Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Chapter 17: The other version

Wheels started rotating forward and the auto sped up as fast as tears that poured down from my eyes. If one person cheats me may be that was his problem to understand me properly, if same thing happens with everyone...I just could not take it any more. I turned violent, I just wanted to exit this world and enter in to a new world where there is no place for hatred, deception and vengeance.

Sanjay kept on calling me whole way till I reached my home. I slid the door open and fell down, just like how I did when Pramod didn't turn up that day, but today there is a difference, how much I waited for Promod's presence that day, I am hating Sanjay's presence more than that.

I was brought back to real world, someone were knocking hard on the door, hmm it was Sanjay. I banged the door so hard, that he would get irritated and leave,but he did not do that, instead he sat in corridor, I didn wanted to create big scene in my home too,So I let him in.

"Sanju, please listen to me, just give me 10 minutes to speak, even after that if you don't like to listen to me, I will never ever disturb you in my life and it is a promise!", Mr.Sanjay blurted out. After wasting so much time on so many people I felt good that he asked me only for 10 minutes of time. So, I gladly accepted and it went beyond an hour.

Sanju, I first saw you in Bangalore, in your office, when your company chief had called me regarding an add, that was it, I was taken away to a special world as soon as I saw you, still, it was the first impression for me about you, I wanted it to be very special to you, that's how I tried so many ways and approached you with letters and finally we met today, and I know it's the worst impression to you on me.

As soon as I liked you, I approached your brother and he was very happy about it and was excited to tell you, it's me who stopped them and asked them for some time.

I thought it was all going fine, until I came to know about Pramod's presence in your life.

I made my ears more straight to listen to his words with the mention of Pramod's name.

Sanjay observed change in the expression in my face but ignored it and went on with his words which made me clueless how he was

Pramod, well, I got to know that you and Pramod were in a relationship but you guys broke up recently. (hmm so Sanjay doesn't know about it before)

How shocked your brother was when you told him about Pramod, it was more in mine when your brother told me about your relationship.

But I was really worried that you have gone crazy about him and I know how it feels when someone meant your life and if they ruin each of your dream and disappear from it.

Trust me, I really am not that cheap to drag someone to love me who is already in a relationship. I shut down all my thoughts about you with lots of effort and tried to make you happy again by getting Pramod back in to your life. But, he really is sick Sanju, he is big time flirt and never cares for women's feelings and you would never be happy even if he is back in to your life.

With this he finished speaking. I kept on staring him with out saying a word. He watched me for a while, and could not bear it anymore.

YOUR SILENCE KILLS ME SANJU, Please say something.

Hmm, I can't trust anyone Mr.Sanjay, but I can say sorry for my rude behavior in the restaurant. 

Sanjay's eyes lit up just with my simple words. He spoke with me some more time, finally made me smile and left. I thanked him for the day and bid him Goodbye, but not forever:))

A message popped up in my phone, it was one of the best days in my life, had wonderful day with you, I could see your happiness, anger, forgiveness and most of all a kid in you just in the first official meet after me falling in LOVE with you...Thank you Sanju.


Before I could respond, one more message popped up from Sanjay, Give time for everything..even me;) Time has power to heal.

I sent back a smiley and called up my brother and informed him every single minute in detail.

All misunderstandings were cleared with just one conversations.

What next??

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