Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Chapter 16: Goodbye Forever!

Three months...they just passed on very peacefully, with out much harm to me, except that my friends stopped talking to me, stopped coming to my place since I didn't let them in, I was fired out from my job and I got confirmation letter of the same. Thanks to credit card..I survived only because of it in the last month.

After seeing Pramod cheat me so badly inspite of putting my 100% on him, me getting fired, loosing friends, putting on weight seemed small things to me. I got over Pramod completely, may be in different version, like I don't remember him much now, I don't try to draft emails anymore, I simply stopped him from intruding in my life.

Exactly me and Sanjay finished our deadline of 3 months and it was time for me to make things clear to Mr. Sanjay!

I was just surprised to see a letter and appreciated his timings. God, he is crazy!

Here it goes...As if he read my mind, this time chocolates were Diary milk silk and snickers which I made as routine to eat them while watching TV shows.


I have seen you, while we both were kids, while we used to stand for each other when someone fights with us, while you used to kiss me innocently on my cheeks when I got you some thing.

After long long time, I was just mesmerized when I first saw you in Banglore, I was there, exactly in your office(you wonder when and how...well, everything will be answered while we meet personally), and you were perfect meaning of beauty.

(I was grinning at the mention of the word beauty-he would no longer like me)

Right from the day I met you, my world was completely filled by your presence, I figured out so many ways to impress you...as soon as I thought about word impress...first thing that striked my mind was LOOKS, latter came the personality and all others. I didn't wanted my LOVE to be like every others..it should be as pure as Mother's love. So I never met you....I just wanted to let you know who I am and how I think through my words..and what else can convey person's feelings as good as a letter...So I chose to send you letters.

I hope you liked me..I mean by what ever you understood me until now.

Much excited to meet you.

Lots of Love,

Hmm...I let out a deep sigh...God, I am still not sure how this guy would respond after seeing me...looks like he is somewhat different from others and God Knows what all he is saying!Whatever it is, I will meet him and tell him my version.

It was all set, I just bathed, turned in to my loosest outfit earlier which have become tight now,  I made it fit with lots of difficulty, I slept so much all these days because of heavy food I guess, my eyes were swollen first time in months with peaceful sleep rather than sleepless nights.

He just called me and informed me the place where I should reach, he insisted on him picking me from my home, I rudely said a NO.

I was picturing how he would be now, after 15 years of gap might be. He was tall but little plump when he was a kid, I started imagining him as overgrown kid, which sounded funny to myself. I could see someone sitting at table 5, which was reserved by Mr. Sanjay. The image happened to be clearer as I reached nearer. Oh my God, he was Handsome, he was no more a overgrown kid. He was 6 feet tall, tanned but fairer skin, completely, he was pleasant and decent looking.

He waved at me from far as soon  as he caught sight of me, I waved him back in response.I just reached the table and he smiled immediately and said Hi Sanju, I smiled back at him and said him a Hi back.

We both occupied our seats, it was a garden restaurant, all surroundings were GREEN, they have arranged small chairs and tables in between, creating a beautiful path. Rather then usual Ac restaurants, we were breathing fresh air in the garden, I could not stop complementing him for the selection , "Nice taste", I told him looking all around with ease.

Thank you Sanju..I am happy you liked it. He asked me if he had changed anything from last time I saw him, yes man, you have become more awesome, I told to myself but I just told him "obviously, yes, all of us will change."

He did not expect that answer I guess, I could see it in his eyes. That is all I wanted, I just want to move out of his heart and wipe away all feelings if at all he had any. He recovered soon and initiated one more conversation, mean while he ordered Manchow soup and asked me if I was fine with it.

I just started of with my points, which are all I had planned to tell him,

Sanjay, I am sorry to say this, I generally don't like to hurt people by any means,  I am just not in any plan to mary you. I am really sorry for everything.

His face was plain, no expression, I had imagined so much.

He smiled...God I could not take this, I have told him something very serious and he still smiles.

He started off like this

well, Sanju, I guessed your answer would be a NO, I was all prepared for this, that's how I did not react much, when you said this. I just want to clarify one thing, are you saying NO to me just because of Pramod, if that is the reason, just FORGET him, he is sick.

I was dumb struck and shocked to know that he knew about Pramod in my life. I felt betrayed, he knew everything, still he sent me letters when I was still in relationship with Pramod.

I yelled at him, he is not, you are sick Mr.sanjay. Good bye forever! Never ever try to meet me again. I said Good bye!I just left the place and got in to an auto.

Did really Sanjay played with Sanjana while he knew all about their relationship? did he play any role in spoiling their relationship?

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