Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Chapter 2: Flooding to the past

Sanju!Do you have to leave now? I can not afford to stay away from him for 1 long week..the thought itself, felt strange..just before few months, he was nothing to me and now, here I am longing to leave him just for a week's time.

A part of me wants him to go...because this is the best chance he has got to grab the projects for our future developments related to company... other part of me wants to join him but stopping factor here is to take care of our office until he is back. After long talk and a hug I let him leave;)

I sighed after he left, thinking how to manage myself with out every time, I tried to sleep ...which is my best friend that relieves from emotional stress.

When I was in deep sleep something distracted was my phone vibrating...I picked it, in half sleep, expecting Sanju...but to my shock it was Pramod...I hesitated for a while whether to speak or cut the call...after a little fight with my brain...I said

Hi Pramod

He did not speak later...I waited for response, for about a minute and there was nothing...I cut the call thinking that it was a dial by mistake or something.

I could not sleep latter...My thoughts flooded to the past.

Pramod...was meaning of my world...

I was a happy girl...spreading smiles wherever I was...Like every other day, I got in to the cab and wished my friends  "Good Morning" who travel in the same cab with me every day. I was saying all girly things to my friends and we were laughing little loud.

There, he came to spoil my day, saying..."Girls! would you please stop this nonsense and be is disturbing us!!""

I was shocked and did not expect a guy to be so rude , I just stared at him and gave a dirty look which says to mind his own business and get lost.

Latter I did not utter a word!!I was wishing the journey to end soon, so that I don't have to see this so called irritating guy for long!!To my bad luck, he was sitting right beside me carrying his serious face and showing an  I rule this world kind of expression.

Was the irritating guy Pramod??or the other guy in the cab??
Whats next??

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