Friday, 20 November 2015

Chapter 10: Idea

I was so happy after reading the letter , I jumped around and finally re read it 10 times. My best friend is back!! I so wanted to reply to that letter and wanted to ask her to be back immediately. I was not sure of this letter gets delivered if I send a reply since Neha was travelling.

I checked the cover of the box and found the phone number of Neha. probably she bought a new sim, I called as soon as i found the number.

Neha picked it and said Akanksha!,

Aww I missed her all these days, I thought to myself and did not respond for a while,

She kept on speaking, how are you doing? did I hurt you? I am really sorry, Please talk...

I came back to this world and said

Idiot! you are my best friend and you can never be gone from my life, now cut the phone and start immediately back, it's an order and no more words, you should be here by evening.

She said " As you order Madam" and we both laughed.

Strangely, I didn't feel like digging the past. I didn't feel like talking even a single word about Ram or anything which affected our friendship.  It's past and it is done. I wanted to continue how we were and I want Neha to forget it completely and I am sure I will make her feel like it never happened in our life and it was just a bad dream for her.

As promised, my BFF is back! the bell did ring little louder, may be she is more excited to meet me after long gap. I opened the door and hugged her and asked how was the journey, she hesitated for a while. I could see that she is eager to talk to me but some thing is pulling her back, she gave a week smile and said it was good!

Hey, Neha guess what? we are going out now and having our favorite golgappa! I missed it all these days just because of your absence. Get ready, go get fresh up.  Neha was in tears!

Awwe babe, enough is enough, leave whatever happened in past few months, I tried to console her. She said, I really need to speak now Akanksha and apologize you and Ram in proper way, that is when I will achieve peace.

You didn't commit any sin to apologize us. Past is past Neha, lets forget it completely. I promise you that in any manner we are not going to get this topic out or discuss about it.

I know you darling, she said and hugged me. But she added more I just need to meet Ram and at least say sorry once.

I thought she would be happy when she gets over it completely. So I called up Ram and arranged  a meeting.

It was all set. In another few minutes Ram would meet us in a cafe near our home.

I know how difficult it would be to encounter a person who rejected you, it needs a strong heart to meet him again and apologies for something which is not so wrong. Neha truly have kind heart and great personality. My respect for her reached sky with this incident.

Ram waved at us and we all smiled seeing each other.

So tell me girls, what shall I order, asked Ram in excitement. Neha looked at him and said a plate full of sorry already ordered for you and is reaching you now.  Ram laughed loudly and said "Neha your sorry is accepted and successfully processed, you will be getting loads of happiness and good friends in return, good deal right" he extended his hands for a hifi. Neha too joined him, we all laughed and laughed and had so much fun. After long gap, our smiles look complete, our heart feels light and we grew up more as persons.

Ram left us after he got an urgent call. I decided that me and Neha will party big time tonight, after all its a comeback of my best buddy. We had gol gappa on the way back and bought few vegetables for dinner tonight.

We sat in the balcony looking at the stars and speaking all random things. We remembered all fun we had and how we used to roam around and enjoy life. All those incidents happened in the past are now best memories for us to cherish.

May be after 10 years we might think about this night too and feel blessed for having good friends in life. It was almost 4 A.M and we didn't realize it was morning. Neha told me how she missed me in her whole trip and how nice it would be if I was with her, that is when we decided, we would go on a long road trip soon.

Neha said something which did really surprise me. She discussed about her future. She wants to quit her job. I opened my mouth wide and asked her why was it?. She said she wanted to figure things out and there is lot more in life than what she thought and new.

But she had a proper plan in place. She wants to join her travelling friend in a business,  She is planning to set up an initial start up which is more kind of nature friendly. It belongs to cadre of travel agency but it is completely different from others. She want people who travel thru her agency should get refreshed and energized after a travel with her. She wants to encourage people and change their way towards life.

I don't have any answers if you ask me why I have made very quick decision or I have trusted her so much in initial meeting itself.  But I do want to try Akanksha, something which leads me to the purpose I was born for, something which helps me achieve inner peace.

I will work here for another 6 months and save more money so that even if we don't earn much in the initial days I should be able to manage my expenses. I will take up 50% of my savings and invest in this. I  would rather call it as an spend 50 % of my money for my own happiness and others rather than investment. We will try our luck for maximum of 2 years, We will put all our efforts and creativity to make the trips as lively as possible. If it doesn't go good we will at least feel we have tried. But I am sure that our start up will be successful and it will inspire more women in to business.
So wish me success my dear friend.

I looked at her with complete confidence and wished her Good luck for her future plans. I know one day, she would definitely make us feel proud and I would proudly say Neha is my best friend.

Her parents were completely opposing her when she came up with this idea, but she convinced them and now her dad gives her new ideas and suggestions. Neha has got some magic.

Where would Neha's career lead her to?

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