Thursday, 1 May 2014

Part 7: Love????!!!!:):(

"I Love you too Ram" I want to see you right now and tell you how much you mean to me!!I do not want this wonderful moment to go with messages..." my phone blinked with message and it was the happiest part of my life...I could not hold that happiness any more...I smiled like an idiot, danced, jumped around and was in Nithya's home in 5 minutes.

She was waiting for me out side and she started blushing seeing me. She took me in holding my hand. All this days her touch was creating sensation only in me but now I am sure it is same for her too and that made me luckiest person in the world.

We hugged each other and I whispered "I love you" in her ears...She did not speak for a moment...I badly wanted to listen those 3 magical words from her...I again said "Nithya I love you"...She kissed me on forehead and presented me a gift.

I was very eager to open it when I was about to open she said "You mean world to me Ram...I love you " we both were in happy tears...after childhood tears came out of my eyes and I was happy about it...Moments like this can never come back, they are unerasable and took special place in my heart and memory too.

I curiously opened the gift pack and it was our first picture clicked together in which I was staring at her very badly that it was so obvious for anyone who look in to that picture will get to know that I feel she is mine. I was actually shocked how she got this picture it was actually taken by Sam accidentally when we all went out as a gang and even I did not know that he had taken this pic untill he showed it me.

There came the other surprise at backside of photo "I know you love me from the moment I met you Ram...because it happened with me too"

Now this was a sweet surprise to me that Nithya was also in Love with me all this days...I just looked in to her eyes and they told me so many unsaid feelings she have for me and I kissed them...

Wake up Wake up....My alarm started ringing...I got up suddenly and turned it off and said to was just a dream!!!

I wished my dream would come true and I eagerly checked my phone inbox and whatsapp for her messages. There was nothing..not even the Good Morning message she sends me every morning...I was worried, confused  but was confident that Nithya will accept my LOVE. There must be some strong reason for her not to message me..may be, like in my dream she wants to convey her acceptance in real.

I messaged her Good Morning...what about jog today?

Nithya: Good Morning Ram

Me: Not well?

Nithya: No am fine

Me: Shall I start to your home?

Nithya: Yeah we will go for jog

Me: okay...will be there in few minutes

After this short conversation I got ready quickly thinking why she did not get this topic at all, for which I was waiting eagerly.

I was there in her home. She was ready by that time and was waiting for me outside...I said Hi and we started.

we got in to the same park...She was talking, talking and continuously saying something but I was thinking, yes! next minute she will speak about minute...Minutes went on to half n hour but still she did not speak about it. Soon we finished of jogging and rested on the bench and I was having water, then came Srinivisan and said Hi to both of us...I used to wish this man very happily everyday from the day he introduced himself to us on first day in I was getting restless and just said Hi to him...I think he understood that I was not in good mood .Nithya as usual spoke very happily to him and wished the old man to have a nice day.I was still dreaming about her response then she called me Ram...I turned eagerly and she said shall we started surrounding me like a friend.I just said yes and we both reached her home.

she asked me to get in, to have honey but I was sure that if I get in, I will speak about my letter to her...then I thought "Ram... she is a girl and she need some time to say is a life changing decision"

I said "I will catch you in the office"  and I left.

Till I reached office I was rewinding every moment I spent with her. Every second I spent with her was like party to me then I wondered if she felt the same. To know about all this I have to wait till lunch. I called up Sam and said I will take Nithya out for lunch and will talk to her in peace. He wished me luck.

I messaged Nithya asking shall we go out for lunch? She replied saying she was busy with work and can not come. I replied back "k", after that we did not speak. I was scared that she may say No to me and I scolded myself for being in such a hurry to propose her.

Other side of me was saying she is planning for a surprise to you dude as you got in dream...I did not know which side of me to believe but my heart chose second one...soon my brain was saying she does not love you..if she did...she would have let you know by now...idiot stop dreaming about her and concentrate on your work....

Occupied by so many thoughts no human being can concentrate on work...I reached to my lead and took an off, saying I was not feeling well and left office.

I was expecting a message from Nithya asking why I did not join for lunch with them but nothing of that sort happened. I could not hold all this in, for long time... it was like it would burst out of my heart any minute.

I waited till the time she generally reaches home and messaged her if I can call her?

I did not get a reply...I went crazy and called her my bad luck she did not pick the call...

Almost after an hour she called me back and I did not know that I was very rude to soon as I picked the call...I said "where the hell  are you and why you are not replying to my messages and not picking my calls"

I think she was shocked to hear such rude tone of mine for the first time with her but I could not help it, I did not knew what it was and why it was, but I was not in my senses...she said I think you are being different Ram, I will call you latter and cut the call"

She messaged me immediately.."I was in a meeting and had put my phone in silent and checked my mobile just now after reaching home"

After reading that I felt bad...I really felt bad for my rude behavior... and replied back saying sorry :(

She replied "its okay:)"

I thought I had hurt her enough already and I can not irritate her even more and I kept quiet and controlled myself not to message her...but I wanted to make her happy again I still remember the pretty Nithya smiling as soon as she sees me every time and it should never change anytime..

I took a dairy milk silk chocolate and reached her home..I was hiding in pocket to surprise her latter...I went in and said Sorry again..she gave that cutest smile and said "Your are a kid Ram... can not you understand that meetings happen to me also and I should also put my phone in silent"...yeah the words she said were 100% true..then I too smiled and said Sorry again and gave her chocolate...she was happy seeing it,  she exactly eats it like kids with amusement as though she is eating chocolate for the first time and I love it...After finishing the chocolate she said if you get me chocolates like this, I will fight with you every day...I smiled and said I can get chocolates with out fight also and I can not afford to fight again with her and be rude to her...awww that is so sweet of you Ram she said. We spoke for some more time and I left wishing her a very Good night.

 I was lying on my bed thinking about her and dozed off...I woke up in the middle with the fear of losing her in my life...I could not sleep again and tried to call her but my brain said she might be sleeping my heart said you can call her and clarify things and be in peace...My heart won as everytime and I called her up..probably she was sleeping she picked up after long ring...She said hello in a very drowsy way...I felt bad again for waking her in the late night and told her I called to wish her Good night again and kept the phone down. I never behaved like this with any one. If I keep on doing this she might get negativity about me I should stop this and waited till it was morning.

It was morning and I could not wait anymore and after our jog we reached her home and as she was about to enter kitchen I held her hand and said Nithya I love you...she moved away from me and she turned her face to the other side she did not even look at me...I could not bear this any more and I started crying like a kid...then she said the words which any guy in the world can not hear from the girl who he thinks as  her life...probably it happened only with me.. "you are not the right guy for me are a good friend to me and best person in my life...but we are not meant for each other..."

I asked her why? she started speaking ...I do not know what made you to think about me in the way you saw me, but I always treated you like a friend, a good friend and I am sorry If me, being little close to you like all other friends created this thoughts to you...

After listening such words from the person whom you treat, they are everything to one can with stand that...and I was no exception, I just left the place with out uttering a word...

I went back to room and hugged Sam and cried. A guy rarely cries but if he does, it might be because of something big...Sam understood that and consoled me. He made me drink water and rest for some time. Later I told him everything. After listening to me patiently he told me "she just have to realize that it is love with you and not friendship Ram and I am sure that she too loves you but may be since she spends most of her time with her friends she is thinking the relationship with you also as friendship" 

I was in very confused state and was very sad with Nithya's words...I did not know how to make her realize that she loves me...I wish no guy in the world gets this phase in LOVE.I still could not come out of her thoughts and words she spoke.

How did Ram proceed next? Did he win love of his life??

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