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Chapter 18:Together Forever:)

Time has power to heal...yes, I accepted this truth and my life is perfect example for proof. It is Sanjay, who made me realize that I do not have to torture myself for someone else's faults.This words he had once told me, still act as mantra during my tough times

Sanju, "Life is how you take it and respond to situations, make it the best! Replace all negativity with happy minutes and you will feel heaven!, not only he said this words, he installed happiness capsules with his presence"

With Sanjay, I was not excited for anything initially, I was under assumption that I would never get close to anyone after Pramod. If I had fallen so much for something which is unreal, how would it be if it is true love.

I am always thankful to God that I eventually found true love in my life. The more I tried to move away from Sanjay, the more he became close to me. Since I was fired out of job, my credit card bills piled up and I could not pay a rupee. All sources of income got shut down and I was forced to work back to clear this debts first, I still had that self respect not to ask someone to clear my debts on behalf of me.

I always had the zeal to work in creative field, thank God my multimedia course which I did through distance education while I was working helped me. I started my career back as a fresher, but in add agency.

This new challenging career diverted my thoughts to certain extent.But I still was over weight and more obsessed with food.

Me and Sanjay, used to meet once in a while and we started understanding each other. He was glad that I chose different career altogether and I was growing slowly in it. Fort night meetings slowly turned out to meetings twice in a week.

It turned out to be like my happiness was not happiness until I shared it with Sanjay. It was same with him. There were no secrets, no egos between us, we did not try to impress each other and we were just us and still we liked each other. I was not sure whether it was LOVE. But Sanjay kept on insisting that it was LOVE.

I was not ready to name that relationship with Sanjay as LOVE and spoil so called sweet time I was having with him. Almost after one year of my work in the new company brought me back my confidence, independence and zeal to work more and earn more.

I started looking out to seek more challenging roles and Sanjay offered me a position in his company with good pay, he also mentioned that he was not giving it just like that and I had to undergo whole recruitment process just like others who came to interview, I was more than happy with the way he separated work from personal life. I cleared all the rounds and was through.

Well, I was in Sanjay's office. It was kind of strange, happy and weird at a time to me.Sanjay came personally to my cabin and introduced me to my new team and explained the process briefly.It was a nice day. After the induction program, Sanjay winked at me while handling the bank application form to fill in my details to open new salary account. I smiled at him and thanked him for everything. He said it's all your hard work.

We drove back together that day and in car Sanjay asked me for a treat and I gladly said an YES. He put a condition that he would select the place and while driving, all the way I was talking, talking and continuously talking until Sanjay said that we reached the restaurant. I nodded at him in acceptance and smiled at him. He was surprised to see me talking so much.

I got down and realized that it was same garden restaurant in which we met each other first time. It brought me back the memories of my rude behavior and how I ruined that day. I felt sorry for Sanjay. I wanted to make this day the best day to him and when we come back to this restaurant we should remember the happy time and not the other one.

I looked at him and he asked me if I was comfortable with this place or we should drive back to other one. I was like, Yes, Yes I am comfortable Sanjay. His lips widened and suddenly he moved forward and bent down just as sign of inviting me inside, I laughed at his gesture and moved forward and held his hand and started walking. I myself was surprised when I held his hand. May be I was accepting him in my life, may be I started liking him a lot, may be I am in Love all over again.

Sanjay was like a kid, I could just see it in his eyes. He was very happy. We went and picked up the same table and he passed the menu card to me saying that it's my day. I ordered half of his favorite dishes and half mine. We spoke and stayed there till the waiters gave awkward looks at us. I signaled  Sanjay that it's already late and asked him to look at the waiter laughing.

After some time we finally stood up and Sanjay bought smile in waiter's face by giving huge amount as a tip, he saluted and thanked him and asked us to have nice time. we walked back till the car. I insisted that I will drive that day, I generally fight like this, only with my dad and brother. Sanjay had also become someone special in my life. I started driving back and Sanjay sat beside me telling stories and making me laugh. He suddenly asked me to stop the car. I did as he said and looked at him confused. He took my hands in to his and asked will you stay like this forever?

I was in tears, he is just asking me to be happy.I moved forward hugged him for a while and whispered, Yes, I will. Sanjay hugged me even tighter and kissed me on my forehead. He slowly planted a kiss on my lips. It was soon intense.

We drove back to home. Though it was late night and cold outside, Sanjay dropped me home and went back to his home. I dropped him a message this time,

Never knew, I was in LOVE with you,

Never knew, I would miss you,

Never knew, you would become so special in my life



I guess Sanjay was still driving , I didnt get a reply fast. With every passing minute I got tensed more, expecting how Sanjay's reply would be, after 10 minutes, my mobile started flashing with series of messages. All of them were from Sanjay,

Never knew, you would say this magical words in my life,

Never knew, I would go through this amazing phase in my life.

My life is complete with your presence,

You have no idea, how happy I am today.

Can't wait to be back in your hugs.

