Tuesday, 15 December 2015


She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. She still cannot believe what she did few hours ago. It is pouring rain outside, just like her thoughts. She is still wondering how she got the guts to do whatever she did. For a minute her face is filled with rage, next minute she is happy, very next minute, she is convincing herself, no, I did right thing, any girl in my place would have done same thing. She is turning out impatient minute by minute and at the same time she wants to celebrate.  She finally calmed herself and took her phone and made a call to her best friend.
Nithya!! Come fast, I will be waiting,  you have to be here in 5 minutes, yes Start bucks cafe, the one near the hospital, without giving  chance for Nithya to speak, she hung the phone.
Nithya arrived within 5 minutes and was puzzled to see her best friend Akanksha in tensed state. She said “I was expecting you to be happy and eager to explain me the reason you messaged saying I am in happiest moment, but you look as if you are lost”
Akanksha took her knife out of the silk scarf and showed it to Nithya, Nithya got panicked at the sight of blood on the surgical knife.
 Why is it stained with blood Akanksha and why the hell are you carrying it with you? Nithya was ocean of questions!
Akanksha slowly broke the silence. Yes, I was in cloud nine when I messaged you I am in the happiest moment. Among all God’s creations, bringing a baby in to this beautiful world alive and healthy is the best thing ever and I am blessed in succeeding it. I just performed first C-section surgery under my senior doctor’s supervision. I so wanted that moment to be cherished, I requested chief doctor to allow me to take the surgical knife which I used in the first surgery, he smiled gently and said “well, young lady, if you wish so”.
I took the clean knife and put it in my handbag safely. While I was about to start to Starbucks, that’s when I messaged you.
My scooty took 3 long kicks to start and I was thinking it would soon trouble me. The drive from hospital to main road is like heaven, completely surrounded by greenery, in general, after a long day, I would be waiting for this drive every day, today this drive was more special because I have achieved something which I was striving for long, which gave meaning to my education, and my effort did not go waste. I was happier when the women’s family came over and thanked me much for successful surgery. It was a baby girl and she was so pretty. I wondered this baby would soon grow up and lead her own life, just like how we are now, independent, self-earning, caring and educated.
I reached the main road and was heading left, my scooty gave a small jerk and completely stopped. Agh! Should it give trouble at this time? I cursed myself for a while and called up Sanchit to pick me up or send someone to take my bike. He said he will send a mechanic in a while. I just parked the scooty in corner and was looking around and thinking when this mechanic will come. That’s when I heard someone groaning, initially, I assumed it might be because of some random birds since it was completely surrounded by the trees. The sounds became louder by the passing time. I dared to move forward.
I was dumb struck when I saw what was happening there! Soon, I recovered and understood that the next 20 seconds what I do will be crucial phase. I acted fast. I took the surgical knife out of my hand bag and slowly dropped the bag on the floor.
I moved forward and pointed the knife at back of the old man who stood there completely unaware of my presence and said “Do not dare to proceed further, or you will end up losing your life now, it would not take much time for me to kill old dumb ass like you, put the baby down safely, yes, right now”
 He put the baby down and in the process he tried to threaten me with the knife he was carrying to kill the baby, I accidentally, let the knife inside his stomach and he started bleeding.
Nithya, you know what? It was the same baby girl whom I was proudly telling you about, he was trying to kill the baby because it is a 3rd baby girl in his family and he does not want girls anymore.
All my happiness vanished when I saw that baby girl in pathetic situation, the baby whom I dreamed would grow up was lying there helplessly, I took her safely in to my arms and consoled her. I called up ambulance for that idiot old man and along with him we all reached the hospital.
God only knows, how he got the baby out and escaped the security. When I reached the ward they were all sad, searching for the baby, that poor mother did not that his own father in law tried to kill the baby and was sleeping peacefully. I could not with stand my anger and questioned whole of their family on how this old man was behaving and what everyone were doing. I made sure that this man does not stay with their family anymore and advised them to take him for some counselling.
After checking on the baby and security nth time, I came here. I still have that chill on my spine Nithya, I really cannot understand why some people go mad when it is a baby girl! They are angels created by god to bring happiness to everyone’s life.
I have used the same knife which he have used, but I used it to save a life, he used it to take a life away. I used it as a savior, he used it as a weapon. It is all perception that matters.
I really cannot imagine what would have happened, if I was few seconds late! The prettiest baby because of whom I felt proud would never have been on this earth!
We both were looking at each other teary eyed. Nithya suggested we go to police station and file return complaint that this baby would be treated well and brought up like a princess. We both took that immediate step and that is when I was finally felt little cool.
One good thing in this whole incident is baby’s father, he was really worried and sounded genuine. He promised me that he would take good care of her and I can check with his other daughters or anyone else on how he treats them. He was so true, they said they love their pappa and he plays games with them, he sends them to school, he picks them up and he says we should study well and work as engineers or doctors or whatever we wish. Those girls were answering my questions innocently.
When all my enquiries finished, I understood that he really love his kids and I got complete confidence that he would take care this little girl too. Not all men are bad! I apologized him for being rude and said it was pure frustration and worry for the baby that made me doubt everyone.

He smiled and said, No problem, I am glad that you are so responsible as a person and as a doctor, and he did thank me too.  The baby is in SAFE HANDS, I said to myself and smiled.

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