Thursday, 30 April 2015

I used to wonder, now I feel it...The various roles we take up!

She is such kind of person who creates an huge empty space, when she is not around in anyone's life, be it a friend, be it Mom, Dad, be it a sibling, everyone misses her company, everyone longs for her presence.

She never harms anyone, and she never thinks negative even in her wildest dreams!She has got something in loads...Self respect!

If  anyone new, sees her, they think she has got an attitude problem...the more closer you get, the more you understand her.

She immediately changes herself to opposites person's age and matches their frequency and will make us feel... Arey, why didn't I know her from long time.

By any chance if you get anger on her, I bet it never stays more than a day!she is kind of magnet you just get attracted!

All it takes is one beautiful smile of her's and that is just say yes to whatever she says!

Cheers to all women in the world who transforms from a sweet little child to naughty teen, beautiful wife, loving mother and caring grandma and I know, lot more transformations which does not have an end;)


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