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Chapter 11: The short Filim...Long lived

After talking, talking and talking we just dozed off. I had put my phone in silent from evening. I did not wanted this precious time with my friend to go in vain. This is the incident which rebuilt our friendship in to whole new bond and it emerged out even more stronger. Now nothing in the world can divide us after all even love bent down before our friendship. There is always a bad phrase on friendship between girls. People say girls forget friends as soon as they get a guy in their life or as soon as they get married. Its not true! At-least in our case. They will sooth you in your bad times. They act as a guide when you need help, they enjoy with you during your happiness.  They take offenses from you for your betterment. Friends actually make your life lot more pleasure. When you are down and can't find a way, they say, idiot I am there for you! That assurance, can never be paid off, it adds infinite energy and we bounce book stronger than ever.

I guess it was around 12 in the noon, I half opened my eyes and peeked out from my blanket. I see peaceful Neha sleeping in her bed. I got up from the bed, rubbed my eyes and picked up mobile to dial mom. My gaze was fixed on the message which I received from Ram and Akash.

Ram: Party! Party! Party! I have signed a contract for a new movie as a hero:)
Akash: Its Party time! I have signed a contract as director for a new movie and guess what, our beloved Ram will be starring in it:)

As soon as I read those messages, I was like Woooooow!!! its such a good news!

Neha! Neha! I screamed and scared hell out of her:D

She got up with a thud and asked me what happened

I was sorry that I scared her, but the news made me so damn happy, that made me forget  I was shouting. I told her about Ram and Akash's message. Neha seemed to be happy too and was eager about seeing our friends on big screen.

I called up Ram and we both congratulated him and it was turn to call up Mr. Akash!

I did wanted to surprise him, he has still not revealed me with which name he stored our contacts in his phone. I have been asking him for it from the time I saw him saving our names differently.

I never asked Ram about Akash. He was different from others, he does not sound similar. He always wants to stand alone and different. He seems to be peculiar, at the same time he never hurts anyone! He knows how to behave.

So it was big time I get my doubts clarified, I called up Ram and asked him, have you ever seen Akash's phone? Ram was grinning at the other end, I knew. Ram said oh!yes! many times. So it came to your notice too. I took a deep breath, thank god at least Ram knows what it was.

I asked Ram eagerly, how does he save a contact? and what does they all mean to him.

Ram told, Akash always dies for creativity, he strives hard for whatever he wishes. Ram explained that Akash have created his own language  which he created using signs and symbols. He also used combination of English letters for this. It is kind of encryption but in his own way. That's how he saved your contacts and it looked odd for you.

I went awweee when I heard this. I asked Ram if he knows his language. Ram said he can understand it partially. So I took his help composed this message in his language and sent it

Me: Congratulations Mr. Talented, you deserve this:)
Akash: Aha! How come, my language??
Me: Talent is ours too;) stolen talent:-D
Akash: Haha cool, whatever. I am glad you took effort:) Thank you:)
Me: :):)

As things take time, the movie shooting got delayed by 4 months. Finally it was on sets.

I was so excited, I used to go to their shooting spot once in a while and they all were kind and patient enough to explain things to me. I asked them about story line, and they said it was a sensitive love story. 

Neha was as usual not much interested in movies and stuff, i didn't wanted to push her in to this. We all were busy with our own schedules. Work was hectic for me and Ram, Akash were busy with their own world, mean while the time finally came for us to part.
Time ran faster than we imagined and it was end of the 6th month. That meant quitting her job and going on with her business plan for Neha, That meant half of their shooting completed for Ram and Akash. That meant my project goes in to production with a major release for me. 

Neha didn't quit her job as we planned but she went on sabbatical for 6 months. We all gathered at railway station to give send off to Neha. Tears rolled down in our eyes. I will miss her! I thought to myself. I will miss you, she spoke the words which I was thinking. I looked at her, wished her good luck! Ram and Akash teased us for crying, such cry babies. 

Men never understand why women cry? It is a God blessing to vent out our sadness, anger, guilt or whatever! It's an emotional sign saying we CARE.

The train arrived on time and Neha got in and bid us Bye!

I prayed God she would succeed in her business and soon be an inspiring entrepreneur for aspiring women. 

My dreams came true, Major release of our project became huge success and my manager was more than happy. I was happy too.

Life is full of unexpected surprises and shocks, Almost after 4 months of shooting, Ram and Akash's movie stopped permanently due to production issues. They both were close to depression and I will be alright soon kind of state. They want fight stronger, at the same time they lost faith. They strongly believed that this movie will give the break they were expecting and it would bring them publicity and craze they were longing for.

On the other hand, Neha was doing extremely well in her business. They are sure they would pick it up faster than they expected. Neha was content. 

Me, Ram and Akash met in the cafe near our home, I could not see them, I really felt bad seeing them in pathetic state. I said, come on guys, this is not end of your career. You deserve even more better, don't give up. They gave a plain smile as if it was end of the world.

Finally Akash spoke up. I don't know when our infinite troubles will come to end, when our dreams will come true, when we see our names on big screen, when our parents will feel proud of us. Unlike other parents, we are blessed to have them support us but fate is playing with us. 

