Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chapter 2: Dream came true:)

Akanksha, for God's sake please stop day dreaming, do not start imagining what ever you see in the TV with Ram, he is getting popular and will not even give a heck about you. This is the n th time Neha is warning me about Ram. She has got very bad impression about actors. Somehow I trust this guy a lot.

It really puts me in ease, even now,to think of our first meeting.

I have very few best friends and one among them is the one who will be ever ready to take me wherever I go, who would never say NO to whatever I do and who always supports my friends, family and ofcourse sometimes strangers too, that friend is called "THE PURPLE"  and yes it is my activa and I call it Purple;)

I have strange affection with  purple and was always eager to know the next serial number to my purple. I always wanted to meet the owner of it and tell that the before number vehicle is mine,  One day, when me and Neha were going to movie, we stopped at a red signal and I just looked casually at the person and bike next to me, slowly he moved little further and |I could see the number plate clearly, Sooner I noticed that its number was next to purple. After knowing this, I was more interested in the person, I held my head little high and tried to move little further to get clear picture of him.

He looked as if, he had come out directly from the fashion magazine. He was around 5'8 and smart, he was smiling and saying something to his friend sitting at the back I was so excited that i finally found the series and that too it was an awesome guy. I felt like I have seen him some where.

I felt like jumping around then and there, instead I irritated Neha saying same thing again and again that whole day.Finally it struck to us that we have seen Ram in an soap add in Television. I googled the soap add and found his name and other details. I instantly liked his name "Ram". Then I gathered every possible information about him.

Fortunately I found his page on face book. I liked his page. Thanks to social media, it made me feel like I was his friend since he was posting his updates there and I got to know more about his hobbies, interests and all other information.

Neha was not liking any of my activities, she says it really hurts if our expectations does not meet and it may lead to depression. I ignored all her words and instead asked her for ideas if she can suggest to meet Ram. She got pissed off and asked me to get lost.

Neha, she is with me from my childhood, we both did schooling, graduation. post graduation together and now work in same company. How much ever we fight, the next day she comes and says sorry herself inspite of my mistakes. She is a such a sweet heart. She does not want me to get upset with my stupid fantasies which can lead to anywhere.

Mean while I was checking ways and means to see him and meet him.

How did Akanksha meet Ram? Did they really meet and talk to each other?

Follow me next week.


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