Monday, 17 August 2015

Chapter 9: Some people can never be gone!

I could not stop myself from crying, I slept on the bed, whole pillow got wet in 5 minutes. I felt little better after letting go of my fears through tears! This phase of my life is going to be hard. God! Give me strength to get this crazy friend of mine to get in to right path again. I called up Ram and we have a proper plan now!

I peeped in to her room and saw Neha sleeping deeply. I was worried that she did not have food. I know, in this situation if i give her food she will through it on my face, no wonder! I was always thinking I still behave like a kid and that's how God gave me Neha to correct my faults, pat me when I did something best, cheer me up when I am low, yes! she did all this to me until Ram entered! Now, it is turning out to be other way round. I gathered all strength and energy, I was ready to face worst from Neha. I slowly went inside placed the food on table and came out.

I lay on bed wondering, how love changed Neha! she is so strong in this, but in negative way. If love can make a person so stubborn, can it not drive her in positive way? Exactly, this was what I discussed with Ram, but there is a long way to go for it and achieve what we planned!

Its time to implement our plan.

POINT 1: I will not disturb her for at least another 15 days!
POINT2: Ram will not avoid Neha, he will be in touch with her over phone and try to convince her on how he feels about her!
POINT 3: I will start making small chat with Neha and try to make things better
POINT4: The more she reads, the more happy she will be. Gift her all the favorite books she wanted to read
POINT5: Slowly start bringing her out and try as much as possible to regain her normal life.

POINT 1 was perfectly going, we stay in same place like strangers, we wake up, we will have food, we will not even look at each other, get ready, come back and stay locked up in different rooms. I really did not know it would be this tough to loose a friend in life because I never experienced it earlier and this feels so painful.

It's 16th day today I feel so happy! I can speak with Neha again and I can bring my best friend back to my life. I brushed and ran fast to Neha's room, How will Neha respond, did she miss like how I missed my dearest friend? will she even talk to me in the first place? so many questions surrounded me from morning, I am going to get answer for all questions in few seconds.

I opened the room shouting Neha with utter happiness, empty room shattered all my dreams and Neha was no where! I called her and it said switched off. I laid on her bed feeling sad, I could see a letter under the pillow, I opened it and started reading,

Dear Akanksha,

I know I am hurting you real bad, but I can not help it! I need some time for myself, I really need to figure what I am up to and how I can handle a guy rejecting me for no good reason. I need time to learn how to get back to normal. I am sad that I will miss you in this rough phase of my life and I am even more sad that we can not solve it together like how we used to wipe away any problem staying together and working on it. If you feel I am rude, all I can say now is just a sorry. You would always remain my best friend and I will cherish all the good time we had.

I have changed my number and for few days I will be staying far away from this world. I have informed my parents about my whereabouts. Don't get panicked, I really am safe. I hope soon, I will get in touch with you and we can have lots of fun!


I can not believe that I am really smiling reading this letter, it actually is a big relief! Neha is already back, this is how she thinks, she does not hate me now! hurray! I prayed god she would be safe where ever she is and she would be back soon.

I picked my phone out to discuss with Ram about the letter, Ram was too surprised, Neha stopped picking his calls from past 2 days and he was planning to inform me if she does not pick up call today. Ram too felt happy on Neha's decision and he was little scared if she would be safe somewhere.

I said Neha's promise is always a promise and she would be back soon with double energy and Ram there is no point now, in discussing about the points we prepared  and we laughed happily.
I happily went back to work after a long time.

It was after another 15 days, I received a sweet surprise from Neha, It was a postal cover, I opened  it hurriedly, it has a thread, probably looks like holy thread and a key chain and a letter. I took out the letter and started reading. Here it goes.

Dear Akanksha,

I hope you are doing good, If you ask about myself, I am fantastic! Guess? what I am doing? where I am?

One day, While I was checking Ram's photos in the face book, I accidentally looked at travelling page, the pain I was having was so bad that I wanted to do something, something which I had never done before, and which probably opens new routes to my life, it was women only travel trip and they were conducting a trekking trip in another 5 days. It was all sudden, I did not hesitate for a second, I registered for it and I was part of a trek team for Mullayanagiri Trek.

I met lots of people. Among them, Swasthi was very kind to me and we became friends after a while. I was surprised that she was married and have kids, but still she keeps comming to this trips only with her friends to take a break from her family life. She is a complete human being, her world is so different! I am lucky I found another good friend in this journey.

It was Swasthi who suggested me that there was another trip in just other few days after our trip. She encouraged me to register for it to and advised me to travel for some more days and get peace. I am doing what she said.

In all this journey, I missed you every single day. If you would have been here, it would have been more fun! that innocent Akanksha I can not find anywhere else. I kept on telling Swasthi too about you. She asked me why you girls did not travel together?

What could I say, it was all because of me? who behaved like a dumb ass and troubled my best friend? because of me, who did hurt her so bad? because of me who created all problems in our lives?
Right now, I cant help anything wrong I did in the past, but If you permit me to be friends again I will be back soon.

And the thread is holy thread of lord Ganesh, your favorite God and key chain, you just turn it open it says what I wanted.


I turned the key chain open with heavy heart and tears in my eyes, it said


What did Neha do?

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