I heard what ever he said patiently, I asked them how much it costs for continuing the film, when they gave a rough idea of price, it was impossible for me to even think of, I have saved little amount of money until now. I thought I could spend it for them.

The discussion shifted to production of movies and it prolonged so long that, from what ever I have understood from them, I got an idea that they can do a short film and release in you tube which gives them publicity and if it becomes big hit they will get noted with other capable producers too.

They seemed to like my idea. But they strongly started  believing in "luck". I cheered them up and asked them if they could proceed with same story they were shooting for. They said it can cause legal issues in the future if they use same story. 

Why can't we make your incidents as story for the short film? I bet there would be n number of people inspiring to become heros/heroines/character artists/directors and other roles related to movies.  If you project your life experiences perfectly on screen, they think arey! its me! I too have faced this situation many times! I strongly believe any movie which people can relate to their own life becomes huge hit and gets lots of applauds all around. I finished saying this and looked at them for the response.

They both stood, clapped and hugged me. Akanksha! you just spoke every word which were hidden in our hearts from long time. We really were touched, Thank you, thank you so much, they both said in unison,

I was happy that they liked it, Akash said he would need some time to put it as a story. to make this thought come in to proper action. As he said, he took around 20 days time to prepare script and other pre production stuff.

With what ever money we have, we can afford half amount for the movie. Ram and Akash were planning to sell their car and bike for other half amount. I warned them not to do that as they would definitely need to travel for shoot.

We created a group in whatsapp which has Neha, me. Ram and Akash. We used to discuss about the movie every day in the group. Since Neha was not much interested, she used appreciate our work and nothing much. We were putting everything in the group so that we all aware of updates.

Then came this fantastic message from Neha in the group! 

Guys, If you don't mind. can I take part in the production of future super hit film?

We were astonished! We thought Neha was not following us, we thought she was busy with her own world.

I was like awww! so sweet of you Neha!
Ram and Akash were like we can't thank you enough Neha! That would really help us shape our career.

I called up Neha and Thanked her. she said idiot you don't need to thank your friend.

Things were all set. Finally with few other people in place we were on sets. 

I was always part of the movie, though indirectly, I was felling excited, happy and content. I even helped Akash in few dialogues and put my own words. 

It was end of the day of shoot, we all were emotional. We put our maximum effort and finally left results to destiny. 

We did our publicity part of work too. We posted in our FB, I reached out to most of my friends asking to watch this.

Ram on the other hand was posting regular updates of the film. 

Akash chose different marketing options and tried to boost up the movie views as much as possible.

Neha, has directly put the movie poster and link on the wall of her office so that every traveler who comes there will at least see what it is.

Though it was a short film, it longs for 45 minutes and we have pretty much covered every aspect of Ram and Akash's life.

We finally ended it with their own short film going viral in internet.

Now its our turn to see the truth or fate in words of Akash.

Upload 80%...90%...100%... Uploaded successfully.

Finally the film was put on for people to watch and the title and the tag goes here

   Its your story!

It is fascinating to see your names on the screen, 

Ram as Ram
Vihan as Akash
Swathi as Neha
Samyuktha as Akanksha

Stroy: Akanksha 
Dialogues : Akash and Akanksha
Producer : Neha

It did not reach so much hype as we expected initially, but it picked up slowly, day after day view started going high and people started sharing it on their wall. Thousands of comments started pouring in. 

Slowly it has become a global village with face book in hand...anyone could reach everyone. 

Slowly people started recognizing Akash too,  he improved his connections and his network grew bigger. It so happened, Akash got a call from a production company congratulating him for the movie. They said it really took them back to their past. They asked, if Akash could meet them. 

Akash have one romantic thriller story with him. He is going to meet the producer to discuss story along with Ram.

If the producer gets convinced, this would go on sets, but this time it won't go back since it was established productions company and this small budget movie does not matter much to them.

Me and Neha were eagerly waiting outside, expecting "we did it" from Ram and Akash. They finally came out.

They didn't say anything, they looked sad, I asked "guys. tell me what is it?" 


they shouted and hugged us. They were in cloud9. 

After few years...

Jouranlist: What was your strongest come back sir?
Ram: It obviously was the short film "Passion" . Though it was short film it made my career live long:)
 if it was not there in the first place, I would not sit here:) 

Akash: We would always be thankful to Neha and Akanksha through out our life. If it was not for them, we would have definitely given up long back. 

Me and Neha were watching their interview in T.V.

Neha settled down in peaceful, close to nature place. She met a traveler, in her firm, they both shared common vision, they liked each other, took sometime , understood each other and finally got married happily. Neha still continues her business with her friend and they are more innovative in their career, I indeed read an article about her in Newspaper.

Me....I settled down as a writer, I write for movies and update columns in newspaper regularly. I am seeing a guy and soon let you know the good news;)

We both met up  in my home. We were happy seeing Ram and Akash on TV. what else a friend wants??

And the friendship CONTINUES...

Harika Bojanala:)

Go Green...Save Trees

I truly dedicate this story to my husband Santhosh...infact it was you, who made understand that things won't change for a girl after wedding...Thanks for always encouraging me to write:)

To Shwetha Rangaswamy -   you would always be inspiration to one of the characters in my story.

As all the people who constantly followed this story inspite of long breaks.

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