Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Chapter 15:Mission

As I reached home, I forgot about my phone, accidentally, I saw an Diary milk silk stuck in my fridge, I picked it up and finished whole of it at one shot, I never knew what it was, anger, happy or sad. I generally eat 2 bytes of it and not more than that with fear of my diet getting disturbed.

Strangely the chocolate gave me relief, now I have an idea, I will eat more, turn out shapeless and this so called Sanjay will reject me after seeing me. wow, Sanjana, what a brilliant you are, I said to myself. At that moment I was not aware of after effects of putting on weight.

I opened my hand bag to pick out face wash then I remembered I had put my phone in silent. I checked notifications and saw 20 missed calls and 3 new messages. Missed calls, 15 were from office, I knew there was something wrong with work but who cares already my life is screwed up, work, no longer mattered to me.

3 calls where from Sanjay. 1 was from Neha and other was from my brother. I put phone back in volume mode and called my brother. Spoke to him for a while and hung up. Instead of telling him my sad story, I will make Sanjay himself to say no to me. That was a mission for me, I went to nearest store picked up all variety of fatty foods, ordered pizzas and whichever can help me put on weight fast.Mr.Sanjay get ready to see fatty ugly Sanjana.

That had become my routine to eat more and more food and no workout and skip office and not picking calls of anyone.In this process, I hardly remembered Pramod. I was enjoying this new lonely life, in which ruler, people followers everything is me, which does not have someone to cheat me.

After 5 days in this process, I received courier directly to home. Awe! this guy is disgusting, I thought to myself. It was a letter from Sanjay, and chocolates, woww, now I was happy seeing chocolates and grabbed them first instead of letter;)

While eating chocolate I opened letter to read, here it goes,

Thank you sooo much for Birthday wishes, It was overwhelming for me, that you remembered my birthday with out me saying it. Anyways, can I talk to you, I mean through phone?


Though I didn't bother about his letters, it did feel little different when he didn't mention lots of love or something like that. My system just got used to his words and expected the same this time too.
I should meet him in another 2 months after achieving my mission, till that time I want everything to be shut, like his messages, letters, phone calls and everything.To make that happen, I should call him and give him valid reason to stop everything for 2 months.

I did background work for it till evening and called him at around 5 P.M. Tring tring...I was little tensed, it went as a long ring,but he didn't pick, I was irritated, he did not pick Sanjana's call..unknowingly I demanded his attention, I had built up my mind that he have special place for me and he gives high priority to me.

I guess after an hour, I got a call from Mr.Sanjay. I picked it up after 40 seconds of ring, I didn't wanted to sound desperate for his call. I picked it up and there it went flow of words, Thank God, Sanjana you called me, I am very happy he was still saying something, how can someone speak like this even after around 15 years of gap, I was like my mouth wide open for his closeness in first meeting.

I think after 1 minute he gave a pause for breath and then I said a plain Hello Sanjay, how are you?
He said he was fine and it went on like this

Sanjay: I am good. How about you? Did you get angry on me for my letters?
Me(Did not expect so many questions):hmm, na, nothing like that
Sanjay: Then you very happy with them right, great
Me: no, no, I mean, I didnot have any feeling
Sanjay(disappointed I guess): ohhhkay, do you like, really remember me Sanjana?
Me: Yeah, ofcourse, I do remember, you were my only friend at that time
Sanjay: Laugh..:)). So you are working in a reputed company and living independently, am proud of you
Me(who is he to feel proud of me): hmm Thank you, where are you now?
Sanjay: I am in Banglore, owning an add agency.
Me: So you sent me letters staying in same place, right?
Sanjay: Yeah, I believe letters convey original feelings and I spend a lot of time to write perfectly, at this process I end up thinking more and more about you.
Me(OMG...I should hung up phone soon):hmm, I need to tell you something important
Sanjay: yes, tell me any time for you,
Me: Don't get excited, it is nothing like what you expected me to say
Sanjay: that's okay I can digest facts
Me: I need some time to figure out myself, please don't disturb me till then with phone calls, letters or messages
Sanjay:okay, till when?
Me(will he not have any reaction I just said something which I though would completely make him sad): hmm, around 3 months
Sanjay: Sure, its a deal, I will not.
Me: Thank you so much
Sanjay:Nice talking to you Snaju, after long time..take care...Bye and he hung up

Sanju, awww...he used to call me Sanju when we were kids, I remembered everything, that sweetness, innocence, how we used to fight for candies, how we used stay together when some one fought with one of us during games.After a long time, a genuine smile passed through my face.

I felt very relaxed after Sanjay accepted that he would not contact me by any means for 3 months.
3 months...I have ample time to put on weight and look as ugly as possible.

So sanjana is on a mission, and who knows Sanjay might also be in other mission to meet her after 3 months?

Follow me..next week

Harika Bojanala:)
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