for jog...but I was not like before...that eagerness to see her...that excitement to speak with her still remains the same in my heart but I was not ready to show her my tore me apart every time she called me friend...I can never be her friend even in my wildest dreams...

She found out that I was not normal...I behaved strange...I did not respond to her properly....Whats with you Ram?Cant you be like before? she asked me...I just smiled...that smile was like "I am dying inside but I act as if nothing happened, kind of smile." Later I didn't utter a word till I reached her home..she asked me to get inside...I just said bye and left.

She messaged me..Ram you are always my best friend..please remain the same, I cant see you sad because of me..I don't want this to happen to the special person in my life just because of me.

I felt throwing the mobile far away and shout " are not my friend..You are my life...but I don't want to keep on repeating the same thing to her...rather I did not reply to her message."

The same cafeteria which felt so beautiful with her presence, now lost the charm with her words...she took so much effort to make me happy again..I did not want to hurt her I started behaving normal with her...

I took her out for lunch...we had nice food and she asked for an ice cream with all excitement like a kid and we ordered for one..she selected all the flavors and sauces for turned out colorful and is her touch that makes everything get a life...she has some magic around her...we did not sit inside the ice cream parlor...rather we went outside and sat on the steps speaking and laughing...those moments that I spent with her still plays before my eyes...

We spent so much time that we did not even notice time and it was late to office...latter I told "Nithya we are getting late"....she saw time and got tensed and scolded me sweetly...I would never know time when I am with you Ram...I did not leave any moment to tell her it is LOVE and not friendship..then I told her this is LOVE Nithya and I am not blessed by God to enjoy this moments whole heartedly because you have not realized the chemistry between us. she became angry..she showed it through her expressions...that was enough for me and I could not say other word...that was the first time I was seeing her angry on me...we both left to office...I did not message her and even she did not.

Next 2 days we did not see each between she sent me a message saying she was not well and want to take rest...I wanted to meet her and take her to doctor and stay with her...but I know if I go there, things will get more worse and she will be annoyed. So I controlled myself very badly not to see her or message her...but I was very much worried about her health inside..I got complete details of her health every now and then from Neha...Thank God, Neha did not take me wrong...I disturbed her many times to ask about Nithya.

I continued going for jog alone...Srinivasan met me and enquired about Nithya, I told him that she was not well...I was just existing in the world as it was my duty to live...the old man was very concerned about me...he put his arm around my shoulder and said "Son,think of me as your dad and tell me whats worrying you from so don't seem to be happy..", I did not wanted to trouble this man life with my I said nothing sir...I am just tired.

He smiled and looked at me and said I have seen more life than you, my son...I cant promise you to solve your problems but I can definitely help you to my best...I did not have any other choice and told him how I met I proposed she told me I am her friend and every small thing that I had gone through in my life with Nithya...he listened to every word in patience...

He started speaking"I have a solution for your problem..but it is very difficult to implement and he looked at me, I was very eager to know about the solution...he then continued Nithya is very lucky to have you in her life Ram, I can see the LOVE you have for her in every word you said about her...Don't worry she is all yours and he smiled."

I felt very much better after talking to Srinivasan...I didn't know what was his solution but he has seen more life than me, he has gone through so many things that I don't even know would exist...such kind of person saying Nithya will be mine made me feel better and soothing.

Then I spoke with him for long time and finally I was satisfied and was ready to implement what he said...I thought to myself at least this would work out and Nithya will feel my LOVE and I thanked him for spending half of his day for me and I dropped him home and reached my room.

What did Srinivasan suggest Ram?Did it work out??

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