Lots of Loveee,

After 2 days, there were knocks at my door and I rushed to open the door and it was, oh my God, Mom Dad and my brother. I just jumped around seeing my family after a long time. They were all looking at me mysteriously and smiling. It was me and Sanjay, worked out together how to break the news to my family, I was too shy to discuss this matters with my parents, so we both went ahead with my brother and he made all this possible.

We, finally got married dhoom dhaam se. My friends, were back and we had maximum possible fun.
Me and Sanjay started working on developing our company together. Big news is that Neha and my sweet brother are in relationship. I was in cloud nine when I heard the news from them.

Our gang, me, Sanjay, Neha, Sanchit was extended with my brother Samrudh. Whenever we plan a trip I used to remember Pramod.If a girl gets hurt more than intended, sooner or latter it will definitely turn out to be HATRED, yes, I was hating Pramod to peeks, deleting his contacts, emails, conversations was not enough for me. I deeply needed something to hurt him back to satisfy my ego.

It so happened that one day , I got a phone call from an unknown number and I picked it up and there was someone laughing out loud and someone calling Hey Pramod, I clearly understood it was a dial by mistake and it was Mr.Pramod. I cut the call almost instantly and Sanjay noticed sudden change in me and and asked me who was that in the call. I told him it was Pramod with anger, Sanjay gave a smile and said...Sanju see, If I am correct, one day Pramod would realize all his faults and will call you back and apologize for everything he had done to you, saying it he added back his contact in my phone.

It was Sanjay, who calmed me down and make me forget Pramod completely.Though I have him in my memories till date, it requires some instant to probe me to remember him, like today's phone call which took me back to flood of memories.

I resumed my sleep, but got a call again. It displayed Pramod's name again. I picked it up and said a Hi again. I am sorry Sanjana, for whatever I have done to you, for making you lose trust in people, I realized my mistakes, God has given me proper punishment for playing around with people like you. I really felt sad after listening to his words. I asked him to calm down, and asked him what went wrong.

He said he is in Banglore and asked me if he could meet me next day. I said I would meet him next day and asked him to be cool and cut the call. I was feeling restless, I did not know how to respond, I called up Sanjay and told him every thing in detail.Sanjay asked me to meet him next day and asked me to help Pramod if he needs anything. I feel better after talking to Sanjay. I wish he is here so that we can go together and meet Pramod.

Pramod, he looked very pale and lost all his charm, he had lost lots of weight and looked like a patient. He gave a brief smile and I half smiled not knowing how to respond. we met in coffee day and he ordered my favorite stuff.  I was like, you still remember this Pramod?
He smiled his natural smile and nodded.

Me: Now, tell me what's wrong? why are you meeting me after long time?

Pramod: I played with so many people know, so this time for a change, God, played around with me,

Me: Hmm, Dont be so diplomatic. Everything will have a solution

Pramod: After reaching Mumbai, I got in to a new company and you knew it

Me: yeah!

Pramod: I made a women fall for me there and tried to reach higher position in illegal ways. She somehow got to know whole story about me and gave a complaint to higher authorities and they terminated me from my job and sent me to prison for a year. I was under assumption that my intelligence would work and I can escape from such stuff so easily, all the contacts whom I had once thought that would help me, just did not respond to me and no one were even ready to see my face even after I was released. During that year in prison, I realized what all sins I have committed, how people feel when they are cheated and I personally wanted to meet people and request for forgiveness.

Me(I really felt sorry for his position): Hmm, well, Past is Past Pramod, you start a new life with new dreams and aims. Error is human. So, start leading a new life.

Pramod: Please say that you forgive me.

Me: If I had held grudges on you, I would not have come to meet you , so, I forgave you long back.

Pramod: Smiling at me said a thank you.

Me: Is there anything that I should do that would help you?

Pramod: I am very happy Sanjana, even after getting so much hurt, you are offering me a help.

Me: Well, that's what Sanjay taught me:)

Pramod: Cool. I will take your leave now, I will meet you guys after a year or so completely transforming to a good human being and doing good things.

Me(I guess Pramod changed really, and I was very happy for that): Wish you Good luck Pramod. I will be glad when you are in a good position.

He bid a goodbye and left the place.

I drove back to my home, called up Sanjay and informed him everything, he said he is proud of me:)

After 2 days:

There was knock on the door, I ran fast expecting Sanjay. As soon as I opened the door it was Sanjay smiling, he got in, hugged me and said I miss you, I whispered in his ears "I miss you too"

This continues forever:):)

I dedicate this story to my Mom, Amrutha  and Dad, Ranga, because of whom, I learnt the meaning of Love.

To my brother, Chandu, most of the brother related lines in this story are our conversations:)

To Santhosh,  when you said, you would encourage me writing stories and when you respected my thoughts, it meant a lot to me:)

I  feel thankful to God for making me have this 2 wonderful people in my life, Shwetha and Archana, I always wonder how my life would be, If I had not met you people:)

Also, I heart fully thank my friends, Harika, Swathi, Reddy, Poornima and Archana for following up the story till end, though I missed posting it many times.

Finally I end with apologies for not staying in touch with you guys every week and  for being irregular in posting episodes.

I will be back with few short stories in a while:)

Harika Bojanala:)
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